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  1. Rasnake0020


    Have been catching a few on SOHO tightlining. Thinking about going out tomorrow.
  2. Rasnake0020

    Great weekend on Cherokee

    Nice!!! Thanks for sharing
  3. Rasnake0020

    Cherokee Hybrids round one

    Thank you
  4. Rasnake0020

    Cherokee Hybrids round one

    Great report and Nice fish.. If you dont mind me asking did you guys get these in the upper end of the lake or down near the dam?
  5. Rasnake0020

    bait to use? bluff city

    Tnken why are they not generating?
  6. Rasnake0020

    What is your occupation?

    work for the sheriffs department , i am a lieutenant, have been a deputy since 1999
  7. Rasnake0020

    Motor problems

    ended up being a fuel pump, replaced it and motor ran like new
  8. Rasnake0020

    humminbird 898

    yes thanks
  9. Rasnake0020

    humminbird 898

    hey guys, just got a hummingbird 898, but I cant figure out how to save the screenshots and open on my computer.. any help? thanks
  10. Rasnake0020


    Welcome,,,go to bluff city and you will find the fish
  11. Rasnake0020

    Bait tanks

    Anybody know where i could buy super bait tank??
  12. Rasnake0020

    Motor problems

    Ok thanks
  13. Rasnake0020

    Motor problems

    Went to lake yesterday, motor started ad idled great, ran great at low speeds. When i opened up to full throttle it had a miss in in, like it was tryin to run full power, if i backed out off throttle it ran fine. Motor is a 2001 johnson 90hp. Any suggestions??
  14. Rasnake0020

    New member

    From southwest va, stripers fav to fish for. Mostly fish boone and cherokee