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  1. Old Hickory 10/19/19: Water at 70 in the main channel. (Probably higher at the steam plant but never made it up there.) Shad have spread out and take a little time to locate. Caught a couple of Blue's with the grandson. Threw away the the old 10ft cast net as I can't throw it anymore. Ordered a 8ft replacement off of Amazon and it came yesterday...new in the box and ripped a good 5 ft. Waiting on the replacement before I post a flammer review......
  2. perfect. appreciate the info!
  3. I know what the manufacturer says about the frequency of changing oil in my 4 cycle Merc. Just wondering what the consensus is on frequency in this forum and if you use full synthetic or standard?
  4. Yup, it was definitely a fresh water drum after thinking about it. They are supposed to hang around the cats and that is where I caught it - bottom fishing the small shad.
  5. Hit the lake at 5:30 am. Threadfin are plentiful (but still need to grow a bit.) Downsized the circle's and hit the banks off the main river channel. Free-lined and bottom fished. Managed a few nice stripes (small), a few channel cats and a first...either a freshwater drum OR a buffalo. (Not sure since I forgot the phone in the truck and couldn't take any pics.) Off the lake by 9:30 am. Very enjoyable morning!
  6. i alternate between a six foot and a ten foot. (I put both on the boat.) I get really tired really quickly throwing the 10...but throw it first just to limit the throws and hope for the best. The six foot is basically useless unless I am right on top of them.
  7. fishing sunrise to about 9:30 am works on weekends - ski'ers don't show up till 11:00 See-do's about noon... Honey-do list can wait till i get back I go when i can.
  8. nice shots KwK! I may switch to the blue color instead of the "orange"....seems to show a little better. BTW, perfect eater size.
  9. Cool! Nice work. (I also dig the vikings hat - been a fan for 45+ years - also been disappointed for the same amount of time...!)
  10. netted mostly Threadfin, but also a few lunker Gizzards. One of the cats had dinner on one of the Gizzards - cut the head off of the Gizzard and put it on the bottom...took about a min for the cat to eat.
  11. First hour of dawn - game on at this time.
  12. "Lady of the Lake" eeaaak!
  13. I like the idea of a forum for screen shots. Seen some really crazy stuff pop up on Old Hickory - old bridge work etc. Get a little ghost-y feeling looking at some of this stuff...
  14. Shad finally spawned and are where they are supposed to be, threw the 10ft net once and loaded up. Thank God, as I was doubting myself. Couple of small stripes and a med sized kitty. Fished for about two hours then the skido's showed up. Happy dance!
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