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  1. Have a friend at work that has a late 90's Bass Tracker that is needing new carpet. Anyone know anybody good with the blade and glue? Much appreciated.
  2. Welcome, glad you are here, now where are they biting, and on what?
  3. Happy Birthday rangerrandy!

  4. I take my I-pad out every time I go. I have the always on 4G connection and not only get live weather videos, but the mapping system and satellite data are great. The music plays via my spotify account, and if the wife is night fishing and gets bored there is always Netflix. i use a standard case, but never get it close to the water so waterproof doesn't matter to me. When it rains it stays in storage, so a waterproof case would be nice!
  5. Happy Birthday rangerrandy!

  6. Heh, I too have Farm Bureau and have since I bought my house in '04, on both cars, and the boat, but i didn't know if there was a competitor out there that was cheaper that has a good reputation.... Always trying to pinch a penny, thanks for the responses.
  7. Looking for perhaps lowering the rates on my insurance with a solid company. I am satisfied with the insurance I have presently on my boat, but wondering if someone has found and used a company that is tried and true as I have not had to make any claims on my boat in over 6 years, yet my rates go up yearly instead of go down as a "good/safe" customer reward. I do not want the cheapest that will cause problems should the need arise, but one that has the trust of local anglers. Thanks...RR
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