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  1. Been laid up with 10 fractured vertebra since 9/2016. Just officially "retired" a week ago. About 3-4 years left of recovery and surgeries. Gonna be a long recovery and can't wait until the day I can finally fish again. Take care everyone and God Bless ! 

    1. ProTek


      Good luck with that. My back is still messed up and inoperable they say.

    2. jmjohnson


      Good Luck take care an don't rush things I did and i'm paying for it now take care of yourself and let us know how it's going

  2. Well they said they didn't find anything that would make it insurance related & couldn't tell me what caused the failure , so I'm pretty much in the same situation as I was before the long drive down there twice. So now I am rebuilding my first ever 2 stroke Fun, Fun, Fun ! The Tin Rig Restore will resume around the First week of June . Thanks for following along , can't wait to get it done and on the water.
  3. Thank you ! There's a chance it is covered by my insurance and since they wouldn't let me tear it down to make that determination (for obvious reasons lol) we took it to Bunch Marine. Was a good drive but the only dealer I felt somewhat comfortable with based on talking to a couple people that are familiar with them.
  4. I agree ! Got the ok from the boss to start shopping for pre owned Rangers.Messaged Bunch , the others aint got nothing I like lol . I guess it will depend on what mines worth now if anything on trade. With the price of a new ProXS motor she said heck you could buy a real nice used one for just a little more ...so I'm officially looking but once I started talking prices she got lockjaw lol and wants me to fix this one and use it till the truck is paid for. So I'll scope it and run some other tests on it tonight and see where we are at
  5. What's crazy is the alarm didn't even sound until the motor died lol. I've heard that's usually what happens with these when they let loose and sure enough it did !
  6. Won't know for sure until I tear it down or run a scope in the cylinders but there's definitely internal damage lol. Launched out of Washington County decided to run up into the River got almost to the water intake and it started surging , I assumed it was old gas. Had water pressure and running about 52-5400 rpms. Barely trimmed up and then it acted like it ran out of gas came off plane while still holding it to the floor (hotfoot) , made a couple screeching sounds then a couple taps and it shut off, then the alarm started lol loud continuous beeping with no pauses. Turned the key off then Tried to restart and just click click. Pulled the cowl and checked the oil reservoir on the motor and it was full and pressurized. One head felt hotter than the other to the touch but not sure without my IR thermometer . We headed back on the TM and got to Avens Bridge and the wind was white capping the lake and we were losing ground fast so I gave the motor one more shot and it fired up and clanged a little and we made it back to the Girl Scout camp at 10-12mph bow up lol and then the boat just opened up and we got up on plane and made it to the boat ramp with what sounded like a Rod knock. Got the trailer backed in and started it up and put it on the trailer. Didn't even get to wet a line lol :(
  7. Well sadly I have to put this build on hold temporarily. Blew my 200 Merc today on the lake and have a trip planned for May so I'm gonna have to put all funds and emphasis on getting the Ranger back on the water asap ! To be continued ..... :(
  8. Thanks guys for all the great compliments ! This is my first full tin boat rebuild and it's a learning process but it's also a lot of fun ! I have an open canvas to create whatever I want , I just wish I could weld aluminum lol. I'm half tempted to buy a TIG and start practicing lol. I sorta flew through the process up to this point so don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any. As far as the design we haven't gotten to yet here's some plans : There will be a permanent gas tank installed. There will be a lot of flotation foam used , both closed cell solid sheet and expanding pourable types. There will be a lot of storage areas. There will be deck lighting inside. The TM batteries will be up front now I want the deck to be removable which is why I need the bow boxed in before laying the front floor decking. I'm still not 100% on keeping the livewell. Been thinking lately about that camo padding stuff everyone's using for the floor areas nowadays but if not used I will be using some sort of non skid material in the final floor paint I want a Rod locker for up to 8' rods but not 100% sure Yet and may just go with above deck Rod racks . To get the locker in I would have to do some serious framing (which may be a lot easier achieved once I talk it over with the person who does the welding for me ) I'll probably eventually go with a jet engine but for the next couple years I'm stuck with the prop
  9. Naw , I'll keep it until I buy my "retirement" Ranger lol I really need to get it out on the water though . This weekends looking good but heading back to UVA to visit a sick family member.
  10. Absolutely ! I'm not sure what it's rated for originally. The 55 on it now runs great or did in 2013 anyways , I had cleaned the carbs and stuff out for them to get it running before the trade. But sitting so long id guess I'll have to do that again. I should have drained the bowls before I started in hindsight.
  11. Now onto the metal work and the final group of photos to catch everyone up to where I am right now I decided to drop the very front bow panel down to deck height and mock up a boxed in front bow panel area , something like this Using cardboard as a template I started mocking up Painted it for kicks and sat on deck and just studied it lol Trying to come up with a layout Once I was happy I started cutting the aluminum panels 1/8" And that's where I am now ! As soon as I can get the front bow welded up I can start laying my deck sheeting and figuring out my locker locations.
  12. With the trailer mostly done I got the boat back on the trailer and once again degreased , wire brushed everything and sealed the outside seams. My wife and I rebucked all the rivets on the front center seam (was some seepage during the leak test in this area). I made a homemade bucking tool set and she worked that air hammer like a pro for sure. 170 rivets in the front center seam alone Hauled it to work and used the paint booth to slap a heavy duty paint job on the exterior hull, I have to give all the credit to one of our body guys who stayed with me and pretty much did the majority of the work. Prep,prep,prep and then prep some more ! Self etching primer The paint I used is Duralux Duck Boat drab ordered from the depot website for $36 a gallon iirc and shipped to Bristol store free. It is not recommended to thin this so the pressure had to be cranked up on the gun to spray a good pattern. This is the base coat to some sort of camo pattern I think but still open on the final paint scheme. Here the outside is done after baking in the booth all night Ready to flip and start on the inside through the winter Flipped her over and sealed the inside with the same process Ran a tube up through the chine for wire runs to the front bow panel Started creating my transom , high grade plywood ,glued and screwed with gorilla glue. The transom and the bunk boards were all treated with a homemade recipe I got off the guys at Tinboats. This wood will probably outlast me and my grandkids. Taping up the holes in the transom getting ready to glass the new sealed up transom into the hull All glassed in and set to dry , the glassing in was a last minute decision. I had a gallon of resin leftover from some glass work I did on another Jon boat and the previous owners had used treated lumber throughout the boat which is the worst thing you can do to aluminum. Due to the galvanic damage I decided to slather the transom in the resin mixture ,coat the aluminum and then lay in a sheet of glass over the galvanic damage in between the wood and aluminum , Slid the new transom in place while holding the glass sheet so it wouldn't slide down and then centered and clamped it. It is now about as waterproof as a piece of lumber can be and should cause no problems in my lifetime.
  13. Once the hull was stripped down , acid washed , sandblasted to some extent and degreased I started on the old trailer , it was severely rusted in places and the slipper springs had pushed through the frame Borrowed a "jack" at work lol So I could weld up the frame damage Slapped some new shoes on it And checked my alignment the old fashioned way Good to go The goal was to take everything off of it , slap a tag and lights back on it and haul it to a guy that used to work on our cup car stuff for the race shop. He did an amazing job sandblasting , reinforcing the frame and adding a bulletproof paint job New LED lights and complete wiring harness
  14. Ok so to summarize the entire inside was rotted out (wood) , full of water and waterlogged foam so deconstruction began ...after about 3 weeks of draining the water out Tears down time Deconstruction was a major job and had about 4-5 of these Large trash bags full of soaked foam that was extremely heavy !
  15. Glad to know you both recommend him because that is who I hope to get to do my work.
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