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    I have a 2009 Stratos 200XL 225 Merc Pro XS and Dad has a 1994 Bullet 20xd 150 Yami that looks like
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  1. Happy Birthday soloman2!

  2. We had 10 boats turn out. 1st Dad & me 14lb 13oz 2nd Justin & John 11lb 6oz lunker tie 4lb 6oz Dad & me Nick & Wes Our fish were caught midlake on sb shallow.
  3. Happy Birthday soloman2!

  4. Fished our 2nd Tourney this year. 1st was 21lbs+, 2nd was 19+ and Dad and me had 17.5 for 3rd. Had 21 boats. Lunker was a 6lb 12oz LM. I had a 5lb 15oz and Dad had a 5lb. Our fish came on jerkbait, jigs and lizards on secondary points off main creeks. We caught around 10 keepers and about 18 total. Quite a few short SM. We fished McGuires down. Water temp was pushing 60.
  5. soloman2

    Stratos 200 Pro XL

    Stratos 200 Pro XL
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    Rebel Bass Club Open Tournament

    Thanks for letting me fish with you all awhitetn! Good Luck the rest of the year!
  7. Happy Birthday soloman2!