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  1. morewood

    South East Trout Troller's Association

    I had to crop the photo due to size restrictions.
  2. morewood

    South East Trout Troller's Association

    This applies, so I'll add it here. Took my son after church up on the parkway to Price Lake. First time he's been able to use his fishing kayak......with pedal powered propeller. Caught 3 small stockers trolling a spinner. Came over to where I was relaxing by the bank and asked where he should be fishing. Pointed to the deep end and convinced him to use one of the Thomas spoons. Bam!! Came back to the ramp with a 21" Brown caught trolling the spoon. He's hooked.
  3. morewood

    South East Trout Troller's Association

    Please go. The only way these things continue is if we buy in and do it. If it isn't too windy your pontoon would be fine. I think that I'll be able to get out there before the tournament, I'll share it all since I won't be competing. Troutgirl isn't fibbing, smaller will be better. Shea
  4. morewood

    South East Trout Troller's Association

    It is with a tinge of sorrow that I have to bow out of the tournament on Chilhowhee and the donation to Troutgirl's fishing fund. Found out that Saturday is my sons state choral concert in Greensboro. He was devastated that he was his own reason for not fishing that weekend. We, as usual, were confident in our chances. Hopefully we can still fish it before the tournament. If so, we'll share all the details to help the out-of-towners. We'll try a spread of all smaller stuff and a variety of plugs to fill in our own blanks. Shea
  5. morewood

    South East Trout Troller's Association

    Nope, didn't see a one. Granted, we trolled the whole time. There were some fish up in the flooded brush, they appeared to be perch. I'll add some more details, top water temp stayed with a a degree or two of 52°. All of our fish came from within site of the dam. It was kinda crazy, not even a strike any where else on the lake. I agree on the size of the lure, just tried our standard size stinger starting out. I even ran some smaller dodgers and flashers, nothing there. Odd, on Calderwood and Cheoah the stingers get lots of strikes, not a one here. The Carlson spoon got both of the big ones, it was white. Water clarity was much higher than the two lakes above it that I fish, probably why the smaller gear is more appropriate. I hope to go again and try a couple other things before the tournament. She's PS- If you are coming from NC be prepared for a twisty road. The 11 miles from Deals Gap to the lake is a road laid over a drunks winding goat path. I forgot what it was like. My son and friend got car sick on the way back. Just give yourself time to do it in a relaxed manner. It took me 29 minutes to do it on the way back, I should have been slower. That road is probably why I fish Calderwood and those of you from Tennessee fish Chilowhee.
  6. morewood

    South East Trout Troller's Association

    Thanks for the information. Yesterday was rough with the bright sun. We ended up with 19 and only two were noteworthy, the others were stocker size. I tried many items, but got zero hits on any of my standard size Michigan stinger spoons. My scorpion size stingers did well as did my Carlson size 105 flutter spoons. I even got one on a smaller shad rap behind a planner board. I didn't get a strike below 20'. Most fish were caught at the 10' level. If anyone wants to see the aerial view of the draw down simply look at Google Earth/ maps terrain view. That pic is from that time period and shows the channel and shoals very well. Although we went up to the skinny water we didn't do much up there. I'll add a pic of the larger two in a bit. Shea
  7. morewood

    South East Trout Troller's Association

    My goof, I meant Chilowhee. We fish Calderwood more than any where else. My son asked if the information you have was up to snuff, I told him it was. As far as the tunnel, halfway down the first long straight on the right (north) side. The back side looks like a trout haven but tons of debris make it a nightmare. The bigger ones I've caught generally come from the current up above the dock and below the bridge. Shea
  8. morewood

    South East Trout Troller's Association

    I hadn't checked release dates yet, they are heavy in the spring though. I'll be in my slide-in camper, wouldn't be coming back. I'll find somewhere to park my circus for the night. Going tomorrow, any areas I need to know about for navigation. Obviously it's shallow up high, but any obstructions down the lake would be nice to know about. Shea
  9. morewood

    South East Trout Troller's Association

    Judging by the consistent size of fish you weighed in your experience gives you a 'home field advantage' anywhere you put that big Lund in the water. Shea
  10. morewood

    South East Trout Troller's Association

    The first thing I want to do is thank Scott for getting this together. I enjoyed the opportunity. Concerning the times for Chilowhee, I agree with mincmi, earlier the better. I say that knowing I'll be camping at Calderwood that Friday night, then driving over in the early morning. If the number of boats stays static you could always plug in Calderwood if issues arise with other lake choices. I knew going in my experience on the lakes chosen is limited, and I love a challenge. Heck, my son was mad we didn't bring in every strike, he is a competitor to say the least. Wednesday we are fishing Chilowhee just to say we've been on the lake. We'll likely try what we do on Cheoah and Calderwood and adjust from there. Anything pertinent will be shared. Shea
  11. morewood

    Fishing the Trout lakes 2019

    We smoked the last two be brought home a week ago, everyone loved them. Concerning the boat being set up, I agree with you. I bought a nice used Crestliner when my rickety fiberglass boat deep sixed. I just bought two more riggers and a load of Traxstech gear on the bay for what I consider pennies on the dollar. The 4 stroke is the way to go. I hate to say it, but my 150 XR6 blowing up was the best thing that happened for me to troll. Put a 90 Merc 4 stroke (Yamaha powerhead) on there and things started clicking. Oddly, something that I use more and more is my trolling motor. Not cheap, but it can pull the boat so I can work rods, I can troll for a good period of time with it. I can point it in a position and set it, it even has a cruise control of sorts. Those features allow me to do more on the boat and not have to rely on others. Only a slight control disorder. Shea
  12. morewood

    South East Trout Troller's Association

    I'm finally on this site now. Somehow I was on before, but disappeared. Didn't go last week, but I did the weeks prior. I'm hoping Rat Branch is looking better. I've put in at Fish Springs because it was still high at the ramp.....the fishing pier was barely out of water. Not sure when I'll get there in the morning, but the drive isn't the hard part, it's the getting started with a 13yr old that can take a bit. He has his moments, but can do everything on the boat if need be. Weather forecast for now looks good, almost too good. Hope to see everyone there. Shea PS-We just completely re-did our riggers and rod holder set up, we'll be the proverbial monkey and a football.
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