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  1. Kickapooh

    Official Joke Topic: Post Your Jokes!

    An elderly golfer comes in after a good round of golf at the new course & heads straight to the bar/restaurant area of the club house. As he passes through the swinging doors, he spots a sign hanging over the bar that reads: COLD BEER: $5.00 HAMBURGER: $10.00 CHEESEBURGER: $15.50 CHICKEN SANDWICH: $18.50 HAND JOB: $250.00 Checking his wallet to be sure he has the necessary money, the old golfer walks up to the bar & beckons to the exceptionally attractive female bartender who is serving drinks to a couple of sun-wrinkled golfers. She glides down behind the bar to the old golfer. “Yes?†she inquires with a wide, knowing smile. “May I help?" The old golfer leans over the bar & whispers, “I was wondering young lady, are you the one who gives the hand-jobs around here?†She looks into his wrinkled eyes & with a wide smile purrs, “Yes sir, I sure am.†The old golfer leans in even closer & into her left ear and says softly: “Well then, be sure to wash your hands real good, because I want a cheeseburger.â€
  2. We fished the tourny but didn't catch what we needed to win. We ended up coming in 4th place but had a great time anyways. It was a spectacular day to be out on the water. Our biggest fish ended up being a 24lb flathead. The biggest fish of the tourny was a 51lb flathead.
  3. Ft. Loudoun Saturday 12-12-15 9:00 am- 3:00 pm Concord boat ramp - 10960 Concord Park Dr, Knoxville, TN 37922 or Lat/Long: 35.862327, -84.127337 2 fish $50 per boat - 100% payback 1 or more anglers per boat You may launch from another ramp to avoid holiday traffic, but you must be at concord and signed in by 8:40 We will have meeting before launch to finalize any rules and answer any questions. I'll be there. Come one, come all. Should be fun!! Message me with any questions
  4. Kickapooh

    10 -22 -15 Fort Loudoun

    Good report and great fish Steve. David and I are going to fishing a catfish tournament this Saturday. We are launching out of the canal boat ramp. I may have to head up the lake and see if I can find that house in the background in your pictures.
  5. Kickapooh

    Fort Loudoun Catfishing - October 2015

    All but the big flathead were caught near Concord Park. The flattie was caught above Fort Loudoun Dam. Hey stranger, hows it been going man? We are both glad to be back. moving to Florida was a big expensive mistake. We need to get together sometime and go fishing for sure.
  6. We got down below the dam around 10:30 am and anchored up in the current. We flat wore out the skipjack until they opened up another gate and the current got twice as strong. We ended up losing my 25 lb Richter Anchor once they opened up the other gate. Had to tie a buoy to the end of the line and cut the rope. The buoy was not up to the job unfortunately and would only pop up above the surface every 15 minutes or so, then go back down. We were never able to see it long enough to retrieve the anchor. So if anyone see's a red buoy bobbing up and down down below the Watts Bar Dam, there is a nice anchor attached to it. Anyways, enough of the sob story. We ended up catching 71 skipjack in about 3 hours. All were caught on silver Foley Spoons. None of them were less than 1 lb and quite a few of them were probably 2 lbs or more. We put them all in the cooler and brought them home. Skipjack are the best catfish bait around so I should have enough to tide me over for the next month or so anyways. Anyone have a Richter Anchor for sale? I need another one. -Rob
  7. I don't have time to write up fishing reports on these so I'll just keep it short and sweet. All these fish were caught on Fort Loudoun. the biggest weighed in at 40.6 lbs (flathead). All fish were released. All were caught in about 50' of water on the bottom. we were using cut bait (skipjack and gizzard shad). I love the fall and winter months for big catfish action.
  8. Kickapooh

    How about this buffalo?

    He has every right to harvest fish in any way he wants as long as it's legal. I would just like to see the laws changed is all. I don't see the point in killing just for the sake of killing. That fish may have been as old as him or older. Is it really even much of a sport shooting a huge slow fish with bow that is only 20 - 30 feet away from you either? I don't really see the sport in it to be honest. I've seen so many bowfishers killing big old catfish just for the sport of it and fish the size they take are not something anyone would or should eat. Breaks my heart really.
  9. Kickapooh

    How about this buffalo?

    I guess I'll be the one to say it. If you don't eat it, why kill it? I kill my fair share of fish too but I eat everything I kill intentionally. If it was safe to eat fish from Watts Bar, Fort Loudoun, Melton Hill, etc. I would eat every fish I unintentioanlly killed as well. Bowfishing for fish that aren't going to be eaten should be banned IMO.
  10. After many days of trying to go catch my own (and failing miserably) I broke down and bought some frozen Skipjack from a guy I found on Craigslist. He sold me 20 lbs for $40 and threw in an extra 10 lbs as well. The Skipjack were frozen and vacuum sealed. A pretty good deal if you ask me. I forgot his name but he did me right so I figured I would share his info on here in case anyone else might ever need to buy some. He is based out of Calhoun TN. His number is (423) 260-5892. He may even be willing to ship it to you if you live in the US. I'm not sure but it never hurts to ask I reckon.
  11. Kickapooh

    Striper watts bar

    Thanks for the report. May have to head up there and poke around myself soon.
  12. Kickapooh

    Anyone have any skipjack for sale?

    They were pulling them in hand over fist 2 days ago off the dock there at Poland Creek. We didn't have any smaller gear with us unfortunately but they are there for sure.
  13. I'd be interested in acquiring some frozen (or fresh) skipjack from anyone who has or can catch some. I'f you have a freezer full and would like to lighten your load, let me know. I'd surely appreciate it and would be more than willing to buy it.
  14. Kickapooh

    My brother needs some prayers

    I also said a prayer for your bro Jamie and will continu to do so every night. Have faith and tell him to have faith too. It works.
  15. Kickapooh

    Anyone fishing today or tomorrow?

    Thanks all and here is the fishing report. http://tennesseeanglers.com/forums/topic/7494-watts-bar-clinch-9132015/