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  1. sorry that was supposed to be I'll see you on the water, autocorrect.
  2. Hi Everyone, I run a triton 177 150 merc' I fish most fresh water species but primarily bass. My Son in law is from Pidgeon Forge and he my daughter and 2 grandkids live in Nashville. I fish the Illinois river ,cooling lakes and lake Michigan. My daughter moved there from Missouri last year. I've fished, Percy Priest,Old Hickory, and the Cumberland at the Cordell Hull dam. Im a committed catch and release angler except for pan fish or the occasional walleye or salmon. I've been down 6 or 7 times and am really amazed at how friendly every single person has been to me and my family. So much so that I grabbed my chainsaw and came down and helped clear trees for two days after the Nashville tornadoes. My Son in law and I are going to fish Center Hill next week. Good luck everyone and thanks illness you on the water some time my boat is ruby red and her name is Ruby! Boompa the Flatland Hillbilly
  3. Welcome to Tennessee Anglers. Don't forget to check your messages. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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