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  1. Winter Fishing

    I love my selected days of fishing all winter long. Striped Bass on the large reservoirs & Tennessee River mostly. I do very good.
  2. Lake Map Web Application Accuracy?

    I have and use the Navionics Hotspots card in my Humminbird OUTSTANDING. I can adjust the color to any depth gridline so I can see the upcoming changes. I also have the app. It does seem to be the same.
  3. Thanks Mr. Cox, how's the striper fishing down there?

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    2. Crankerman


      Thanks Mr. Cox we are headed down the 13th of Dec. we'll be staying at Hickory Star hope to see ya out. I have a deck boat with a blue inclosed cover. I have seen you down there a couple of times you give us some shad one day and one fell in the bottom of your boat and your little 4 legged fishing buddy eat it:tongue:

    3. ecox


      Will be glad to help with latest info when you come down. 423-526-3295

    4. Crankerman


      Thanks I really appreciate that. I don't get down as much as I use to so it's hard to keep up on the good fishing areas. I haven't fished in Dec. in a couple of years, we use to  start down around F Island and around Crooked Creek. If you don't mine I will give you a call and see where folks have been fishing for strippers.

  4. Norris Lake Water Temperature

    Today at 2 p.m. It was 58.8 at Hickory Star.
  5. Happy birthday , Ezell. NOW, if I could only get you into CRAPPIE fishin'----LOL   dada 11-2-17  6:32 AM

    1. ecox


      Thanks dada. I do fish for other species some.

  6. Super Bait Tank II filter

    I use the Live Bait Filter that Ken has. OUTSTANDING. Don't see how he sells any because it last so long. The coffee creamer does work but if you are going to keep the bait for more than a day it sours and the "Foam Off" does not.
  7. DanNew has joined us!

    Hello neighbor.
  8. Melton Hill Monster

    Make it look & act like a skipjack!!!!!!!!!
  9. Melton Hill Monster

    I have caught striped bass over 50 inch & musky almost 50 inch close by.
  10. Melton Hill Monster

    Likely a musky but also could be a huge striped bass. I have caught both species right in that area.
  11. Melton Hill Fish Species

    Yes those were likely trout if the cool water was far enough downstream. Trout do well in temps below 70 degrees.
  12. Melton Hill Fish Species

    Everything changes so to stay successful you must change also. Those trout are not native! Those dams are exotic. There are more walleye in Norris lake than ever according to the TWRA creel & stocking reports.
  13. MervinJohnson has joined us!

    Welcome. I think we are acquainted?
  14. Roanoke Rapids

    Sounds like a good experience, but 30 to 40 fish days are common right here in east Tennessee without all the parade. Many of them are much larger than 20".
  15. Rare and Valuable

    That is sweet.