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  1. For float n fly I like 1/8 oz aspirin head with arctic fox tail hair(slower fall & pulses while suspended) with a white or gray belly . Colors depend on lots of things but mostly it's what works for you. For Smallmouth I like a golden yellow color bumping the bottom on Dale Hollow. Just my opinion, hope it helps.
  2. Oh, he was huge. Really about 3 1/2 & healthy.
  3. Don't get to fish or post here as much as I would like so I'll make this as long and boring as possible. Just put a flat aluminum floor in the jon boat & was itching to try it out so launched Saturday @ the riverside ramp in Knoxville. Intent was to wind up fishing for smallmouth on the shoals above the John Sevier bridge. Slowly made my way there stopping here & there to hit some good looking spots with no luck. Got to the shoals & fished to the right, left & middle throwing spinnerbaits, chatterbaits & swimming plastics. Surface temp was around 75, flow was minimal with light winds. Got a few hits on spinnerbaits but never got anything to the boat. There's a good pool, 10' - 15' deep, below the shoals and shad were active in several places. Got to thinking... just painted up some crankbaits to try later on Cherokee so why not. The one on the left nothing, the little one on the top right yielded one largemouth hit after another, lots of fun but they all came unstuck usually in mid air, junk hooks & too small. Also the St. Croix rod just didn't have enough backbone. Excuses, excuses. However, the one on the bottom right is something asked for by a friend who swears by it on Cherokee, You know I'm not gonna make just one. It has more chartreuse sides than the picture shows with a real blood red throat & yellow belly, super sharp size 4 nickle hooks (never lost another one). Very painful but I had to call him later & tell him he was right. Cranking pretty fast with 8:1 reel, no hits slow cranking. On the way out I saw some blow ups just above the bridge. Well, gotta make "one more cast". It's on, my biggest largemouth lately. Thought I'd just sled him across the water like the pros but nope especially when he saw the boat. He dug in & headed for the bottom like a smallmouth. Using a 10 pound co-polymer kinda worried me but finally got him in the boat. Had a GoPro mounted on the boat, a Sony Handycam & a phone but was too excited to think about taking pictures. You do believe me, right? If you're headed up river, there's a small pocket just above the right bridge pier. Try it, you'll like it. I have no secret honey holes & if I catch em you'll know where just may be a while. BTW, the new floor is great. No more making an old man look like an idiot tripping across those ribs.

    Switching to all wood lures

    "don't know if I've got the patience or the talent to do what your doin" If I can do it you can do it. Get yourself a broom handle & a spoon and do a little at a time. I read that's how Fred Arbogast did it & it only took him 10 years to get it right. Thought it was gonna take me that long.

    Switching to all wood lures

    Got interested in the Jitterbug a while back. The one on the left was made in the 40s, on the right is my balsa version which has taken a long time to get the balance & action where I want it. Fred Arbogast produced his first one from wood in the 30s but starting in the 40s they were made of plastic. I just had to try to reproduce it in wood. The lips available are stainless & heavy so the lure tended to float face down as did Fred's first ones. To overcome this the body geometry had to be changed while still (with respect) resembling his bait. This is the 4th prototype & I'm satisfied. Hope you like it. Oh Yeah, that's a piece of cat gut hanging from the hook on the original & I'm leaving it there.

    Switching to all wood lures

    Thanks for the kind words & yes each bait takes a while but very rewarding. This is a 3" flat side balsa, the same as the unfinished one above, & is my favorite so far. Also tried it in the pond and it's a "bottom scraper". Though the long lip looks funny compared to store bought lures. IT WORKS. I cranked it up to the rip rap & released it, it backs up about 3' from structure & quickly rises. Looking for chunk rock on Norris hopefully Wednesday. The small lip runs 5-6' Thanks again

    Switching to all wood lures

    This one turned out "not perfect" so it ends up in my tackle box... hate it when that happens. Already tried it in the pond & it's a thumper with this lip. Balsa & dives 6-8' with a wide wobble. Taking it & a few others out next week for real world testing. It's research & development ya know.

    Switching to all wood lures

    Working on another new balsa design, many innovations, very happy with it so far. The flat side in my other post has already caught fish, I believe this one will too. Really enjoying the wood lure adventure, just wish I had more time.

    Switching to all wood lures

    Thanks for the compliment. The part you can see here is a process (computer) I've been working on for about a year and have used it on plastics with success. It will be enhanced with airbrush as will the back & belly. Because it's balsa I'm working on an anchoring system for the line tie & hook hangers so they can never pull out. I use live bait also but catching fish with these is very gratifying.

    Switching to all wood lures

    Spent a lot of time (and money) making everything from jigs to umbrella rigs including some crankbaits I'm really proud of but have always been intrigued by the craftsmanship required for making wood lures. Making all the Other Stuff has been enjoyable, but seemed to be stuff everyone else was doing. Over time I'll be phasing out all the other stuff from the shop and devoting my time more on the highest quality wood lures. This is a preliminary design for a 3" balsa flatside that I'm currently working on. I'll post the finished lure here after I fish with it for a while and know it's perfect. It's research & development you know but the wife says it's an excuse to fish. A Friend and fellow builder, Paul Harrison, recently told me "Wood was the past, wood is the present and wood will be the future". I believe he's right.
  11. Happy Birthday KETCHMO!



    Fishing was slow in Little Lagoon but fair on the pier. Went on out to Perdido Pass and it was fair there too. Hot & Muggy but a different heat than here with the almost constant breeze.


    Well, finally took it out lagoon fishing in Gulf Shores, AL... Seemed like every time my butt hit the seat the wind picked up. Put out the drift sock and fished for a while. It was a beast to get back to the dock as the high sidewalls seemed to act like a sail. The deep keel also makes it a slow turner. As expected, the factory rod holder gets hit by the paddle and you have to remove it & stash your rod to move. Tons of storage but you'll need to rearrange the partitions to be able to find anything. With calm wind & waters it is comfortable. Overall, it's OK but not what I expected. The trolling motor should be here tomorrow.


    Not a stupid question at all, wish I had asked. Just bought one & in the process of rigging it now. Don't know when it'll be on the water but some things I've noticed: Front rod holder may be in the way of paddling, foam partitions will need repositioning, storage screw tops are a bear to open, swivel seat is comfortable & handy but seams a bit high for my liking... All just little things but you'll modify it to suit your tastes anyway, we always do. I've been using a Future Beach Trophy 144 sit in but needed the space of a sit on top with the stability of the Future Beach, I think this one has it all covered. It's 12' 8" & pushing 80# as shipped so I may be looking at a dolly, ain't dragging this thing around. Looks to be a quality boat and for the price, compared to others, it looks even better. Once I get it on the water, I'll let you know but if you beat me to it, let us know what you think. Hope this helps. Check everything before you bring it home, mine was missing parts but emailed BPS manager & he put them in the mail, great customer service.

    Cherokee Hybrids round one

    I may be following yer boat this year.