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  1. fishman

    Searching for Cardinal 4 spools

    There are some springs on eBay. I might take a couple of the 3 spools. I have a Cardinal 3 but don’t use it much.
  2. fishman

    Searching for Cardinal 4 spools

    How much do you want for them? Thanks bud!
  3. fishman

    Searching for Cardinal 4 spools

    I would definitely be interested. I still have seven or eight Cardinal reels. That’s all I have ever used. About the only thing that goes wrong is the spools warp and eventually break. Think I’m down to one extra....
  4. I’m searching for original Cardinal 4 spools. Help please!
  5. fishman

    Powdercoating Reels?

    I have a Revo that the paint has blistered on. Any idea of the cost to powder coat it?
  6. Happy Birthday fishman!

  7. Hey guys, I need to get my trailer painted and new carpet. Any suggestions in the Knoxville area?
  8. fishman

    I need a little help.

    Man that's a bad deal. Prayers your way for you and your wife.
  9. Piney Flats is near Johnson City. I just took a day and drove up there. HONDAM installed it and gave me a tutorial. He is certified by Lowrance. Would use him again.
  10. Where you live? Highly recommend HONDAM in Piney Flats.
  11. Happy Birthday fishman!

  12. fishman

    Need advice desperately please!

    Do you live near a wells fargo office? If so, I think I would take all documentation and go sit down with a loan officer. Most people will try to help if you show them you are legite.... Good luck!