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  1. Calderwood Lake questions

    There's Walleyes in there already. I know folks that have picked up a few. The gates were were wide open last winter. Walleyes returned and/or came from Tellico Lake before the gates got closed. They seek shoals to spawn in this time of year. They should of stocked Walleyes by now. There's plenty of jumbo Yellow Perch in there to compliment the Walleyes. Walleyes were first introduced to Chilhowee Lake, illegally, back in the 1980's. Three locals, that I call the 3 amigos brought them from Fontana Lake in their live wells. They told me all about it one day. The Walleyes did really well until the repair draw-down of '08. They fell off in numbers after that. Back in the 1990's I usually caught 1 or 2 every time I went night fishing for Rainbows. One night whilst night fishing tied up under the lights at the dam, we started seeing a H-U-G-E Walleye under the boat. I started jigging Doll Flies for the beast. It made one run at every color I tied on, same for some spoons I jigged. Two or three days later there was a picture of a 13 pound Walleye in the Knoxville News-Sentinel. The caption said the guy caught it tied up to Chilhowee Dam. If only I'd of had some minnows that night, I might have caught that fish....??? This was about 20 years ago.... The biggest Walleye I ever caught in Chilhowee was 22" and 4.25 pounds. It was a fat female. This was about 6-7 years ago. It hit a big plug, trolled.
  2. Rain

    You could try the top end of Tellico Lake, above the Tellico River or Chilhowee Lake. Fontana has been holding water. The flow will increase as the week moves on but Cheoah and Calderwood Lakes will filter the river clearer. You seldom see Chilhowee get much color in the water and even if it is a bit colored, that seems to help my catch rate in a very clear, the fish are watching you, lake. Abrams Creek has to run crazy muddy for Chilhowee to get colored.
  3. Accidents happen, split second

    I'm glad you did relatively well given the gravity of the situation! What about the tree? Has it been reduced to pulp?
  4. Parksville/Ocoee Lake getting muskies

    How fast do Muskies grow? Does this mean about 5 years till there's some 30-40 inch ones to catch?
  5. Clinch 1/20/18

    For comparison, my 26" Rainbow from Watauga last summer was 6.38, my 21" Brown from Calderwood weighed 4.98 last February, and a 22" Rainbow from Chilhowee a few years back went 5.3 pounds. That's an obese Brownie! I bet it eats a Brookie a day to keep the blues away.... As thick built as that girl was, she likely has the potential to hit 20+ pounds if she evades capture for a few years. If she gets near 30 inches, she gonna be H-E-A-V-Y.
  6. Clinch 1/20/18

    I was curious....it so looks like it could of recently eaten a few stockers. That is one obese Brown. It must weigh a minimum of an extra pound on average, for it's length.
  7. Clinch 1/20/18

    If you kept that fattie, what was in it's bloated stomach...?
  8. Clinch 1/20/18

    Did you catch any in the 14-20" slot that you had to throw back? The unwarranted slot makes me wanna skip Norris. Slots are for protecting breeders. It seems all together unwarranted in a stream where there's little or no breeding and bait fishing is allowed.
  9. East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    They played that video on the local TV news tonight. Will there be a crowd there now trying to catch them? I've seen just that at Rat Branch Ramp at Watauga Lake several times over the past 5 years. The last time I saw it 2 years ago, it was little Browns.
  10. Calderwood Lake questions

    Here's a decent 2+ pound Calderwood Rainbow that liked a spoon behind a Dipsy Diver last October.....
  11. Calderwood Lake questions

    Here's a 21" , nearly 5 pound, Brown I caught at Calderwood last February. It hit a little, 1.5" Berkley Pro, Shad plug, Slick Purple Candy color. It's the biggest trout I've caught in Calderwood. About 5 years ago I lost a bigger Brown, maybe 7-9 pounds, down near the dam.
  12. Calderwood Lake questions

    I caught a White Bass in Calderwood year before last. It's the only one I've ever seen come out of there and I bet I've fished Calderwood 100 times, or more, since the 70's. The Alabama Spotted Bass in Fontana were illegally stocked by some Bass club. They're taking over the lake. Largemouths and Smallmouths are becoming scarcer and scarcer.
  13. Calderwood Lake questions

    Here's some Walleyes and a big Perch I caught in Chilhowee back in 2014.
  14. Calderwood Lake questions

    If there was more bait fish in Calderwood, it might be able to support some Walleye, particularly since the Cheoah River has been somewhat rejuvenated with a higher flow. Walleyes need shoals to spawn. There were Walleyes in Chilhowee before the draw-down and now TWRA is stocking them. Plus, during the last days of the draw-down, it would appear that quite a few Walleyes came upstream from Tellico Lake looking for shoals, just before they closed the gates for refilling. There's a better variety of fish in Chilhowee and they're bigger. There's plenty of Yellow Perch in Chilhowee and I've caught many over a pound. The Rainbows run much bigger and plumper (!) in Chilhowee, expect most of 'em to run 14-20". Chilhowee is full of bait fish. Smallmouths do well in Chilhowee and there's only a scant few in Calderwood. Calderwood is nice for being remote and scenic but the fishing is better all-round in Chilhowee by the road. The attraction of Calderwood for me is there are some big Browns and almost nobody jet skis or wakeboards that chilly water. Make sure you don't go to Calderwood on the days there are increased releases, for river runners, on the Cheoah River. There won't be any place to park. Check Brookfield's site for that.
  15. Calderwood Lake questions

    Calderwood is primarily a trout lake. There's some Redeyes, Smallmouth, and Perch. Since Brookfield has started releasing more water into the Cheoah River, the lake has warmed up some. This might bode well for fish that like water greater than 50 degrees...? Two years ago I caught the one and only White Bass that I've ever caught there. An occasional Musky has turned up. I've never caught a Walleye but I'm sure an occasional one has showed up. The majority of the trout are Rainbows. That's mostly what gets stocked. Both TN and NC have stocked Brookies in the past 20 years but they don't live so long and there's likely none presently. Ever since the 1930's when the Civilian Conservation Corps stocked Brown Trout into Slickrock Creek as part of their rejuvenation project for the damage left behind by a lumber company, Browns have been present in the lake. Browns have been stocked occasionally but by and large they are a "native" population. Because Lake Trout can live so very long, there could still be a few from 1998 and 2001 stockings. Calderwood is 180 feet deep at the dam. It used to be deeper but silt and timber have filled in quite a bit. Because of the very cold discharge from Fontana Lake upstream, Calderwood never gets very warm. In the summer there's a very shallow layer of warm water on top of the lake in the lower end. You don't have to fish at all deep in the top end. Down near the dam you don't need to fish deeper than 40 feet. I usually troll lures 15-30 feet down in the lower end. The trout limit in both states is 7. You can't catch a limit in both states. Really, most of the lake is in Tennessee. When you leave the ramp, it's Tennessee just around the first bend where Slickrock Creek enters the lake on the left. The bait fish in Calderwood run small. Small lures generally work best....