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  1. Very cool. Only question I have is Warwick vs Kirkland.
  2. He's got a good teacher. Glad to see that kind of smile.
  3. Good suggestions from BayouCajun.
  4. Cajun, you may not need a sunshield. These displays are great so you might it out first. I don't use anything except my cap sometimes. Enjoy that new toy. Be advised that you'll likely be so intrigued by studying it and trying different settings that you'll probably catch fewer fish for a while. Who cares? We go fishing to enjoy it and part of the intrigue has always been trying to figure out creatures that live in a totally different world than we do. This is just another view into that world and a chance to see views into that world that will fascinate you.
  5. Opry, that's what was odd. It was late winter, like Feb, so was not thermocline. And I did not have anything in the water except my 1/8 oz jig, which showed. Still puzzles me...
  6. Congratulations Cajun, I hope you get it mounted soon and have some calm spring days to cruise and look. Get an SD card so you can capture routes (tracks) and waypoints to the card. Turn on screen Shot capture (when active, it will save a screenshot every time you mark a waypoint. Download free Humviewer onto your computer. You can then view your tracks and waypoints later, from the SD card, on the larger computer screen, with some image enhancement views Humviewer provides, including separating the display into different windows with different colors, different mode views (SI, DI, 2D) and even compare some views of same spot with 80 vs 200 or 455 sounding. You will see things that you just can't see on the small screen, in the sun, with some glare, moving around, holding a rod, eating a sandwich, running the boat, netting fish for Charger or Cannonball, adjusting your bifocals. Believe me, it is amazing. You'll be happy with the 698 and even happier when you use Humviewer to study what it sees. There are other viewers but I can't advise about them. Here are some interesting views from my 598. Good luck and enjoy your new toy! Shallow water dock showing verticals and cross structures: Big school of fish show 50-75' left on side imaging: Submerged road and bridge: Other views of that bridge: Caught lots of crappie here. Winter crappie bunched up in the creek bottom. Compare 2D vs Down Image:
  7. Neighbor will be happy to see it restored to such a nice craft.
  8. Good for you. Warmer weather to test it out too.
  9. Adding pleasure to those around you and creating good childhood memories among the grandchildren. Good for you.
  10. Still using a beer can with string wrapped around it as your fishing rig? Or a cane pole?
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