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  1. clinchmtnboy

    1st time out this year

    I love a boat that has windshields. Great looking rig!
  2. clinchmtnboy

    East TN Lakers and Trout 2018 (part 3)

    Nice report! I looked around on Holston for lakers a couple weeks ago. I found nothing that looked interesting and ended up bass fishing.
  3. clinchmtnboy

    East TN Lakers and Trout 2018 (part 3)

    They will drive you crazy...for me i find some evidence and research suggest that each body of water has different groups of fish that dont intermingle much. Example 1...I found a group of really nice fish in an very odd location..twice. I caught them there twice in 8 years. I have not been into that school in a few years...ive looked everywhere and yet to find them. Those fish stay out of sight. Example 2... One of my larger fish ..17 pd..came on a mud flat in 50 ft in late july...i marked two fish there and got one to bite. I have not ever caught another there. Example 3 i once saw big laker bust a large shad on surface on the fourth of july? I was in kayak and got a good look? Warning..Lake Trout are sometimes refered to as the tomb of human curiosity.
  4. clinchmtnboy

    DIY Casting Deck

    Very nice job! I Great looking rig!
  5. clinchmtnboy

    Berkley Cherrywood Rods

    I have a couple and they are a great rod. I still have a couple Berkley rods from the 80s for some specific techniques.
  6. clinchmtnboy

    Did our parents go through this?

    A teachers take...We are raising a generation the ME ME ME generation. I see kids willing to do almost anything for instant gratification. In addition to academics school systems need to do a better job of teaching work ethic and respect as well as reminding parents that they are parents. If your local school system is not getting it done then we need to demand things change. Change in the schools starts when the people in charge learn not cave when they get pressure from whoever. Last year I asked a teacher retiring after 49 years of service how have things changed. His reply "kids are the same, the thing that's changed is how we treat them"
  7. clinchmtnboy

    East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    Watuaga produces trout , but they are hard to come by right now. My father in law did about the same on Holston.
  8. clinchmtnboy

    East Tennesee Lakers & Trout

    Seems like this thread was a lot longer. Did we loose some content while it was down?
  9. clinchmtnboy

    Where are the flathead?

    I saw a few picks of 5 to 15 pounders off bank near Hugh B Day this weekend.
  10. clinchmtnboy

    East Tennesee Lakers & Trout

    Trout are like a box of chocolates. I've had epic battles and some that wore out quick. The largest rainbow I ever seen threw the hooks on about the 5th jump. I once fought a 12 pound brown for 20 minutes in stream on four pound test.. I also had a laker take 100 yards off a striper rig and then break me off. I would have liked to see that one. Trout fill out the part of my years fishing. Glad to have them in the fold also. Man I love it here!
  11. clinchmtnboy

    Amber alert

    They got her over on the North side of clinch mtn. She and he are in custody. Thank Goodness
  12. clinchmtnboy

    Boaters keep getting worse every year

    Sadly, many people running around that have no idea what is safe or respectful. I'm a school teacher and realized that many of todays problems are brought on by simple ignorance. They were not taught what respect is or what it looks like. They talk to the teacher like a dog because that's how they treat women. They run around like fools because they are ignorant . There have always been jerks out there they just seem to be multiplying!
  13. clinchmtnboy


    "Good arm burn there"... That's what keeps me going. I love not knowing what might grab my lure. Sounds like a great trip out!
  14. clinchmtnboy

    Thunderjet has joined us!

    Welcome, You are definitely in catfish heaven down that way!
  15. clinchmtnboy

    new state record paddlefish

    I caught a few when I was younger. I enjoyed it.