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    Below Melton Hill Dam, Monday

    How is the fishing below the islands? It should be good this time of year. But, the water discharge rate is a lot higher than normal which may change a lot of patterns?
  3. 1volfan

    cherokee report

    With the sewer plant in Mossy creek there should always be bait in the area? At least that would be the norm on most lakes or rivers. The hot water may lower the bait quality?
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    Mike Smith did say that Prez Doug got a better stocking this year on the Powell side of the lake???
  5. 1volfan

    cherokee report

    Is the bait in Mossey Creek too soft this time of year?
  6. 1volfan

    Where to fish

    "I've been catching them in Chilhowee."Are you fishing in the lake or below the dam? I used to catch some nice trout in the lake and below Chilhowee dam before Tellico dam was closed.
  7. Most TSBA members are willing to share information instead of keeping everything secret like other fishing clubs. It's a great way to learn a new way of fishing if you are not already a pro like several of the members.
  8. 1volfan

    Best reels, Abu or shimano

    Abu 6500 and Penn. I will change depending on the target fish size. Penn with braid for the bigger river fish.
  9. 1volfan

    What depth finder do you have?

    I would like to see an HB 360 in action.