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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday rychrd!

  3. rychrd

    Mud for Your Turtle?

    That's incredible! Found a good article about it http://www.aonmag.com/article.php?id=3845&cid=158 Thanks for sharing that photo!
  4. rychrd

    Sore Thumb !

    Saw-thumb is the sign of a great trip. Congrats!!
  5. Happy Birthday rychrd!

  6. rychrd

    White Bass today

    Thanks for the reply. Good to know it happens to others too. I wish I knew why they do what they do. Don't we all?
  7. rychrd

    White Bass today

    Hey SNichols I just realized who you are. I was in the grey tracker up the Holston and later down at the RR bridge. Those fish turned off or moved at 4:30. I left biting fish to pick up my buddy, gone 15 minutes, returned to the area and we caught no more than 10 until dark. Tried all the spots that were good just prior and it was slow, but we had a couple of nice 15-16"ers. Saw Rusty and Josh catch a couple, then they moved on in search mode. It was amazing that the fish quit so fast. Maybe they were all sore mouthed from eating all day, but there's always lack of talent too. Was good to talk to you guys. Lots of fun while it lasted.
  8. rychrd

    Water pump replacement

    Glad it was easy and cheap!
  9. rychrd

    Water pump replacement

    You might try poking a straightened out coat hanger or other slim metal object in there a little way. Sometimes debris gets clogged in there. Loosen it and the water flow returns. Worth a shot before spending any money. Hope its an easy fix.
  10. Happy Birthday rychrd!

  11. rychrd

    Need advice desperately please!

    I hope you get this worked out. Maybe you can get help here: http://law.utk.edu/pro-bono/
  12. rychrd

    new guy on here.

    Soak your net in fabric softener to get the stiffness out.
  13. rychrd

    new guy on here.

    Welcome to the site, enjoyed reading your post. Checked out your boat restoration thread, outstanding job!Here's another cast net method to consider. Good luck on the stripers!
  14. rychrd

    Home made lure retriever

    Good ideas!
  15. rychrd