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  1. dada

    Happy birthday, Ezell. We always agree to disagree on some issues, but enjoy each other!  LOL   dada 11-2-19  10:23 AM

  2. There is a topic on this site that has a lot of info on what we use the most. I have a Ulterra & Solix Mega that will do all you need as Kurtomac said.
  3. Welcome back. Thanks for your service veteran.
  4. I will be stopping by for a welcome visit.
  5. I may be a good source of info & help for you, so just ask.
  6. Yes love to fish with you or just help you catch when you come down. Get in touch I fish all year.
  7. Welcome to Tennessee Anglers. I can help. Ezell Cox 423.526.3295
  8. Looks like you got some bonus storage also.
  9. You don't love your boat enough. I keep mine in a heated garage plugged in when not using. Lol
  10. ecox


    Nice. Fun on light line.
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