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  1. longshot338

    Sabiki rigs for shad

    They work only on the alewives under a light. like the post above me size 12 to 16 hooks perform the best
  2. longshot338

    What spoon are you using

    Tony Accetta Pet Spoon size 14 &15 yellow or white feather. Forget everything else!!!
  3. longshot338

    Apr. 18th trophy

    Probably the clinch river!!
  4. longshot338

    abandoned ship

    jst made it over from etf, hope this site is more useful
  5. longshot338

    Smile for the camera

    thanks nice pics
  6. longshot338

    What is your preference...

    downlines, boards have always been a spring thing for me
  7. longshot338

    I have to ask...How?

    I have fished below loudon dam once, scary place to be at times for sure
  8. longshot338

    Bait Hooking Preference

    upperlip out a nosehole most of the time, below the tail if I am pitching shad to breaking fish
  9. longshot338

    I need batteries...suggestions?

    deka group 31
  10. longshot338

    What depth finder do you have?

    lowrance hds 8, and elite 7 on the pontoon
  11. longshot338

    down imaging vs side image

    why no use for the down imaging guys? I understand those fish are probably already spooked but until di, si came out down is all we had in 2d form correct?
  12. longshot338

    Lowrance HDS-2

    never used the preloaded maps always bought the navionics cards they are great maps
  13. longshot338

    Shady Grove Break In Alert

    post # 2
  14. longshot338

    ETF don't want to play nice over there.

    post #1. I wondered why the fishing reports had become so lacking their