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  1. 4TN

    Chilhowee lake

    I fish there occasionally. After the fill up It was hot for a while but has cooled considerably IMO. Im no expert, but it seems like there is a shortage of bait fish.
  2. I have a G3 1548 (biggest boat I can get into Ocoee 3) that I want to do a lightweight conversion too. I have looked at pix on Pinterest and watched YouTube vids, but need to know: where can I purchace aluminum stock and other supplys? I am handy, but new to this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. 4TN

    New Years fishin

    A couple of Brem. No Bass, but the bass fisherman were out there.
  4. 4TN

    New Years fishin

    Spent New Year's day on Chilhowee targeting yellow perch. Brought a dozen home for dinner.
  5. 4TN

    4TN has joined us!

    I'm from Madisonville and fish the lakes and streams of Monroe County. Favorite vacations are fly fishing for snook in South Fl and fly-in fishing in Ontario.