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  1. Welcome, You are definitely in catfish heaven down that way!
  2. Happy Birthday clinchmtnboy!

  3. I get vertical lines, when I get interference from another unit. They are not like those. Are you getting them in various places around lake.
  4. markbeggs54 is really clinchmtnboy. clinchmtnboy is a caveman and somehow joined again using his phone or maybe I have another personality that likes fishing also. My wife does say I fish more than any two people.
  5. Happy Birthday clinchmtnboy!

  6. I have 2 to do list in garage. One for returning from fishing. One for going fishing. Nothing like getting ready to go and realizing batteries were not plugged up!
  7. Ive got hydroturf. So far I like it a lot. About $300 for an 1860.
  8. Happy Birthday clinchmtnboy!

  9. Like the new site! Seems to be VERY informative and friendly!
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