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  1. bigsmallie

    Calderwood Lake questions

    Here are some Chilhowee crappie and have caught large White bass from breaks in Abrams
  2. bigsmallie

    Guntersville first trip 2018

  3. bigsmallie

    Guntersville first trip 2018

    Me and a partner caught over 100 lb’s in three long days of fishing. 21#, 5 bass stringer average of just keepers. 8 bass over 4# off one point. But Guntersville can disappoint, the trip mentioned was 2012, 2014 ...., one three pounder and a bunch of dunks. We fish near Goose Pond. Find a long point off main river, throw a 3/4 oz. Excalibur One Knocker as far as you can. Let it sink till you know it will be ripping it back through grass, most hits will come just as the lure breaks loose. So pause, then set hook. Orange worked for me. Good Luck
  4. bigsmallie

    Smoking Sunday

    Whoa! That's a lot bigger looking serving in that picture. Looks good
  5. bigsmallie

    Smoking Sunday

    Uh, where's mine ?
  6. bigsmallie

    Douglas Crappie April 13h

    I agree with all three
  7. bigsmallie

    NatureCalls has joined us!

    Welcome, I like that name
  8. bigsmallie

    crappie spawned?

    Crappie College pays off !
  9. bigsmallie

    Townsend 20" er

    What the crap, I keep answering myself, can't get used to new format , Troutgirl that would throw a hip out for sure.
  10. bigsmallie

    Townsend 20" er

    Well, I think so too. I Had just put on dry clothes and shoes and went back in anyway, wet shoes the rest of the weekend were worth it
  11. bigsmallie

    Townsend 20" er

    The boats on the shop so hit the river Saturday. Man I need to get back in shape. Also a little rusty with the net, or my eyes are bad, or arms getting shorter, (old age setting in) . Lost three bringing to the net before the net could reach the fish .Anybody do that. Did get a 20" er after I put on dry clothes I walked past a spot that was drawing me like a magnet, so I got wet again and caught this one
  12. bigsmallie

    Planer boards

    Keep up that attitude and we will definetly have to go fishing together
  13. bigsmallie

    Today's Crappie

    What a mess !!!! The fish look good though.
  14. bigsmallie

    Missin' Chilhowee's tranquility

    Big carp in there too
  15. bigsmallie

    Reed at the helm