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  1. Welcome Sean. Always glad to see another Souper on here.
  2. On the updates you can just download to one of your SD cards and then pop the card in to the FF to update the unit. Anytime you do an update it resets the unit back to the original factory settings so you'll want to have it updated before you start fine tuning your settings. I believe your unit came out around the same time as mine and I don't think there will be anymore new updates coming out for them after you update what is available at this time.
  3. Congratulations on the new FF. When you register it on the Humminbird website be sure to check to see that you have all the updates installed on it. When those units came out a lot of updates were done that really improved and enhanced the performance of the unit.
  4. Happy Birthday Trackerman!

  5. Break Out Another Thousand! Congratulations! I know from reading all your posts that you and the boy are going to have a ball with it.
  6. Happy Birthday Trackerman!

  7. Thanks for the info HONDAM. Yes, my tm is a 12 volt. I'm definately going to look in to this further.
  8. Thanks for the info. What product do you recommend for a battery management system? On my current setup the engine only charges the starting battery I believe. I'd love to have it also charge my trolling motor and bait tank battery. Thanks!
  9. Does a good job on aluminum boats also.
  10. Happy Birthday Trackerman!

  11. Welcome! Good to see you here. :tarules3
  12. Hey Softworm.....that wasn't you that caught the new VA state record hybrid was it? I believe it recently came out of one of your fishing holes didn't it?
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