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  1. Kwk I’d use a 1/16 or 1/32 oz jig head (1/32 if fishing 0-4 feet and 1/16 if 4-10 feet) with the Bass Assassins/Bobby Garlands you have in the box. I use some of those same colors myself. We use these jig heads and baits either tight lined, under a float, and vertical jigging depending on what structure/cover we are fishing. Just my opinion, but I wouldn’t fish any water deeper than than 10 feet. Hope this helps you put some slabs in the livewell.
  2. Kwk As far as us, we used many different things in the tackle box trying to get them to hit better and nothing seemed to work any better than the other. Tube jigs, Bobby Garland baby shads, crappie magnets, even minnows all with similar results.
  3. That’s a nice mess! Thanks for the update! Me and a friend got 21 keepers and some throwbacks today fishing 11:00-6:00. Mostly whites and some females with roe. What blacks we caught were dark black males, no ladies. I think most the female blacks are or have laid out. Same water temp. Caught some up shallow on the bank once the sun came out in the evening, but what we caught early in the trip were suspended.
  4. Happy Birthday Berrypicker14!

  5. Happy Birthday Berrypicker14!

  6. I enjoy eating what I catch, and fishing from fall to spring. So Crappie and walleye/sauger are my targets over 90% of the time.
  7. Just minnows and crickets currently. Still have to go to Rigsby's for the tackle as of now.
  8. Hey folks, just passing along some info. A store has just opened up here in Tazewell, where Southern Outdoors use to be (coming from KY, is last store on the right before getting to the HWy 25E/Hwy 33 redlight intersection, approximately 1/4 mile before it. They have both small and large minnows, though I don't know yet the pricing, if they give plenty,or if they count them as they hit the bucket. They also have crickets.But the best thing about it is they have 100%, ethanol free gasoline at a good price!! Most places jack the price up on their 100% gas, but these folks are very reasonable with it only being either 23 or 24 cents higher a gallon than ethanol gas. Only store around in town that offers it, otherwise have to get it at the CO-OP. This is great for me as I try to run 100% gas in my boat, as well as my other small engines. Just passing along, mainly for those of us who like to run the 100% gas.
  9. Thanks for replying to my question Dada

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