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  1. Bryan123

    Boat storage

    I'm looking for a place to leave my bassboat starting around Feburary in the east Tennessee area. Looking for a in closed building with electric hook up so I can charge boat. Any help or recommendation would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Bryan123


    I sure will
  3. Bryan123


    Anyone getting any fishing in?
  4. Bryan123

    Do you like our site?

    Not sure yet, pretty new to the site and still learning it. Hopefully it will get better when I'm able to see everything.
  5. Bryan123

    Have you fished outside of Tennessee?

    Oh, KC, GA, Miss, AL, and TN
  6. Bryan123

    What do you fish for mostly?

    Largemouth and small mouth love the challenge.
  7. Bryan123

    Favorite Spinning Reel Brand

    Lews , good upper and lower end reels.
  8. Bryan123

    Drop shot

    Okay, thanks for the info
  9. Bryan123

    Getting started

    Okay thanks
  10. Bryan123

    What to use

  11. Bryan123


    Sounds good, thanks
  12. Bryan123

    Dale Hollow

    Okay Thanks
  13. Bryan123

    Drop shot

    Not familiar with the Damiki
  14. Bryan123

    AirTNret has joined us!

    I would like to talk to you about dale hallow