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  1. Fishing was tough for me late last week. I feel i catch bigger fish around the dark of the moon. I wish i kept better records.
  2. Boone is Cold in the headwaters...In the mid 50s during long generation...There is a warmer layer that covers this cold water about ten feet thick. .Water coming out of boone into henry is 62 right now.
  3. Boone is 73 ...Norris 77 near strait creek and a fat Hybrid pic
  4. Its finally happening! Lets keep up with the changes in temperature on our favorite lakes. I got a couple of smalls on the topwater. About what i would expect With the temp. on Boone at 80 degrees.
  5. To add to Big baits on Watauga above ..I have a few giant flatfish that we used up north. I Pulled them and not much. I have pulled some giant trout immitations also. The only success ive had with really big baits has been in extreme low light.
  6. Thanks for the report...Sounds like a great way to spend the morning!
  7. I love a boat that has windshields. Great looking rig!
  8. Nice report! I looked around on Holston for lakers a couple weeks ago. I found nothing that looked interesting and ended up bass fishing.
  9. They will drive you crazy...for me i find some evidence and research suggest that each body of water has different groups of fish that dont intermingle much. Example 1...I found a group of really nice fish in an very odd location..twice. I caught them there twice in 8 years. I have not been into that school in a few years...ive looked everywhere and yet to find them. Those fish stay out of sight. Example 2... One of my larger fish ..17 pd..came on a mud flat in 50 ft in late july...i marked two fish there and got one to bite. I have not ever caught another there. Example 3 i once saw big laker bust a large shad on surface on the fourth of july? I was in kayak and got a good look? Warning..Lake Trout are sometimes refered to as the tomb of human curiosity.
  10. I have a couple and they are a great rod. I still have a couple Berkley rods from the 80s for some specific techniques.
  11. A teachers take...We are raising a generation the ME ME ME generation. I see kids willing to do almost anything for instant gratification. In addition to academics school systems need to do a better job of teaching work ethic and respect as well as reminding parents that they are parents. If your local school system is not getting it done then we need to demand things change. Change in the schools starts when the people in charge learn not cave when they get pressure from whoever. Last year I asked a teacher retiring after 49 years of service how have things changed. His reply "kids are the same, the thing that's changed is how we treat them"
  12. Watuaga produces trout , but they are hard to come by right now. My father in law did about the same on Holston.
  13. Seems like this thread was a lot longer. Did we loose some content while it was down?
  14. I saw a few picks of 5 to 15 pounders off bank near Hugh B Day this weekend.
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