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  1. rangerZ518

    Stay dry and safe folks!

    Lots of water everywhere. We have some minor flooding and mudslides/rockslides everywhere.
  2. rangerZ518

    Live bait striper fishing at Cherokee Lake

    Good info. thanks for sharing.
  3. rangerZ518

    navionics or lakemaster chips

    I like my Navionics very much.
  4. rangerZ518

    Fishing last weekend

    I use reel magic and it does help, but nothing is foolproof. I usually just dip my rod in the water a lot.
  5. rangerZ518

    Invitation to East TN Fishing Show

    Came over there twice Rick and you were somewhere else. They guys did try to sell me some rods though.
  6. rangerZ518

    Invitation to East TN Fishing Show

    Will stop by there tommorrow Tubejig.
  7. rangerZ518

    Clinch 1/20/18

    Good day it looks like.
  8. I like a green pumpkin worm the best. Then a Red Shad or Cherryseed color.
  9. rangerZ518

    U Rigs

    Hey Ezel are you not going to be at the show on Saturday the 27th?
  10. rangerZ518

    Fishing itch

    Itching to fish myself.
  11. rangerZ518

    Local pond near Grundy va

    Bet I know where that pond is. Good fish.
  12. rangerZ518

    Do the Dougie

    That was a fat looking fish. Nice one.
  13. rangerZ518

    Broke my bad streak

    Way to go. Maybe you will get honed in them now.
  14. rangerZ518

    Caught a giant Smallmouth today

    That is a brute. Congrats!
  15. rangerZ518

    Possible PB smallmouth special thanks to cackler

    That sure is a nice fish Rusty.