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    Tying Meat

    What colors work well? Olive, Black, white, with sparse reds/rust I presume?
  2. hannaar85

    Tying Meat

    Thank you! I had this custom made from a woodworker. I saw something similar and redisigbed it a bit. I build furniture but didn’t have the skills/machines to build this so I asked my friend to do it. It has been an awesome set up. It’s heirloom quality and I hope to pass it down.
  3. hannaar85

    Tying Meat

    Anyone have any good streamer recipes for smallmouth? I just moved from CO and looking to chase some smallmouth. My tying station survived the long haul (whew)!
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    I just recently moved here from Colorado and I am looking forward to chasing some smallmouth. I grew up in North Alabama, fishing all my life. I primarily like to fly fish, especially for bass. I really love almost any type of fishing. From high mountain lakes to river and lake fishing, whatever gets something to pull on the other end of the line. I am located in West Knoxville, and really only know of a few places to start to fish. I look forward to fall and my first TN fish.