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  1. Agreed FishFinger, but it's not like fish have a schedule of events. Or do they!? hmm...as a "noob" I don't know about this stuff yet haha.
  2. Ok so it sounds like I've picked the worst time to pick up the hobby of fishing haha I'm going to give Wolftever a shot this weekend; since it's so hot I'm wondering if fish are either "way out there" (requiring a boat) or shoved into nooks & crannies like rivers. I would love to fill a freezer, but dang I'm just hoping to catch something at this point...patience perseveres, right?
  3. Well I've been getting plenty of practice tying knots, setting up different rigs, casting, everything I can think of except you know, actually catching something (per family tradition). I've tried several spots on Chickamauga lake (Booker T, Chester Frost, Harrison Bay), but it feels like I don't know where the fish are, or I'll see them biting/jumping but I can't cast far enough out there. Some notes: * Using a float-rig to test the depth, and it isn't very deep where I can cast to, maybe 2' at most. I want to immediately buy a kayak and "get out there", but my wife would say that to me if I did that right now. * Fishing time (on the water) from 7 - 10am. * Temperature = probably from 70-80F...not sure about water temperature or any fish behaviors regarding that. * Weather, partly cloudy, but mostly sun. I pack-up when it starts getting too hot and the sun is hitting the water for a while. * I asked BPS about something like a shore/pier fish-finder to see if I was wasting my time or not, but they didn't have any recommendations. So what should I be looking for or doing differently? I did successfully find a minnow hang-out area and plopped my trap in there, but the little jerks managed to eat the bread through the mesh without actually going into the trap, so didn't catch any of those either haha.
  4. Alright, noted for next time, thanks! I'm going to hit up Harrison Park tomorrow morning, will practice some more there.
  5. kwk, gave your rigs a shot this past weekend at Chester Frost park; didn't catch anything (family tradition) but didn't lose anything either! The split-shot weights I have are apparently too light; I did use two and the slip-float was sitting up properly once I did that (fortunately didn't twist the line this time). I was also fishing in a weedy area, but using the Texas-rig lure using a wiggler worked just fine, didn't snag anything. I didn't bother with Minnows this time around as I wanted to get some practice trying your suggestions.
  6. Ok awesome, thank you again for this info. Looks like I get to buy more fishing stuff
  7. kwk, this is incredibly helpful, thank you so much!
  8. I'm planning to hit Chester Frost this Sunday, will take your advice and aim for Crappie. I haven't practiced Texas rig yet, but I have the stuff to do it. I've previously only live-baited with worms so yeah really did have to google how to bait with a minnow haha! But man the last time I caught something was Frenchman's Lake near Reno, NV about 25 years ago, so I'm overdue to catch something now, right?
  9. It's tough? Ok that makes me feel less bad haha. I was thinking being on a kayak (or boat) would open up some better areas for me, maybe being able to get to deeper and less-popular areas. I did a little bit more reading up, and seems like Largemouth Bass and Crappie (less often) are ones to go for. White Bass scares easy so not sure about those. One issue I was encountering on the piers was that I could see fish jumping further out, but too far to cast to. Plus with more activity on the piers I would assume it's too "scary" for fish; hence why I saw schools of minnows along the shore when I decided to break-away later on in the morning. Just trying to formulate a good strategy for this upcoming weekend. I may pick up some shad-rap #4 or smaller to match the sizes of the minnows I was seeing along the shore. I want to try the no-snagg rig again but with better knots next time so I don't lose the whole fricking thing on my second cast haha.
  10. You make a good point, practice does make perfect! I'm not sure I'm practicing right though haha. I'm wondering if I should be targeting a specific fish (maybe one of the bass subspecies on Chickamauga Lake?) instead of broad-spectrum "hope to catch something" that I'm doing now. Hope you get to feeling better.
  11. On Saturday, I went out and fished for the first time in 10+ years. I've successfully upheld my family's tradition of not catching anything, too! Since my "please help a noob" post last week, I've tried to follow the advice everyone posted, again thanks for the responses! Spent more than I'm willing to admit on fishing gear, but that's one of the fun things about it, right? Woke up at 6am (to the dismay of my cats and family) and was at the bait & tackle shop around 6:45 to get a bucket of minnows (figured I'd just buy some to start since I had no idea where to get them from nature at the time). Asked for 2 dozen and drove down the road to the state park. Arrived at the pier about 7:15 and there were already people setup and fishing, as expected. I setup shop away from everyone and realized I had no idea how to actually put a minnow on a hook (thankfully brought my phone and looked up the info I was missing). I brought 2 poles, one I had bought back when I fished with my father 20-something years ago, and the other was a "new" one that I had purchased from "Discount Supplies" (out of business) and re-tipped; apparently I did it right because no problems with it at all. Both were roughly 6' spinning rods. I had planned to stay out there until 9am, but stayed longer until 10am since I was enjoying the atmosphere as well as continued practicing knots, rigs, and casting. I had quite a bit of trouble casting from the pier since it was covered (obliterated a minnow on the side of the rail, poor thing - turtle appreciated the food though) , and even then I am thinking my rods (or bad skill) is keeping me from casting very far. I have a ~9' rod I'm tempted to try, don't know if it's worth it. As mentioned previously, didn't catch a thing. A small turtle helped keep the water clean by eating my bait (pic), and then had the nerve to get caught by some other fisherman. Around 9, I packed up most my stuff and went shore-fishing with just one rod and a fake-bait. Started with a Rapala SR-07 with a No-Snagg, but on my second cast I ended up throwing the whole rig out into the water - guess it was too heavy for my knot? "Knot" sure, as it broke at the swivel. I swapped to just a Rapala SR-08 and practiced moving that through the water. As I was bringing it to shore, I noticed small schools of minnows chasing it which was cool to see. I drove to a different area away from everyone to a more secluded area that had a lot more weeds and looked like it was "less fished". I saw fish jumping out of the water, so I swapped back to the Minnows and casted to those locations. Rig was weight-bobber-hook to keep the minnow from going to deep, but I figured as it was getting warmer out and closer to 10am that the fish would be deeper, so gave more distance on my leader-line from hook to bobber. Again, as I reeled to shore, small schools of minnows were chasing the one I had hooked. For the fun of it, I dropped a bare hook into the water where I had led some minnows, and one of the little guys swallowed the hook and immediately spat it out; guess he didn't like the flavor of bare metal haha. Gave me some great ideas of where to place some minnow traps in the future, though. When I was done, I packed everything up and scouted other fishing locations I had looked up. I'm likely going to hit Chester Frost next weekend and see how that goes. Age-old question I have is, how do I actually catch something? I never had much luck pier or shore-fishing, but I plan on Kayak fishing in the near future. I assume just looking for where fish are jumping and just cast there and hope for the best? Open to any advice and tips, thanks for reading!
  12. Oh my goodness thank you all for all the information! Very much appreciated.
  13. Apologies in advance if this is the wrong spot or if this information is posted elsewhere. Just getting started fishing in Tennessee, and going to act like a complete noob since I am one for the most part. Q: I've downloaded the TWRA app, and there are a variety of licenses - which one do I buy? Just the small game one? Q: I have a kid under 13, from what I've read they don't need a license as long as an adult is with them, right? Q: Where's a "good" place to fish for the first time, specifically in the Chattanooga area. I'm thinking Harrison bay on a fishing pier early on a Saturday morning. I plan to check out places myself first before bringing my kid out, just so I'm familiar with the place first. Q: What are "the" fish to go for? Something so that the fish isn't embarrassed to be caught by me. Q: I've previously fished with artificial baits exclusively; I see that natural is the legal way to go here, what are the common natural baits, and well, the question that brought me to this site is how to catch & care for them? Minnows seem like the common one to go for, but is it feasible to just catch and keep a stock of them for use every time I go out? Thanks for the help, I want to get this right the first time haha
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    Alright, hello all! Found this site while doing research on minnow traps, of all things. I last fished around 10 years ago when I was living in Alabama; been living here almost 9 years, but haven't bothered getting setup to get back into the hobby. Well fixing that now! Q: Who, what, when, where, why: A: Well, I'm getting myself just started here in Tennessee. I'm in the Chattanooga area, and plan to hit some of the state parks or known areas first to regrow my "fishing legs". I've previously fished only for trout, and the research I've done of the nearby areas has shown me there is a lot more to offer, so I'm pretty excited. That said, I never really caught much haha. Looking forward to swap some fishing stories with you all in the near future.
  15. Welcome to Tennessee Anglers. Don't forget to check your messages. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.