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  1. Thanks for the update Scott. Sorry to hear that the fishing was slow last week but we have been to several tournaments with zero legal fish before. We maybe available for a fall tournament - First Saturday of October would not work for me (high school cross country). No sure of Brent's availability either as his 1-year old daughter is battling Leukemia, but the boat is back in the Carolinas and will be jonesing to fish for sure by then.
  2. Going to give Lake Michigan one more whirl next weekend and bring the boat back to the Carolinas. The following week I have a high school cross country meet that I administer so I could not make that date. Hope you have a good turnout and lots of fish. Will look if you have something in the fall, otherwise we will see you once the water flips in December.
  3. Fishing the shipping channel? What were your browns - there are a little tougher to come by out deep this time of year. Nice fish.
  4. Took us a while, but finally found what we have been looking for on our final trip - 24#
  5. Nice work Scott - What kind of water temps did you have in the 20-25 FOW range? When you mentioned the other day that you 5 color was not going, I was thinking that possibly that water is now too warm for consistent trout in that range.
  6. Scott, Sounds like a good day. Nice to see some better size this month. Too stormy to fish out of Frankfort on Saturday, but we could weigh in three trout pushing 30# on Friday. Nice water this morning, going 13-16 all lake trout. Have not had any salmon yet. There are a few around, just have not run into them. Only non lake trout was this 10.3#/31.5" spawned out MIchigan Master Angler walleye that Brent caught on Thursday:
  7. Think there was a Tiger caught at Jocassee this winter. Here is the link Jocassee Tiger with the discussion and photos of the fish - obviously much different than Scott's fish. Scott's fish is also not a splake. Splake have a forked tail from their lake trout genes.
  8. Nice brown! Lake run browns will silver out. Number of rays on anal fin of this fish are right for a brown too. Coho or kings would have spots in tail and while Atlantics do not have spots, their tails are forked like lake trout.
  9. Warming temps have help turn the trout on at Jocassee this week. Number of browns over 8 caught in the last several days. We were 14-14 in the tournament, (10 browns and 4 rainbows) there yesterday with a lot nice fish brought to the scales. Would expect to see similar conditions at Chillhowee at the tournament on 4/27.
  10. mincmi


    Fish from MI - NC(SC) & MI and now TN
  11. Thanks for the vote of confidence Shea, but we can strike out some too.
  12. Thanks for the info Scott. We will look forward to it. Our recommendation for next year would be to include Jocassee into the rotation so we could have a "home game" too. That lake is a mountain lake too, but not as high. I have only seen the temp below 50 one year since we started fishing there in 2010. You could have a tournament there from mid Dec-Feb. and have conditions better than Saturday. There are cabins and campsites available on site and good size town about 20 minutes out. Three ramps, large parking area, and tie up dock. It is an easy pull from 40 to 26 to 25 and then 11. About 1.5 hours from Asheville. I have been working in Knoxville lately and it was 2-45 to my boat at the lake from the hotel which is the same distance I go to get there from Charlotte. Not a lot of big fish but a very pretty lake that does give up an occasional trophy brown . As you are only allowed 1 fish over 20" (per person, not boat) our tournaments there are a 1 fish weigh-in.
  13. We are always in favor of early start and early finish. Like to have a chance at the low light bite before sun up. After reading about Chilhowee, is that lake ready after being restocked last year? That is not a lot of time for those stockers to get much pass 3# and while I have no idea what the survival rate is in that lake, I can't believe it is tremendously high. Jocassee stocking has about a 5% survival rate 1 year after planting at 10".
  14. Thought me might be running too much junk deeper. The one fish we had on Friday did come off a set of cowbells and double spin & glow at 40, so we had a flasher fly set-up on a rigger and a wire diver running deeper with a dodger/SG. Had a lot of fish right in those deep lines but they just ever went. We did not run the short boards with the wind blowing so hard on Friday. We are usually much better shallower with the clean spoons than deeper with attractors, so not unusual that we could not get that bite going, That is why I finally pulled the flasher running at 70 and put on another orange spoon on that rigger and ran it at 25, and it took a fish. Our biggest fish was in the box well before 8, and then doubled up making the turn once we had enough room past the bridge. Both of those fish came off the outside starboard boards as they rode up the bank very near to shore. We could get away with that running those short cores. Came back under the bridge and swung around again tried up there a second time. We did take a couple smaller fish on the port dive on that second pass but the outside boards did not fire. Worked our way back to where we took the first fish and caught its twin. We did have a hit in the last hour too after we turn in behind you.
  15. Thanks for hosting the tournament, Scott, well done! We enjoyed meeting you and others. Look forward to your next event in April. Evans & Brent
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