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  1. Broken----Again---Grrrrrr

    Get Well! I hope Santa brings you a nursing staff and a goldfish to feed.....
  2. East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    Last week's mild weather gave me the itch to fish. This week, not so much....! I'd like to know something about how Watauga fishes in winter, Anybody out there? Dada, keep at it. You won't see me on Douglas but Chilhowee or Watauga, maybe....???
  3. East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    Has anybody been fishing? I winterized my boat. I was darn tempted to de-winterize it last week! Has anybody been to Watauga or South Holston? I'm thinking that the lakes are cooling and even if the Lakers are still deep, surely the Rainbows have come up....??? I have a friend I might go with in the coming month....on a warmer than average day.
  4. Walleye

    I read that Kentucky was sharing the Southern Walleyes with other states, including Tennessee, on the North Carolina Anglers Forum. I'd really like to see 20+ pound Walleyes again. I didn't know it at the time, when I was a kid in the 60's, that the Walleye fishing was crashing hard. I used to shop at Gateway Sporting Goods on Chapman Highway. There were huge Walleyes on their walls. There were two that were over 20 pounds. The biggest one was over 22 pounds and was around 40". I wanted to catch a big Wally so much. I never caught a single Walleye till the 70's when I caught some, none large, in Fontana Lake. The Walleye in Fontana are the Southern Strain. The Walleye in Chilhowee Lake before the draw-down were the Southern Strain. They came from Fontana courtesy of locals straight from Fontana in their live wells. The stocked Walleye from Tellico Lake most certainly entered Chilhowee Lake when the gates were wide open during the draw-down.
  5. Anyone Catching Perch

    There's milfoil all over the top end of Fort Loudoun. I don't know if the leaves are dead yet but they're mostly still attached. There's more of it out there than you think. When TVA starts lowering the water, it;s readily visible like it was today at my sister's house off Alcoa Highway. When the water goes all the way down and the leaves are gone, the geese eat the live roots when there's little for them to eat in the dead of winter. Some of the bigger milfoil banks stay submerged all winter. I don't know how much it dies back...??? The geese are slowing down the return of the milfoil. It's not as thick as before they chemically attacked it. Maybe it's headed back that way, gradually. That's what it seems like it's doing. It seems a bit thicker every year lately.
  6. Anyone Catching Perch

    I used to use bottom bouncers. Now I use leadcore line. When I used bottom bouncers, my favorite set-up was the smallest size Flatfish 4 feet behind the 3-way swivel. The smallest Flatfish is about an inch long and the single treble hook on the bottom is Perch size. I'd put about a quarter of a crawler on the tiny treble. The Flatfish floats and rides above the sinker ahead of the swivel and dropped weight. I've picked up plenty of Perch on Kokanee Hoochies with a wiggle lip and a little piece of crawler whilst targeting Rainbows. I also get some Perch and Walleyes on a crawler behind cowbells which is mainly for Trout.
  7. Anyone Catching Perch

    I picked up 2 Perch on plugs trolling Chilhowee last Thursday. Late in the day I lost my crawler 3 times on my Wormburner crawler harness. It's hooks are too big for Perch. I caught a Rainbow on it and it was my hope I'd get a Walleye on it. It's probable that it was Perch that got my crawlers. If I'd of been using a tiny spoon or Flatfish with a piece of crawler, I might have caught a few more...??? On Chilhowee, the big Perch that sit in the channel are nearly always grouped a half-mile up or downstream from the Abrams Creek Bridge. I let the little one go. I ate the bigger one that was 15" and 1.75 pounds.
  8. East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    The surface water was 60. If it was less than that at the top end I didn't notice. It didn't look like they were generating hard at the Calderwood Powerhouse when I was at the old ferry dock taking a break. The ferry is within a mile of the powerhouse. It probably was colder there. This time of year it will be in the mid 50's just a few feet down. Even in the summer, the cold water is just 5-8 feet down in the lower lake. You don't have to fish spoons and plugs deep in Chilhowee any time of year. The only things I fish deeper are Hoochies, Walleye crawler rigs, and Cowbells with crawlers or minnows behind them. I put plugs on planar boards on the sides and a pair of lines behind the boat. Most of the plugs I fish run 4-8 feet. That's the strike zone for baitfish in Chilhowee. Most of the bait stays just above the cold zone. I don't always use my downrigger at Chilhowee. I used it Thursday most of the day. I never set it deeper than 18 feet. I had a spoon on it for a couple of hours and got only one strike on it that was little....maybe a Perch or little Bass...? That was about 12 feet down. I ran hoochies and cowbells at 15-18 feet. Wiggle hoochies are a great lure for Chilhowee. I put about an inch of crawler on 'em for scent. The only thing I caught on a hoochie this trip was a little Smallmouth. Chilhowee is shallow. Light bounces off the botton for extra illumination. The fish are very boat shy. I like my lines long. I put 80-100 feet of leader on my leadcore lines. I want the lure 200-220 feet behind the boat and 20-25 feet down at most. Chilhowee has gotten even shallower in places thanks to the draw-down. The river seems to have shifted the silt. It's now shallower at the dam by an average of 5 feet by my estimation. Right out from the main ramp, the river channel is on the far side. The near side seems to be at least 5 feet shallower now. It looks to me as if most of the silt shift is from Abrams Creek down to the dam.
  9. East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    I went to Chilhowee Lake yesterday afternoon for the first time since it reopened. It was my hope to catch a Walleye or two. I didn't think I'd catch many trout but the Walleyes didn't show up and a nice pair of Rainbows did. I did a lap and a half of the lake. I started at the dam so I'd be going with the wind whilst I was setting out my four lines. I was almost back to the ramp when I hooked a Rainbow on a plug. I was thinkin' I must have a decent Smallmouth till the silver, 17" 'Bow jumped. My day was made when I netted it, Dinner is served! About 5 minutes later I caught a small Yellow Perch on the smaller plug running on the other side. Back into the lake it went. About 10 minutes later there was a decent strike on the bigger plug. It didn't fight hard, maybe I had a Wally? Close, it turned out to be a 15" Yellow Perch. Into the box with my trout it went On my way up and down the upper lake I kept catching small Bass. I caught a half-dozen of 'em, 4 Smallies and 2 Largemouths. When I got back downstream to almost the Abrams Creek Bridge I caught a tiny Largemouth. While I was pulling it in my leadcore line pulling a Wormburner crawler harness was struck. The fish was still on when I got to it. When I started pulling I could tell this was not a Walleye. The Rainbow soon started jumping....about 5 times. It wore itself out with that flying act. In just a couple of minutes I netted a hefty 19" 'Bow. It was getting late in the day. I kept that Wormburner out there but kept losing my bait on light strikes....probably Perch...? It's gonna be a while till Chilhowee is flush with trout like it was but there's some older fish in there. Trout was last night's din-din and tonight it's Perch.
  10. Happy birthday Troatgirl.  From now on, fishin' has GOT to be BETTER!     dada   10-23-17  11:08 AM  Raining hard----

    1. Troutgirl


      I always wish for a big fish when I blow out my birthday candles. Thanks, Rachael!

  11. TVA Lake Levels

    I wonder if they take requests.... I'm amazed they still have that!
  12. TVA Lake Levels

    Back in the dark ages they had a phone application. We used to call 'em up before we went to the Little T, present day Tellico Lake, to fish for Browns. A guy would answer and tell you the flow at any of their tailwaters that you wanted,
  13. East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    I'm a bit shy about running a ball that deep. I wouldn't be at Fontana.... I've gotten snagged several times in really deep places at Wautauga. There's some stray timber around or somethin'. I've got a white flasher about like those. I could rub some glow on or put some glow tape on it. I have a bunch of glow spoons. I may wait a few weeks and see if the fish get shallower. With the Dypsy Divers, does that mean wire line? ....or feet out???
  14. East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    I'll be curious what temps you record in the depths. TVA is holding back water, so the lake will rise about 3 feet over the next couple of day. That's gonna bury the cold water more and when they decide to release the water they're holding, that will suck out prime, cold trout water, pushing the trout deeper, presumably. The feeder streams can't be all that cool yet. I'd like to see somebody catch some sizable Lakers! Outside of the 18 and 20 inch fish I caught last time, every other trout I hooked was 15" or less. I wonder what the big, sexually mature fish are doing? If this was the north, they might be spawning already. I watched 'em spawning in Lake Placid, New York many years ago. It was during October. All these small fish make me wonder if the mature fish are at a pre-spawn social and have lost interest in feeding lately...???
  15. Cades cove

    When I used to hike about the park streams, when I was hungry I'd catch a 7-10" trout and roast it on a stick like a weenie.