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  1. Im going to say interference with the other electronics even if they are not on. Even when the power is off you still get electrical current that flows thru the lines and you could be picking some of this up. Is your transducer cable running along side of any type of power cables? does it only do it when the trolling motor itself is running? If your transducer cable is near or running with the power cables in any way I would rerun it in a different location. If it only does it when the trolling motor is turned on than it may be picking up interference from the power of the motor. I have heard of some people having to ground there electronics to their trolling motor to reduce/eliminate interference. Also is the other unit turned on while this is happening? In dads boat if his front unit is on at the same time of the rear I pick up interference in the rear similar to this.
  2. Thanks. I have not had a chance to look at it yet. But that sounds like the place to start. I guess when I get a chance I will be pulling the switch box apart and looking at it.
  3. Dada, when I got this motor and control box earlier this year and rigged it up I couldn't find a kill switch any where on the controls. No up button, ball in key, thing that slides in behind key. Nothing. And has been running great. I was thinking a wire or switch also but really want sure where to start.
  4. unfortuantley I have had the same gas in there for about 1.5 months now. Been a little while since ive really been able to run it. It had been fine until 3 am today.
  5. Got the wild hair to go do some nighttime river striper fishing last night. Got to the water about 10:45. Used my trolling motor all night until I put the boat on the trailer. It fired right up, drove on, and then wouldn't shut off. My tach would turn off when I turned the key but the motor would keep running.I finnally pulled the fuel line off to get it to die so I could go home. It's a 1998 150 evinrude with jet. Any ideas on what this could be?
  6. Well had a little time yesterday so I dove into building my front deck. I am pretty pleased with the way it turned out. I don't exactly have the correct tools for cutting diamond plate aluminum but the Sawzall did the job. I have to say it is way lighter than the wood deck that was on it. They had it way over framed and used 3/4" plywood. I think the piece of plywood alone weighs more than my whole build. Here's a few photos of the almost finished project. I put the anchor mate and did a little touch up after the photos.
  7. Happy Birthday kahrp45andy!

  8. Ya not in this mine field. I bottomed the big boat out not too long ago was looking great for min passing by a 10' jon boat that had to be thinking how in the world is he doing that. Than I got my route backwards and instead of going from right to left like I should have I went left to right and beached the front. A dead stop from somewhere between 25-30 mph. Wasn't too pretty. Boat held up real good tho. We had dome some stuff earlier that day that I couldn't believe I did including sliding up about a 3' rapid. But that's one reason I'm going to this jon. At no flow and when the river is down I can handle this a lot better. My big boats just too big for it.
  9. Rusty, I have kinda been a river rat for years now with my canoe. I'm just getting more involved and more mobile. I enjoy the rivers a lot. As for a welder I can do some minor aluminum welding at the house but I'm no pro. I may weld that diamond plate I have to the front for a small deck. I was worried about the transom and corners and will keep an eye on it but this really seems like a good built jon and I don't plan on running full throttle much. Way too many things to hit even with the motor raised.
  10. I wondered about that. After I put it together and put the motor on I applied alot of my weight to it and I could not even notice it flexing. Also after driving to and from the lake and running it I did not see any signs of fatigue or stress on the metal or the paint. The vertical bars that are bolted to the boat are 12" long and there is one on the inside and outside on both sides. It seems very solid. I went off of the theory of a static riser that is on my big boat. The aluminum for it is only 3/8" inch think and in a similar design of the L shape. I figure if 3/8" can hold up that big 150hp evinrude that 1/4" should hold up that little 25. I know that once I cut the bars to length I could not bend them when I applied weight to it. unless you are speaking of the transom or the boat itself. That may be a possibility as it is only rated for a 15 but it seems like a very solid built boat. All welded and seems to be a thick gauge aluminum.
  11. I picked up a 1436 grumman jon boat the other day. Came with trailer and 71 model 25hp johnson outboard. Took it to the car wash and cleaned it up a bit, amd removed the rotten wood deck out of it. I put fresh fuel, and new filter on it and then I built a jackplate of sorts to raise the motor 3.75" to help in the river. After some tinkering with the carb I took it to the lake yesterday eveing and boy this thing flies. I drove it past bouycajuns campground a few times and saw some folks on there decks and wondered what they,were thinking. I clocked it at 28mph! On the gps. The boat handles the water and speed very well also. I did have about 60 lbs worth of ballast in the front of the boat, myslef, motor, and about 5 gallons of gas in the rear. I plan on rebuilding a small front deck for it and believe I am going to do it out of diamond plate aluminum to keep it light. I have some diamond plate at the house also. Than paint that johnson up a little and I'm good.
  12. My console is located in the center and all the way up to the front deck. I had actually moved it last year for room and the hopes of a jet in the future. My fuel tank is 34 gal and located under the front deck also. Depending on the amount of fuel aND what we are doing there is actually too much weight forward at times now. Usually a rare occurance, the boat has to be pretty empty and no passenger or 1 passenger thats not sitting in the rear. If the passenger moves back it is good or if my bait tank is in the boat we are good also. But that also varies on the amount of fuel in the tank. If I'm alone amd have about 1/4 tank it's perfect. I really love this thing and have done some pretty bad a** things in it that have amazed myself and my passengers and I am sure a few people that have seen me in the river in the places I am and with my size of boat.
  13. I am loving the set up so far. I have not tunneled the boat but would like to when my wallet will allow me too. I think tunnel and pods would be good. I have run some shallow water already with is thing and it will make you pucker in a hurry. The steering I am still getting used to but I do like it and enjoy it, I have noticed that different loads and location of the load effect the steering some. As for speed I can get 38mph loaded or unloaded. I have had few heavy heavy loads in there, bait tank 3-4 people and gear and then It will slow down some to about 34 but I do not like running wide open everywhere anyway. My thoughts on the prop were mainly for the lake and long runs. There are days on the lake that we cover 35 miles or more and that jet sure is thirsty.
  14. Thanks. Sounds like I may have it figured out then. I do know one thing that 150 evinrude is a thirsty motor. But man it has all the power and torque in the world. I wasa playing with planning out distances some yesterday and did come to the conclusion that if sitting dead still gunning it is not the answer. It seemed that if I eased into it just a little then hit it it would jump right up. We also came to the conclusion that it only takes about 20' or less to get fully on plane if I do it right. We did have an instance with a few leaves also. At the end of the day it would just cavitate trying to get on plane one time. I shut it off and raised it up and my buddy got 2 small leaves out of it. It still would cavitate and not get up. I ended up raising the motor while it was still running and got the pump just out of the water and hit it a good time and slung a rooster tail about 50' and we heard a thunk kind of sound so what ever was in there blew out and then it was good to go. I like that big rooster tail it will throw like that. I have a feeling some jack ass boaters may be getting extremely wet in the future. Come in on my fish catching hole and I will just scare all the fish off and give you a good shower lol.
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