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  1. SkyNet

    3B Outdoors

    Yep, I've been subscribed to their Youtube channel for a couple of years. They do a really nice job and it's somewhat local. Really enjoy their stuff.
  2. Happy Birthday SkyNet!

  3. Happy Birthday SkyNet!

  4. SkyNet

    Break off's

    Sorry to hear that y'all jinxed yourselves. i have solved my break off problem....just fish Norris where I rarely ever get a bite...
  5. SkyNet

    Break off's

    Smart a$$ ..kidding. I agree, that's what is so strange. It just started happening and its an epidemic! I've broken off more in the last two trips than all of last year combined. My rigs don't stay in the boat or car, they are stored in garage. No .22 sound when breaking either, just went to set hook and no resistance. Thinking my line is just shot.
  6. SkyNet

    Break off's

    I use the palomar knot exclusively with flouro and have never had a problem until now.
  7. SkyNet

    Break off's

    I use flouro exclusively on my baitcasters. Mono on my spinning rigs. I broke off 8 times today both on mono and flouro. Last two trips, breaking off WAY to often. Never had this problem last year and I'm stumped. By the end of the day today I was trying to baby my hooksets cause I was so paranoid. Lost lots of fish and lures/tackle today. None of my line is older than 1 year old. What the heck?? Does line just go bad and get brittle or rotton that quick? Thinking about going exclusively braid with flouro or mono leader anyway lately. Maybe it's time to make that switch and re-string.
  8. SkyNet

    Norris Freeway minnows

    Good info. Might want to pick up a box of band-aids too for emergency rod repairs...I hear it works great.
  9. SkyNet

    fishing areas

    This is timely since I just went out with dada. I can tell you that I will NEVER tell anyone or take anyone to the spot that he took me out of respect for him. Every man is different on both sides of this coin. Some, like me, will freely tell you the details of how/where they caught fish. Some will hold their rod tips in the water when folks go by so they can't see whats tied on. To each his own.
  10. SkyNet

    Hawg !

    Caught it on WD-40....didn't spray it on my bait...just tied a can of WD-40 on the end of my line.
  11. SkyNet

    Hawg !

    Came across this picture of a HAWG I caught last summer. I caught some bigger ones too, but my camera ran out of film, so I didn't get any pics of those....anyway, just thought I would share. This one went about 35lbs....in case you're wondering, this IS NOT photoshoped!
  12. SkyNet

    Took a hard fall yesterday

    Ouch! Hate to hear that. Glad you're relatively OK. Sounds like it could have easily been much worse. Hope you and your Wife heal quickly and there are no lingering problems.
  13. SkyNet

    TV Fishing show on Norris Lake

    Would you like to share that info..not that I would ever fish it, curiosity is killing me.
  14. SkyNet

    Anybody fished a donkey rig??

    Won't tangle of you rig it with two barrel swivels. Tangling was never the problem for me, it was the lack of fish connected when I reeled it in.