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  1. bigsmallie

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  2. bigsmallie

    Douglas again

    I’ve decided that when the weather man gives a wind speed, if you are going to the lake, Double whatever they said
  3. bigsmallie

    Fort Loudon

    We had three on at a time. Running flats around 8-10 chasing the shad. We were crappie fishing with minnows so you get whatever’s there
  4. bigsmallie

    Fort Loudon

    Thanks Fland49, if you start getting the fishing jitters, just Holler!
  5. bigsmallie

    Fort Loudon

    Braved the wind, lucky it didn’t hit till about 11:00, fished 8:30-1:30 got 12 crappie about a dozen catfish( they like it when the water warms up) I hate catching them. Kept couple of 2# stripe. The crappie has decent size roe. Cleaned and kept the fillets to poison some more of my friends soon. Fort Nasty you know. All but two of the crappie were over 11” threw back about 5 small ones.
  6. bigsmallie

    New member

  7. bigsmallie

    East TN Crappie Club Nov 17th Cherokee Lake Tournament

    Just confirmed, they’re under events or timeline. Found the first tournament Me and the grandson fished, we’re in the middle of the pack,Kirkland/Heaton. That was one miserable weather day. Me and the boy had a blast and learned a few things in the process. He can fillet pretty decent now(that was a year and a half ago) Tight lines and remember, ......Life’s too short to fish with dead Minners!
  8. bigsmallie

    East TN Crappie Club Nov 17th Cherokee Lake Tournament

    They post results on their web site
  9. bigsmallie

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  10. bigsmallie

    Fish ID Needed Please (Darter?)

    I checked out the TWRA site, it’s changed. There was a lot of pictures, not as good now.
  11. bigsmallie

    Fish ID Needed Please (Darter?)

    TWRA Has a pretty good guide to local fish with pictures
  12. bigsmallie

    Night Fishing Lures/Tactics?

    Large black spinner with round thumper blade
  13. http://www.stoegerairguns.com/. I would try one of these
  14. bigsmallie

    Watts Bar report

    He’s hooked