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  1. Makele

    Fished 5-2-19

    Tubejig, you fishing up at Melton Hill? Last week two guys caught a nice mess of Bluegil. Said they are up on the beds right now.
  2. Makele

    Melon Hill mess

    Hey Dada, What is going on up at Solway ramp? Drove by today and saw all kinds of construction equipment. Are they rebuilding the ramp? Makele
  3. Makele


    Very Nice Rusty! You are right, I don't know how you did it in this heat. Must be deep.
  4. Makele

    What do you fish for mostly?

    Mostly depends on the season and which is biting best. Walleye and yellow perch mostly. Crappie, trout, and Striper after that.....love anything that bends the rod.
  5. Makele

    Standup Kayak?

    Jackson Big Tuna, awesome kayak.
  6. Makele

    Have you fished outside of Tennessee?

    TN, FL, GA, OH, MI, KY, NC, SC, CO, and PA. Bucket list item is to catch a fish in each State of the US.
  7. Makele

    9.9 fixed

    Love to hear stories like this...glad to be on a site with good people.
  8. Makele

    Lightweight umbrella rigs?

    Yes, I caught tons last summer @ Melton Hill just south of the power plant at the bend across from Haw Ridge. 16 to 22'. So Tellico has a large yellow perch population as well?
  9. Just curious, how are ya"ll losing the nets snags on bottom or let go of leash?
  10. So was it confirmed a record? One big slab!
  11. Makele

    Makele has joined us!

    Thanks ProTek. I'm definitely looking forward to sharing fishing info. Tight lines everyone.