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  1. wbcmmc

    East TN Lakers and Trout 2018 (part 3)

    Yes. First time ever and loved it...
  2. wbcmmc

    East TN Lakers and Trout 2018 (part 3)

    Went to the Hatchery at lake Cumberland and done some fly fishing while there. Never even fished for trout before. Had a Blast.... Nice fish you have there.
  3. wbcmmc

    Kayak fishing

    No much Kayak talk around here...
  4. wbcmmc

    Standup Kayak?

    Sorry Guys. I am a True believer in Feelfree rather it's the Lure or Moken. Been in about 15 different Yaks and studied for a while but can't move in any other direction other than Feelfree.
  5. wbcmmc

    NEW HOOK Chartplotter Fishfinder by Lowrance

    Love the Hook 2/5. Tripple Shot
  6. wbcmmc


    Fished @Lake Malone Today and hit some great Black Bass... CPR.
  7. wbcmmc

    anybody tried gallatin steam plant

    I am familiar with the GSP area. Question do you think I could get there by Kayak? Next what would be the closest ramp?
  8. wbcmmc

    Do you like our site?

    First forum I have ever joined. Kept having issues about 5 days ago trying to become a Member but got my foot in the door lol... Like the Site. Great work...
  9. wbcmmc

    Favorite Baitcaster Reel Brand

    Daiwa Tatula with T Wing.
  10. wbcmmc

    wbcmmc has joined us!

    Hey Gang... My name is William and I live around Bethpage Tn. I know some are Boaters and Some are Yakers.... Me I am a Kayaker. I fished 2018 in KY around Hwy 73 at the twin Bridges and Drake's around Scottsville Rd around Phil Moore Park. Love Smallies and LM Bass fishing. 2019 I plan on being a part of Tourney Fishing and doing more fishing in the Gallatin area. I am 49 With Wife and Kids. My set up is a Feelfree Moken 12.5/ Hook 2-5 Tripple Shot/ Yak A Cell Block and Yak A Switch Blade. Mustang PFD. Scottie Rod Mounts. And all the other junk we love to spend our hard earned cash on. Choice of Rod: Spinning Choice of Lure: Crank Well hope that's enough info for now. Glad to be here...