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  1. Personal experience with yellow line: never tried it until eyesight declined with old age. Much easier to see to tie knots. And enabled continued handling & use of light weight lines that were getting ever more difficult to see. By the way, caught tons of fish (bass, crappie mostly) on yellow but I wasn’t in crystal clear water. Fort Loudon, Tellico, Watts Bar.
  2. Ah, you wouldn’t want a musky on either of those lines.
  3. "Tastes like chicken..."
  4. You're lucky. There are plenty of deer around Monterrey. You might not even need a food plot.
  5. I'm too old and behind the times & tech. I don't know what that "first focal plane" is either. My last thirty years of hunting were strictly with bow & arrows anyway. Good luck.
  6. Fland49


    Darn, that 5’ Redfin might scare all the strippers away!
  7. Fland49

    Lifetime collection of bass tackle

    Yes sir, much fun and many good memories made fishing.
  8. Fland49

    New to tennessee

    Clarksville. You are in a great place for bass - Barkley & Kentucky lakes are big, shallow, good water color and plenty of bass.
  9. Fland49

    New to tennessee

    4 wheel drive, welcome to Tenn. From your comment about “southern “ bass, I figure you’ve moved here from walleye country. East TN has some good bass fishing, but lots of pressure from other fishermen and this time of year from pleasure craft of all types. I suggest you try the lakes nearest where you live - that’ll save you time, be easier and you can learn your “home” Lake best. Depending on on where you’ve moved to, check the forum section on bodies of water nearest you. After ten posts you can access fishing reports and you’ll start to get tips and ideas. There are some great anglers on this forum, and many are very helpful to others. Welcome and good luck.
  10. Fland49

    Winter Trout Stocking Progam, Golden Rainbows

    But I am late into this thread so I think you already have another boat in the works.
  11. Fland49

    Winter Trout Stocking Progam, Golden Rainbows

    Boat looks fine for TN.
  12. Fland49

    Winter Trout Stocking Progam, Golden Rainbows

    Wow, what a beautiful scene. Ive hunted in the Adirondacks near Hudson River, Indian Lake but of course that was winter. Never had a chance to fish. From the the looks of that view, I wouldn’t catch much anyway as I’d just be looking at the scenery.
  13. Fland49

    Lifetime collection of bass tackle

    A few of these old rods & reels are staying home for sentimental reasons.
  14. Fland49

    Lifetime collection of bass tackle

    They have gone to worthy causes and are in good hands.
  15. Fland49

    Lifetime collection of bass tackle

    Dloveday, do not be sad. There is a tinge of that, but fish, fishing and fishermen have been an important and wonderful part of my life. Every one of those old hard bodied lures gave me pleasure when I got it, when I sharpened or changed the hooks, when I studied it’s action in clear water, of course when it caught fish, and pleasure sorting them out & sharing with a few folks. My dentist got the picks of the litter.