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  1. Sure would like to know if you were catching  those 25 above or below Dandridge.  I wouldn't fish your "honey hole" even if you gave it to me,   but it's nice to know if all areas are doing the same..   I tried Ft Nasty (Loudon) Wednesday  with bobber in shallow, nothing hit those, but longlined  Turkey Creek & we got 10 crappie.    dada    4-11-19  10:06 PM

    1. shopson


      Dada put in at dandridge and went up. Went up one of the main creeks and just started fishing points in one of the creeks and got lucky finding some hungry ones.

  2. shopson

    Labor Night Limit

    There is a Optronics floating green light in the water under the flourescent. Had I meant to show minnows I would have pointed the camera at the water. I was showing gnats so I took a picture of gnats. I wasn't too concerned about how many minnows I could SEE because I was too busy putting minnows on a hook and taking crappie off.
  3. shopson

    where can i find walleye?

    Used to on Douglas but not this year. I missed all of 2013 and didn't get many this year. All of these are 2008 to 2012 with my long time fishing partner.
  4. shopson

    Labor Night Limit

    I don't see any minnows either. I'm going to have to do something to draw them in so the crappies will come in too.
  5. shopson

    Labor Night Limit

    If you could tolerate a swarm of gnats like this one You may have caught something like this The bite was on. Caught first fish at 8:15 and limited at 10:37 and had a walleye to boot. Same scenario, anchored in 30 feet and catching fish 3 to 7 cranks off the bottom.
  6. shopson

    light review.

    Well are they helping you get your limit of crappie?
  7. shopson


    I'll take the medium tuffys.
  8. shopson

    Quick Limit, Short Night

    Had to go solo if I was going to fish Saturday night. Got there at 8:30 and had 3 keepers in the boat before time for lights. Starting rigging the lights only to find out my once used Optronics green light would not work. So here I am night fishing for crappie without a light in the water. Didn't matter. By 9:42 I had 8 keepers and my first 11 caught were keepers. Took me til 11:27 to get the other 7 and I was packing and heading to the house. It was fun while it lasted. Almost forgot, Douglas Lake in vicinity of Swans, anchored in 29 feet, plain hook and medium minnow, about 5 cranks off the bottom.
  9. shopson

    Friday Night Under The Lights

    Sounds like a blast! I wanted in on that full moon and was heading that way solo Saturday evening but had a couple of stupid misfortunes before I had made it three miles so I came back to the house mad and disappointed.
  10. shopson

    Douglas Crappie Under the Light

    Scott to Scott- Farris dumped me for a woman. Finally had to buy me a boat or at least split one with my son. Actually feels good not to have to depend on someone else, even though I do miss my 25 year fishing partner.
  11. shopson

    Douglas Crappie Under the Light

    Just a hook and a #4 split shot. With 4 or 6lb test it goes down pretty good.
  12. shopson

    Douglas Crappie Under the Light

    I think most folks that catch them regularly at night have their preferred spot. I typically go to the same spot. Once you find them, plan on going there your next trip too. 30 feet of water, some fish activity on your depth finder, a swarm of minnows around your light, and some patirnce. Sometime after midnight my son said I though you said we would catch a bunch of fish. We only had 4 keepers then. From 1 til 4 we caught the rest.
  13. My son and I fished the night of July 3/4 in vicinity of Swans and got 25 keepers, all on small minnows in 25 to 30 feet deep. Confident we could have gotten the other 5 but I like to leave before daylight and get home before the sun starts hitting these heavy eyes.
  14. shopson

    What is your occupation?

    Material handler/forktruck driver for John Deere.
  15. shopson

    thread 666

    Got home from work and the temp in my house was 66.6.