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    Lifetime collection of bass tackle

    I was going to say the same thing about making a shadow box or some sort of display. My ex-father in law made a lamp and the base was an old piece of driftwood with a few old lures "hung up" on them. Nothing fancy but definitely a 10 on the cool scale. All stuff he found on the riverbank. As soon as I saw your collection I thought of my grandfather and great grandfather - both were salty old bass chasers and had some of the same stuff you do - and an old off-white/tan colored tackle box too. Spent many a hot summer day trying to find some bluegill for dinner with those guys. Good times - great memories. Trying to get my own grandkids hooked these days - let's hope they take the bait. Those pictures you posted are pure gold!
  2. BigPoppy

    Fishing anyone??

    Pretty much the same as everyone else. Fish are out there - just hesitant to commit. Caught a few but even then they were not too excited to be eating. Slowed down even over the last week or two. I'm going to try to go deeper the next time I get out. Good luck to everyone - maybe we'll get a break in the heat and things will get moving.
  3. BigPoppy

    New to tennessee

    Anywhere on Kentucky Lake - that place is a gold mine! Used to have a place outside Waverly. Can't tell you how many times we slayed largemouth, shellcrackers, etc and we didn't even know what the heck we were doing! Plenty of feeder creeks all over the state - excellent for redeye and medium sized smallies. It's a huge body of water so not difficult to get away from recreational boat traffic - which is a problem on Dale Hollow, Priest, Center Hill, etc this time of year. LBL is good I hear - just never fished it.
  4. BigPoppy

    Tennessee Newbie Here...

    Priest and Old Hickory are both pretty shallow lakes (very dirty too) but plenty of great fishing on both. I've caught big smallies by the dozens in Priest - just got to find them on a shelf and wear it out! Haven't fished on OH but I used to live right across the road from it - some really nice largemouth in there and good paddlefishing below the dam when they have the spillways open. You can message me for more details on kayak and wade fishing - that's my game as well and I'm about an hour east of you.
  5. BigPoppy

    be careful on those icy ramps

    Pretty sure I know who that was...if his name rhymes with Ron. Regardless, that really stinks. Coulda turned out worse tho.
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    BigPoppy has joined us!

    Hmmm....pics didn't attach.
  7. BigPoppy

    BigPoppy has joined us!

    Hey everyone. This is Kenny - I live in Baxter and do a lot of creek fishing in the area - wade fishing and kayak fishing. I like to use tackle that's as light as possible to increase the "fun factor" - usually light/fast action with 4lb mono. I'm not particular on what I'm fishing for, but smallmouth and redeye are at the front of the line - largemouth and trout a close second. I occasionally go east or south and chase some reds with a 47" bull red being my personal best this past April. I must be part mountain goat since I'm known to look for the most remote, virgin creek waters around - regardless of the difficulty factor. Just getting into fly fishing so I'd love to check out everyone's stories, suggestions, pics, etc so I can get up to speed. Look forward to seeing all the pics on here and hopefully learning some new tricks! Thanks for having me...... Oh yeah - this was my latest catch on the Roaring (last night). My first pike ever (at least I think that's what it is....). KB