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  1. ecox

    Striper movement

    Old article indicating the migrations of the Striped Bass.
  2. ecox


    The striper migration in the fall is to the most abundant bait fish available that is on the upper end of the reservoir. They have been trapped on the deepest end of the lake most of the late summer where there is cool water with dissolved oxygen. Evidence by tailrace discharge temps. They are a cool water (temperate sea bass) fish seeking water temps less than 70 degrees. Lake turnover normally happens beginning in September freeing them from their thermal trap. Turnover is a poor description for the deep water in the for bay of the dam that would be better stated as mixing. Surface water temperature falling back into the low 70's should show some surface breaks.
  3. ecox


    Large spoons are working great. The fish will begin to scatter and move back upstream this coming weeks.
  4. ecox


    Alewife are catchable under the lights with cast net. Fishing is still good at Cherokee dam. The no fishing zone (July 15 to Sept. 15) is history for the year. You should be able to find fish in front of the dam good. Good luck and tell us about it.
  5. ecox

    Cast Netting Bait

    10 feet Max radius with mesh not less than 1/4 and more than 1 inch. Under live bait Section IV. There are some other location and species restrictions like you can not net trout, & sunfish.
  6. ecox

    Oil Change

    Stay with manufacturers recommendations.
  7. ecox

    Underwater light

    White and green both work. Fish finder tells me where I want the light.
  8. ecox


    Keep the water at 65 - 70 degrees and don't worry about the warm surface water. Ice, chiller, deep water, tailrace water well water. Add salt at 1 cup per 20 gallons of water. Keep filtered & aerated.
  9. ecox

    ISO bait tank

    I have a 25 gallon tank for $50. No aeration that works good to catch and use with a cheep bubbler.
  10. ecox

    Underwater light

    Be aware the NO FISHING ZONE on Cherokee Lake is in place July 15 thru Sept. 15
  11. ecox

    Underwater light

    I've been catching alewife in daylight near the bottom at 30 to 40 feet deep. Marking them with my fish finder and dropping my sabiki into them. Deep hole cast nets are working very good for a one day catch and use. They have been easier than normal this summer.
  12. ecox

    Dead stripers

    The striper are fragile this time of year from temperature and lack of dissolved oxygen in the water so when caught and released they do not make it. The larger the fish the more difficult to survive. The NO FISHING ZONE is in place now. (about a square mile in front of the dam) July 15 till September 15 to help protect them.
  13. ecox

    Clinch River above Norris lake

    With Norris lake full like it is now the 25E bridge & upstream is becoming unsafe. With lake at winter stage Indian Creek is as far upstream as is safe in motor boats.
  14. ecox

    Trying to catch alewives

    When I net that is what I use.
  15. ecox

    Trying to catch alewives

    That would be 3/8 mesh not webbing.