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  1. Thank you, can't wait to get settled in.
  2. We're moving to crossville on lake tansi. Haven't heard anybody talk about fishing there. But with fish anywhere. My husband and i are retired, but love fishing with anyone. We get along with younger people very well. Love to meet you and go where you know. Be there in 3-4 weeks.
  3. Thanks all. Were moving to Crossville. Can't wait to go fishing. My poles ready.
  4. We'll be there in 3-4 weeks. Bought house on Lake Tansi in crossville. Can't wait to get out and fish. My poles ready.
  5. Crossville. Thank you, be talking soon.
  6. I know it. Never lived outside of CA but am so ready for it. Thanks.
  7. We will be living in Crossville. More later. I have been packing every day in 100' weather.

  8. I am so the same. I cant wait. But still packing, and boy we have a alot of stuff. But all the fishing rods and gear will be in the back of the truck, so i can fish as soon as we park.

    1. Troutgirl


      Park and fish...are you gonna be living on a lake or river? I live about 200 yards from the Tennessee River. I don't fish there much anymore. I like all the trout lakes in the mountains of TN and NC.

  9. I know it. Never lived outside of CA but am so ready for it. Thanks.
  10. I have many, but in process of moving, so not sharing right now Sorry, but I do know river and akes in CA
  11. Thanks, looking forward to fishing the same rivers and many more.
  12. CA girl all my life, now I'm moving to TN with more lakes, more streams and bigger fish. The closest fishing from here in San Fernando Valley is at least 4 hours away. It's about time I move out of CA. I have fished freshwater all my like and occasionally surf and charters. I own multiple fishing poles and spinning reels, a few ocean reels. For bait its #1 Nightcrawlers, Lures,salmon eggs. My husband and i usually camp for at least a week in the Sierras where we fish stocked rainbows, 2-3 times a year. I love fishing, and the outdoors. My only birthday wish for the last 20 years is to go fishing.
  13. Welcome to Tennessee Anglers. Don't forget to check your messages. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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