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  1. Impeller is a cheap part, especially when compared to a power head. If it's been more than 12-18 months, I'd replace it. Don't use Walmart/BPS parts on your boat.
  2. That is some fine work. Looks like you've got a neat work place too. Always liked the yellow #4 Kodak car back in the day. Good luck with the boat build - and the race season.
  3. Happy Birthday jbh3!

  4. Happy Birthday jbh3!

  5. If/when you see red spaghetti plowing through that green stuff, it will be a good idea to drop a spoon or drop shot bait down there. Will be instant fun.
  6. Best shop I know of is Bunch Marine down in Midtown/Harriman. I've used them for years and they are a sponsor here as well. On your side of the river, Madisonville has a good rep. Good luck.
  7. Get a "digital" model with infinite speed adjustment vs one with 5 preset levels. The digital models are better on battery drain also. You will need to connect your batteries differently to get 24v. Should be just a matter of reconfiguring your jumper wire(s). Good luck!!
  8. I'd take a drive down to Bunch and let Michael or Mary Lou fix you up with the parts you need. I like for my critical parts to say Mercury (or Moeller) on them somewhere. They may still be on winter hours, aka closed Mondays. Call them at 376-7227 before you take off, if you're going today. Good luck!!
  9. The one I use is a "EZ Troll Step" from EZ Troll over in Oliver Springs, TN. (...eztroll.com) Board sponsor Bunch Marine carries these. Another, more expensive, option I've seen good reviews on is the "EZ Step System" from RC Marine in Mt Pleasant, TX. (...easystepsystem.com). Be careful out there!!
  10. Read through the thread again. Can't see where the OP ever confirmed a water pressure reading or having a WP gauge. Really need to know what's going on with the WP. Could be that his engine is mounted too high or that he is over trimming and losing water pressure at WOT and/or in turns. Should be running at least 12# at WOT.
  11. It's possible to suck trash into the water intakes. Stuff can lodge there, and/or work it's way into the water jackets of you block, damaging your impeller, t-stats, etc. on the way through. You really need to start at the water pump and work from there. If you take it to a shop, that's the first thing they will do.
  12. The impeller is the first thing to change if you're having overheating issues. Mercury recommends replacement at 12 months or 100 hours, which ever comes first. If that doesn't fix it, start looking at your thermostats and poppet valve. Good luck!
  13. Bunch has a great shop. They also are a sponsor on this site. Call for an appointment.
  14. That's a MAJOR bummer for the new boat. Give the Bunch folks a call Monday AM and see who they use. I believe the guy is in Maryville. He does good work. Sorry for your mishap.
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