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  1. I prefer to Smoke Trout, they are just hard to keep lit.
  2. It’s giving me a belly ache...... living in Covington Ga. now. Literally heart of Bulldog country. Yes it’s taken way too long. The last time I lived here 2000- 2008! Ate a lot of crow then too. Still will fly Tennessee flag out front when we play Georgia. At least I’m not from Tennessee and flying a Florida flag or Clemson just because they happen to be on a roll. Go Vols......pleasehttp://www.mcubed.net/ncaaf/series/tn/ga.shtml
  3. We paid Ga. State $950.000.00 to come here and whup our asses. Genious!
  4. Anyone have a tried and true trick for dull head lights?
  5. https://www.foxnews.com/great-outdoors/massive-record-setting-trout-caught-at-utahs-flaming-gorge-reservoir-officials-say
  6. So you could have made it through my front yard, no prob. This is that last big rain. Kona loves the water too! The bottom picture is after a week
  7. You can do a lot of things with plastics. https://youtu.be/ecqSoqXBogI
  8. You can buy patch kits right off the shelf. Check anywhere canoes/ kayaks are sold. Well maybe not K mart or Walmart. I’ve patched mine more than once. Do a patch on the inside and the outside. Call me El Cheapo!
  9. Did you try that secret creek no one knows about?
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