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  1. ecox


    deep hole
  2. ecox


    It is the best when caught with sabiki but can b e caught easier with cast net.
  3. ecox

    Shad Spawn

    The bite is good most of the day right now. Post spawn they eat about 3% of their body weight now per 24 hours. We caught 35 fish before 9 am this morning on live bait. They are still going back great. Mid lake 20 to 30 foot deep on the main channel points.
  4. ecox

    Night Stripers

    Normally by the full moon in June the alewife spawn is complete in East Tennessee reservoirs. My stripers have been running smaller than normal this year. Most do not exceed 28 inch with only a very few reaching 35 inch on Cherokee. Numbers are good.
  5. ecox

    Humminbird DI shots

  6. ecox

    Shad Spawn

    Threadfin are easy and abundant but the alewife are choice bait.
  7. ecox

    Night Stripers

    The top water bite is outstanding now mid lake to the dam. Alewife spawn is going on.
  8. Don't think it is wise to travel in a jet with low flow like it is now. The rock ledges are unforgiving. It is a nice float where you can drag / portage across some of the shallows. Kiles Ford and Grissom's Island are good entry spots for a float to Hwy 25E bridge. It is full of small smallmouth, bluegill, redeye, and other native river fish, but the walleye and striper have done the spawn thing and returned downstream to cooler thermal refuge below the thermal cline.
  9. ecox


    Thanks. Most of all I enjoyed meeting new friends & catching some fish. Stay in touch.
  10. ecox

    tick bite

    I found a very small one on me that was stuck under my belt. Went to the doctor and without sending it off, she suggested to take two weeks of antibiotics as a precaution on lime & rocky mountain fever. I have one week of prescription done with nausea every morning and evening, still a circle around the bite. ( stay out of the sun)
  11. ecox

    Water release schedules

  12. ecox

    Back to fishing again

    Still catching a lot of striper/hybrid way up stream. the alewife spawn has started at night. The fishing should be great mid lake now and forward.
  13. It has smallmouth, striper, stripe, bluegill, cat, sturgeon, that I know of.
  14. The upper Clinch (Norris in feed) is treacherous except at high flow rate. A good one for you to look at is French Broad below Douglas to forks of river.