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  1. Yep, Yamaha, he changed my Yamaha 225 low RPM injectors and rebuilt my trailer bunks
  2. The best battery is one that has very good smart charger. Walmart or Batteries Plus.. Duracell makes a motorcycle battery that I just purchased from Batteries Plus and was very surprised at the power out of the box, yes a Duracell motorcycle battery, who’d a thought?
  3. Welcome, you’re going to love it here, don’t tell any of your Friends though
  4. Lonnie told me I’d rather French kiss a Rattlesnake than mess with him He would show up at my ball basket and football games. I always liked him. Him and the Ole man were buddies
  5. Me and my buddy worked here after classes in high school. My Ol’ Man would come by and help paint, that’s his hand writing for the code on the back of a Tennessee Shad box a friend gave me. Pretty cool I think
  6. You can do a lot of things with plastics. https://youtu.be/ecqSoqXBogI
  7. You can buy patch kits right off the shelf. Check anywhere canoes/ kayaks are sold. Well maybe not K mart or Walmart. I’ve patched mine more than once. Do a patch on the inside and the outside. Call me El Cheapo!
  8. Nice boat, I bet that windshield will be a blessing in the winter
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