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  1. http://www.wate.com/news/local-news/knoxville-set-to-host-2019-bassmaster-classic/1115592182 Be nice to bring some fish'n notoriety to the area, as I am sure they will have large crowds supporting their favorite pro. Looking forward to it.
  2. rangerrandy

    Favorite Spinning Reel Brand

    Shimano bait casters and spinning, but I have a hodgepodge of spinning reals that I use regularly, even use the old quick fires for crappie, have 3 over 20 years old. House was broke in to and had 2 of the old Cardinal 4's brand new in the pack, and they took them...
  3. Pellissippi speedway towards Knoxville from Alcoa highway, take topside and turn right, past Beech-grove Baptist Church that is on the right, the ramp is on the left about 1/4 mile past the church. https://www.google.com/maps/@35.85823,-83.9761556,751m/data=!3m1!1e3
  4. Bill Huffman is running a 6pm to 9pm 1 fish tournament at the singleton station ramp. $20.00 per person, with a $5.00 "even weight" fish pot. This is for fish weighing better than 2 lbs. on the money. If no fish are caught there will be a drawing in Oct. with names in the hat the number of times one enters the $5.00 lotto. Largemouth and smallmouth and the more boats the more positions pay out. I will scan his flyer and add it after this Tuesday for all info, or just swing by and fish with us this week! ~RR
  5. rangerrandy

    Any where one could point a novice Walleye fisherman?

    Thanks gang, you all are the best! I am going up from the forks Monday, running up above the bridge on the French Broad to throw fly jigs for some smallies on the bluffs above the bridge. Had to get a new/used 18hp motor for the aluma-craft and have it in the shop at Fox and Co. after a local repair shop destroyed my 9.5HP after keeping it for 14 months, and hope to test out the 7 island area as soon as I get it mounted. dloveday, are you talking about where the Pigeon flows out into the French Broad below the dam? Not sure I know where you are talking about?
  6. Never have targeted them and growing up in Murville fishing Tellico, Loudoun, Douglas and the like for bass, I have never hooked a walleye, but I have eaten plenty that others have caught. My question is this, the videos of vertical jigging, of using a plastic spinner with a worm rig, and fly's tipped with a swim bait tail that you see them using up north the same methods for the toothy beasts down here? I would love to try them in the rivers like the Holston, French Broad, and Clinch, but not sure if those are the areas that are best to target? I have a friend that switched from bass to walleye, and they go every weekend to Tellico, start at 11PM at night, and throw pencil popper top waters and like anything, they have good nights and bad. But I would like to catch them during the day time as my river boat is almost complete, and I dont know how far up the french broad, or Holston from the fork I can navigate a full sized bass boat. Thansk for any tips, tricks, and/or info on the subject. ~RR
  7. rangerrandy

    Richard has joined us!

    Welcome, glad you are here, now where are they biting, and on what?
  8. rangerrandy

    tip/trick for night fishing braid

    One thing you can do with braid to turn it into black light visible line is to buy several cheap highlighters, remove the back of 2-4 of them and remove the ink insert. Put the inserts (2 per cup of mineral spirits) into mineral spirits and allow the color to bleed until the mineral spirits are the color of your choice yellow, green, pink... Get clear 100% silicone from a calk tube or the type for a gun and add roughly 1/4 cup per cup of "colored" mineral spirits and stir until dissolved. This liquid can be used to soak 30 yards+ of line, or you can get a paint brush and ever couple of feet paint a section of line, just be sure it is dry before spooling it back up. Not only does the florescent color transfer to the line, the silicone/mineral spirits mix makes it 100% waterproof, so the color should stick for a trip or two before disappearing. By the way, if you leave out the sharpie inserts this same mix can be brushed on backpacks, tents, boots, most canvasses, and other things to cause waterproofing. Just apply evenly with a paint brush and allow to dry 24 hours, and no more leaking tent seems, waterproof cloth seats after steam cleaning, or any material that leaks can be treated on the cheap. Good luck and fishing!
  9. rangerrandy

    Apple iPad for use on huge boat, Navionics

    I take my I-pad out every time I go. I have the always on 4G connection and not only get live weather videos, but the mapping system and satellite data are great. The music plays via my spotify account, and if the wife is night fishing and gets bored there is always Netflix. i use a standard case, but never get it close to the water so waterproof doesn't matter to me. When it rains it stays in storage, so a waterproof case would be nice!
  10. rangerrandy

    What is the best local Knoxville insurance

    Heh, I too have Farm Bureau and have since I bought my house in '04, on both cars, and the boat, but i didn't know if there was a competitor out there that was cheaper that has a good reputation.... Always trying to pinch a penny, thanks for the responses.
  11. rangerrandy

    before and after

    Great job, me and a friend restored a 1948 Alumacraft back in the 90's. The best thing about all that work is pulling em in on a great day! Nice job!
  12. rangerrandy

    Whales ?

    Especially when you simply go for the Halibut!
  13. Looking for perhaps lowering the rates on my insurance with a solid company. I am satisfied with the insurance I have presently on my boat, but wondering if someone has found and used a company that is tried and true as I have not had to make any claims on my boat in over 6 years, yet my rates go up yearly instead of go down as a "good/safe" customer reward. I do not want the cheapest that will cause problems should the need arise, but one that has the trust of local anglers. Thanks...RR
  14. rangerrandy

    Pound for pound - My go to lure is...

    I would have to say tube. Sometimes you have to figure if they want it Texas rigged, pegged, or splt shotted, but it is my no fail bait.
  15. rangerrandy

    You Shall Not Pass

    He looks DELICIOUS!