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  1. Sorry to hear about your motor. Hope that you can get it rebuilt soon. That tin boat surely is coming along nicely. A lot of work but it sure is looking good.
  2. Happy Birthday rangerZ518!

  3. Happy Birthday rangerZ518!

  4. Check the fuses to see if they bad. If connections are good and still doesn't work, then it is probably shot
  5. rangerZ518

    Ranger Z518

    Ranger Z518
  6. I like the Deka batteries (East Penn Mfg.) very well. Duracell is the same thing from Sam's.
  7. I have a friend who has the glow maxx and they work really good. I have the Moon Light and I actually think it shows up a little better. The Glow Maxx is a good light though. Better than a lot of them out there.
  8. About time you made it over here.
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