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    What do you fish for mostly?

    I enjoy eating what I catch, and fishing from fall to spring. So Crappie and walleye/sauger are my targets over 90% of the time.
  2. Berrypicker14

    New bait shop with 100% gas

    Just minnows and crickets currently. Still have to go to Rigsby's for the tackle as of now.
  3. Berrypicker14

    New bait shop with 100% gas

    Hey folks, just passing along some info. A store has just opened up here in Tazewell, where Southern Outdoors use to be (coming from KY, is last store on the right before getting to the HWy 25E/Hwy 33 redlight intersection, approximately 1/4 mile before it. They have both small and large minnows, though I don't know yet the pricing, if they give plenty,or if they count them as they hit the bucket. They also have crickets.But the best thing about it is they have 100%, ethanol free gasoline at a good price!! Most places jack the price up on their 100% gas, but these folks are very reasonable with it only being either 23 or 24 cents higher a gallon than ethanol gas. Only store around in town that offers it, otherwise have to get it at the CO-OP. This is great for me as I try to run 100% gas in my boat, as well as my other small engines. Just passing along, mainly for those of us who like to run the 100% gas.
  4. Berrypicker14

    biggest smallmouth ever for me this week

    Good job on getting that big Smallie!
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    Welcome aboard!
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    New here

    Welcome into the fold!
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    Welcome in!
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    Early Morning on Norris

    Wow! Nice bass!
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    How about a roll call to see where everyone is from

    Tazewell. Fish Norris and Douglas for crappie, Walleye, Suager, and blugill
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    Norris Walleye?

    I have caught less and less in clinch over the past 5 years. I've been going to French Broad/Douglas last couple years, but the fishing pressure for them there is increasing. Hopefully it will be able to hold up, and hopefully the stocking will help the clinch.
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    Nice site! Hope to share and gather info with you guys soon!