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  1. We now have our schedule on the Rebel Bass Club website for the 2018-19 season. This is a fantastic club if you have never fished it. We fish 3 of the local lakes Norris, Cherokee and Douglas. Our season generally starts in October and ends in late April or May with the Classic. We have 11 regular scheduled tournaments and the classic. In the past years if you qualify for the classic and fished it you won a cash prize. Below is a link to our website the schedule is posted I am still working on a couple rule changes. These will include a courtesy check at the scales if you have a fish you are concerned with. The other will be to add we will have a Team points champion this year. Come fish with us and enjoy some of the beautiful East Tennessee Mountains with the fall colors and lakes with none of the pleasure boaters during our fishing season. (Nothing against pleasure boaters and jet skis they have as much right to the lakes as we do). Its just a little cool for them during our season.http://rebelbass.webstarts.com/index.html
  2. awhitetn

    Rebel Bass Club

    Results posted from Saturdays tournament 1/9/2016. We have a 3 fish limit in our club. http://www.rebelbassclub.com/
  3. awhitetn

    Rebel Bass Club

    Results posted from Saturday's tournament on Cherokee Lake another great turnout.
  4. awhitetn

    Rebel Bass Club

    We had a great turn out with 37 teams results are posted on the website.
  5. Click on the link below and check out the schedule and rules. http://rebelbass.webstarts.com/ Thanks
  6. awhitetn

    Prayer needed

    In our prayers.
  7. Our one fish bass tournament out of the ramp beside Big Ridge State Park will start Thursday 4/30/15. Hours are 6:30PM until 9:30PM entry is 20.00 per person.
  8. Results have been posted on our website. This is a three fish limit
  9. awhitetn

    Rebel Bass Club Open Tournament

    Results from yesterday first place all SM second mixed third all SM this was a 3 fish limit with a 16 boat field. 1st 10.65 2nd 10.40 3rd 9.86
  10. awhitetn

    Rebel Bass Club Open Tournament

    Not our tournament Henry's we haven't had one on Norris since Dec.
  11. awhitetn

    Rebel Bass Club Open Tournament

    Dada been taking 16 to 18 pounds every Saturday to win on the Clinch side and the Powell.
  12. Rebel Bass Club open bass tournament this Saturday norris@brogans safe light until 3:00 no membership required. Entry fee 25.00 per person 100% payback 3 fish limit.
  13. Check out the website.
  14. awhitetn

    Rebel Bass Club Schedule 2014-2015

    Three fish 9.2 lb.