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    East TN Lakers and Trout 2018 (part 3)

    Nice fish. Great pics!
  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy birthday JEB!

  4. Benbocat

    Prayers for dada

    Good news.
  5. Benbocat

    Lost my little sister

    Praying for you and family. If you can find a smile and a cheerful word for your family members, it might help ease their burden in some small way. Might even ease yours a bit as well.
  6. Benbocat

    Accidents happen, split second

    Prayers sent for you, family, and medical staff. Keep up that positive attitude.
  7. Benbocat

    Prayer Request

    Praying that the treatments go well.
  8. Benbocat

    Benbocat has joined us!

    I grew up fishing with my Dad who was a coal miner in Kentucky. We lived in the country near middlesboro. I hadn't fished in many years, but started back this Spring. I'm retired and live near Kingsport and fish the upper East Tennessee lakes and rivers. I release all that I catch. Sometimes, I take a photo of a nice fish and send it to my friends. I have a 17 ft Durocraft boat with a 25 hp motor. I love to catch all types of fish.
  9. Welcome to Tennessee Anglers. Don't forget to check your messages. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.