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  1. dbltrkr

    South East Trout Troller's Association

    I may be interested also!
  2. dbltrkr

    Jig fishing casting rod advice

    I have a couple older allstars that are 7'6"... medium heavy that I might part with reasonably.... they are jig rods!!.....no longer use them.
  3. dbltrkr

    Planer boards

    How can I "like" this twice!!
  4. dbltrkr

    Planer boards

    These work very well for crappie, although they won't pull out as well as a true planer board. But they are cheap enough!!
  5. dbltrkr

    Planer boards

    Water bugs will work for crappie or striper!!.....my homemade are a good bit smaller....as are my striper boards larger.
  6. dbltrkr

    Planer boards

    I made these for crappie, and they work GREAT!......for pennies!! I'LL MAKE YOU SOME...$30......just kidding!!
  7. dbltrkr

    Planer boards

    Look at a few sets, maybe some of your friends boards. Study the various ones for sale. Figure out what will work best for YOU, and your type of fishing.....Then MAKE yourself some!! Very simple and cheap to make, once you understand how they work!! I have YET to buy my first board and have fished them for years!....The most expensive piece is the release clip and I get them for 3-4 bucks.
  8. dbltrkr

    Lost my little sister

    Prayers for your family!!....been there!
  9. dbltrkr

    New Crappie Guy to the Site

    Welcome to the site!
  10. dbltrkr

    Home... finally!!!

    Can relate to that!!!
  11. dbltrkr

    The youngest

    Keep doing that.....I promise he'll never forget!!
  12. dbltrkr

    Prayers for dada

    Prayers sent!!
  13. dbltrkr

    Possible PB smallmouth special thanks to cackler

    Congrats Rusty!!....great pics!
  14. dbltrkr

    3-19-16 Douglas

    Good times right there!!!