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  1. ecox

    Water level Clinch below Melton Dam

    TVA tries to drop the water level around 5 feet the LAST WEEK OF MARCH to allow for dock, shoreline, ramp repair every year.
  2. ecox

    Fort Loudoun Stripers

    Pretty bunch of striped fish.
  3. ecox

    DIY Casting Deck

    Looks like you got some bonus storage also.
  4. Come on by, visit, listen to fish tales & tell your own. Snichols & me plan to tell where all the secret fishing holes are at.
  5. ecox

    Fishing License

    Some good discussion points. Tennessee has a lot to offer as a look at the Out-Of-State license shows. Of course the recommended place to share your opinions / suggestions for results is at the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commissioners meetings. > My personal comments is no issues with current methods. The March 1st renew is good because it is end of hunt season and begin of fish for most if there is a begin & end. ( I fish is all year) I have a senior license that is permanent after age 65.
  6. https://www.tva.gov/Environment/Lake-Levels/Douglas/Douglas-Operating-Guide
  7. ecox

    Giving it a shot today

    Anytime would love to be in the boat with you Ken. I also got out today and caught some pretty hybrids. Harvested a couple to eat.
  8. You may want to add to the bucket a fishing experience on Cherokee Lake for Striped bass, Hybrids, & smallmouth.
  9. Always wandered what was wrong with you dada, now know. LOL Just kidding. I would not eat any large fish that can be old as they collect & add toxins each year especially below Norris & Melton dams down into the Tennessee river at Kingston.. Would also limit fish consumption to those fish that are not very migratory throughout the tailrace & river system that could have consumed bait from radioactive areas like Popular Creek. The trout & crappie are likely clean, with maybe the walleye & Yellow perch. The migration back upstream from the highest contaminated areas below Melton dam is not as likely as when the Lock was opened much more often in years past. I was one of the boats that helped again for the 6th year TWRA & Oak Ridge National Lab collect fish for their annual contamination study Feb. 5th 2018. I do get their (TEDEC) reports of finding from Norris Lake & Kingston Steam Plant. I do believe they numbers are actual. I do not need to eat fish from there. Sure is a long response.
  10. Clinch & Powell River in feed to Norris. The Holston in feed to Cherokee. These are natural rivers with no upstream dams so quickly change with the rain to muddy. Last year the Clinch & Powell had one of the best walleye runs for 20 + years but heard few talking about it..
  11. Looks like a delay because of the rivers coming down muddy. Good thing is the muddy color will warm the water quicker.
  12. ecox

    Fishing last weekend

    I have heard that you can spray the line with silicone or put a thin hint of Vaseline. I was dipping my rod in the water to reel them in. .
  13. Yes call before 9pm.
  14. There is a decent run to the Clinch & Powell rivers that begins in Feb. & continues thru May but everyone has a closed mouth about them. The uppermost part of Cherokee Lake also has a great run of Walleye & mostly (Saugeye. Sauger/Walleye hybrid) that begins this month.
  15. ecox

    Just a useless knife review

    Yes welcome back Cannonball. I use a Rapala & just keep it sharp with a quick swipe of a Smith sharpener for the large fish I catch. I am also very efficient with a electric knife on pan fish @ about 2 per minute.