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  1. Just sending out condolences to the family of the fellow fisherman that drowned in Lake Hartwell yesterday. Be safe out there.
  2. Thanks for clarifying that. Since the water temperature was 84 degrees, I’m guessing it will be a late start for the fall turnover this year.
  3. Why do they do that Ezel? I’d think they would wait and do that during the spring spawn.
  4. Ok thanks Ezel, I’ll be down there in two weeks to take the boat out. Lot of bait and hybrids came through Black Oak marina last Sunday at daybreak. Took a break from working on the boat and caught a couple of 5 pounders jigging a chrome flutter spoon.
  5. Those are some nice chunky hybrids, love catching em!
  6. Has been a bad year for fishing other than going out with Mr Ezel Cox back in May. Was having boat issues one thing after another and working six days a week. Took care of the boat issues and if Sunday’s are the only days I can get out and fish, that’s what I’ll do. Any advice on striper, hybrid and smallmouth in the upcoming months?
  7. I’ve got a green Hydro Glow, very bright!
  8. Ecox I normally just lower my green light down 4 feet or so, do I need to be lowering it deeper for drawing in alewives?
  9. I’ve ordered these from Ken also for a 40 gallon Xtreme tank and they worked great! Just got a catfish addiction chiller bait tank and am going to order some for this tank as well!
  10. Not sure what size you are looking for but I’ve got a 26 gallon tank from striper soup. It’s brand new used it once.
  11. Should I try keeping the water temp in my bait tank at around 70 degrees which holds 10x more oxygen than 80 degree water, or try to keep it just maybe 7 degrees lower than the lake water temperature? If I’m using my wash down unit to add water to the bait tank during water changes, that water could be in the high 80 degree range. So that would mean the bait tank water temperature would be around the 80 degree mark if it’s supposed to be no more than 7 degrees less than the lake water temperature . Which would hold 10x LESS oxygen than it would at 70 degree. I would think it would be hard to keep the bait lively or alive at all? Or should I just keep the bait tank water temperature at 70 degrees and just HURRY the bait fish through the upper 15 feet of WARM water to get them into the cool oxygenated water to keep them lively?
  12. I use a Tim Wade 10’ X 3/8” deep hole net for alewives. Caught about 3 dozen on first throw the other night under the green light. Even with the 3/8” mesh some will gill net but not too bad.
  13. I’ll bring both
  14. Deep hole or regular cast net?
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