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  1. 31Airborne

    1st Tn boat / bass trip

    This sounds like Ned Rig water. Be sure to use a buoyant plastic like the Z-Man TRD or Roboworm. That way it stands up in their faces.
  2. 31Airborne

    Tying Meat

    That is an exquisite set-up. Did you make it? I don't tie trout flies but I do tie some bass jigs. My set-up doesn't look anything like this.
  3. 31Airborne

    Line twist t-rig with big worms

    Line twist is a fact of life when using fluoro or other high performance lines. Like Toobie, I can manage this by retying. I make it a habit of checking the line right above the knot frequently. I will also spool off line between casts, allowing the twist to work itself out by letting gravity do its thing. If it gets really bad you can fix the problem easily by letting the line out behind you while idling. I mean let it all the way out (after cutting off your lure). After a few mins of idling you should be at your spool. Simply reel the line in, retie, and go back to casting. This works best w/ spinny poles (don't ask me why - it requires doing math in public and I don't do that well) but is effective w/ casting rigs, too.
  4. Definitely not a dopey question. Unfortunately you'll not find any one site that'll lists every tournament scheduled for any given day. Getting anywhere near the total picture will require checking several sites. Even then you'll never see anything on the smaller clubs or pick-up events. It's like this MAR-SEP. Some trails will schedule events in the fall and winter but they're not usually as numerous as in the spring and summer. Every report helps. Little things like water temp and water clarity tell much.
  5. 31Airborne

    Where's a good place to throw frogs right now ?

    Dood, stay where you are. Use that frog like you would a spook or Sammy - work it over submerged rock, brush, and structure. There are times you can call fish up better w/ the smaller profile. If there's any emergent grass (like willow) along the shoreline work that frog in and around that stuff. Finally, with all the rain we've had I'll bet there are a few log jams in some of the creeks and main lake coves/cuts. Don't be bashful about working that frog over that stuff. Some of my best froggin' days have been in or around log jams. Recommend using a swimming frog (vc popper). Trim one of the legs a lil shorter than the other. That'll make the walk-the-dog movement a lil easier.
  6. 31Airborne

    we finally made it

    those poor cans never had a chance, did they? it was a bit of a process getting TN DL and other paperwork when I first moved there. there was some interpretation and local add-ons to the info on the DMV website. all part of the rite of passage. cooperate and graduate. the good news: renewals are easier in TN than anywhere else I've lived.
  7. 31Airborne

    Favorite Spinning Reel Brand

    +1 on Shimano for spinning, Revo and Tatula for casting
  8. 31Airborne

    navionics or lakemaster chips

    Also recommend checking out the tutorials on HB's site. They have a few that specifically talk to using map cards.
  9. 31Airborne

    navionics or lakemaster chips

    Navionix has a great on-line help resource. Be sure to spend some time there once you get your units set up. Good place to. pick up tips, ideas on how to get the most of your map chip.
  10. 31Airborne

    Lifetime collection of bass tackle

    Did you ever consider making one of those antique lure wall hangings? The shadow box kinda thing? Hate it for you that you had to part w/ so much tradition and history. Maybe the folks who bought them will do that. I have a couple in my fishing room and love them.
  11. 31Airborne

    Norris Walleye

    what a great fish. airborne only catches walleye by accident.
  12. 31Airborne

    Lifetime collection of bass tackle

    some real treasures in those pics. lotsa bass fishing history.
  13. 31Airborne

    Fishing License

    I use auto-renew in every state it's available (incl TN). I'm never without a current license.
  14. 31Airborne

    New to tennessee

    Kentucky Lake is incredible. Don't be intimidated by its size. Breaking it up into small chunks will help you manage everything you learn. Definitely a marathon vc a sprint kinda lake.
  15. 31Airborne

    Fishing anyone??

    Haven't fished in TN for almost 7 years. Headed back thataway in SEP for our FoM regional (Cherokee). Can't wait.