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  1. stilkikin

    Eagle Claw Yellow Poles (SF400a 8'6")

    Mine came in. I'm surprised with the tip sensitivity, I think I could work a shakey head on this huge rod...
  2. stilkikin

    Eagle Claw Yellow Poles (SF400a 8'6")

    Ordered one the other day, can't wait to bend it.
  3. stilkikin

    I have to ask...How?

    The boaters down there should really be more careful...I can't tell you how many times someone has came within feet of driving right into a 3 oz chunk of lead flying through the air at the speed of light. I don't see the point of boating if you drive 20 feet off the shorline right in front of the bank fishermen. There's a whole river there...
  4. stilkikin

    You Shall Not Pass

    I'm sorry but he would have been dinner...I agree with you rangerrandy.
  5. stilkikin

    Canoe or Kayak?

    Cannot reply to PM's yet, not enough posts.
  6. stilkikin

    Canoe or Kayak?

    It will be about a month till I reach my savings goal before I buy. I'll ask in a month if you still "know" of one. What model though? You have my interest.
  7. stilkikin

    Canoe or Kayak?

    I just want other people's personal opinions. I would like to buy one or the other. I've done a lot of research but I want to hear pros and cons of both from people who actually fish them. I will be using it mainly for creek and river fishing, sometimes with a passenger. Let me know what has worked best for you and why.
  8. stilkikin

    Fishing for lost rod/reels

    chilhowee at night with a light you can probably see it lol.
  9. stilkikin

    Ft. Loudon Dam

    You didn't happen to find a large knife with a black handle there did you? It's in the rocks somewhere...:mad:
  10. stilkikin

    Ft. Loudon Dam

    I caught one earlier from the same spot on a 5 inch swim bait. Nice fish man.
  11. stilkikin

    Nuther intro...

    I like it so far. Kickapoo's sig is what lead me here.
  12. stilkikin

    My first decent striper.

    I was bank fishing this morning under Ft. Loudon Dam. I was there at 6:30. It was dead as can be. There was even a man sleeping on the rocks because there was no bite.:D The generators came on about 9:00 and it got a little better. I landed this fish right after the flow got going. It felt much larger while fighting the current but I can't complain. All in all it was a good day. I fished till about noon then went to the hill and got skunked there. The fish weighed in at 17 pounds. I wish I could say it was more but you guys are to good to fool.
  13. stilkikin

    Nuther intro...

    Thanks guys!
  14. stilkikin

    Nuther intro...

    Hey guys, just found my way here from the other forum. I've not been around in awhile and was very surprised to find out what has happened. So with that said, I hope I like it here.