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  1. DPowell


    I believe it depends on the body of water. They can be hard to beat on the Tennessee River certain times of the year.
  2. DPowell

    Rod repair in Knoxville area?

    Big Fish Outfitters in Lenoir City can have them fixed. Usually get them back to customer in 2-3 days in less something has to be ordered. We have do it your self kits to if you want to fix it yourself. 12329 Hwy 321 N. Lenoir City Right before Melton Hill Dam 865-224-2225
  3. DPowell

    Gear for rock fish

    Medium to Medium Heavy rod. If in a tail race 20lb mono at least. Braid with a leader works well for sensitivity if bouncing the bottom. In a tail race there are a lot of rocks and those fish will cut your line on them if you can't stop them due to lite tackle. Good luck!
  4. There is good fishing below F.L. Dam right now. Most fish are being caught on live bait. Smaller shad and threadfin are working best. Watts Bar is still at winter pool. With the low flows now coming out of the dam some shallow spots exist so use caution.
  5. Got a phone call from Brookfield today. Water flows are now posted on Brookfields website in the about section http://www.smokymountainhydro.com/content/about-35692.html
  6. DPowell

    aluminum welder/boat repair

    Welding it from the outside is fine. That should not cost you more then $50.00 to have fixed. If someone prices higher they are ripping you off. This guy is in Maryville. I have used him before on some stuff that was over my level of welding on boats Brian 865-789-7989 This guy is in Sevierville and has a shop. Very reasonable. I have used him on some of my construction projects does good work. Wes 865-804-0465
  7. I started making calls and emails on July 1. On July 2nd I received a phone call from Brookfield. They made it very clear they would be posting predicted schedules. They said they did not know about this going into the deal with TVA. They said it should take about 2 weeks to have the website configured and information available on there website. Until then you can still look at Fontanas release schedule to get a ballpark of what the lower dams will be doing.
  8. DPowell

    Winter Fishing Cherokee

    New people are always welcomed to come. If they like what they see and hear they are welcome to join. We normally have a presentation for a certain topic or topics each meeting. Februarys speaker will be Clay Cunningham. He is a guide on Lake Lanier in Ga. and will be speaking about different artificial techniques. You can find more information about the club at tnstripedbass.com
  9. DPowell

    Outboard Repair - Maryville, TN

    X2 on Chris at Louisville Marine. He's been around a while. Knows Jets,2 strokes and 4. Fixed my Yamaha 150 4 stroke a couple months ago when I had an injector go down. Worked on my stuff a few times over the years.
  10. DPowell

    bonfire catfishing

    Great! Thank you bigsmallie! The little river is great change of pace from the big boat every now then. I live in Rockford so if you ever need an eyeballs opinion of level and clarity fill free to shout at me.
  11. DPowell

    bonfire catfishing

    Rusty50576 I heard there where some trees that got washed down last year with the heavy rains and where blocking a couple parts of the river between river jons and the water treatment plant. Do you know if those got cleared out last year? Didn't float it last year. Ever time we where going to it rained and came up again.
  12. Ezell the look on your face was priceless when I tossed that banana in the boat. Then followed by a big laugh and smile by you. It was a fun day on the water.
  13. DPowell


    Bait is still easy to get if you know where its at. Most creek arms an large coves still have bait in them. I was able to net smaller ones yesterday in as little as 6 ft and the bigger ones in 20ft. The bite as slowed some for me on live bait but still catching a few each trip.
  14. DPowell

    Season Settling In and Bait

    In my experience there is usually quality striper very close to big quality bait if the other ingredients are right. I would be putting those Hickory Shad on my Hook.