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  1. I used to fish Allatoona and had good luck on the stripes. Live shad on down and free lines, fishing right next to the dam - right at the barrier in the summer. In spring I used to run up the river and had great luck with down lined cut bait (shad.) Again shad is key - you'll have to throw the cast net in the coves OR under the lights at the marinas. Good luck!
  2. nice shots KwK! I may switch to the blue color instead of the "orange"....seems to show a little better. BTW, perfect eater size.
  3. I like the idea of a forum for screen shots. Seen some really crazy stuff pop up on Old Hickory - old bridge work etc. Get a little ghost-y feeling looking at some of this stuff...
  4. MK - love the anchor mode. Love the remote control (blue tooth.) I can sit in the back of the boat and troll - too cool.
  5. Welcome! Salt water translates well into fresh, but the nuances will drive you to drink. "Fresh" fish seem to be much less aggressive on the initial strike (there are exceptions) but all in all 'match the hatch" and you'll do fine. It's all about being out there and enjoying the time on the water.
  6. Lund 1625 Fury XL - no storage costs as it fits in the garage. No need for hole shots or to go fast. Stripes don't care what boat I am yanking them from; walleye's move slowly and the crappies are huddled - perfection!
  7. Fish Old Hickory out of Hendersonville. Spent years fishing MN (growing up), several years in GA (Alatoona) and several years fishing out of Tampa (inshore) and owned a 185CC Edgewater. (Sad day when I sold it...) Just bought a Lund to put around Old Hickory in. Firm believer in live bait - throw the cast net and feed the Stripes what they want. Happy to say I qualify for the senior discount...
  8. Welcome to Tennessee Anglers. Don't forget to check your messages. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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