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  1. My wife alerted me she stir fried our last crappie. I've been striking out for a few weeks. Where are they hiding?
  2. Graffy

    Prayers for dada

    Glad you are home dada. Pace yourself!
  3. Graffy

    A grim reminder of pfd importance

    What a sobering scene.
  4. Graffy

    a Great crappie day

    Beautiful! Takes me weeks to catch that many!
  5. Graffy

    Walleyes missing

    I'm going out this afternoon for a couple of hours to try for a walleye. Looks like rain will be over Walter's bridge by 5 PM. Gotta go now!
  6. Graffy

    Minnow Jig Head Question

    I went with #2. Figured dada knows far more than I could ever hope to on the subject. Should be delivered by Monday, looking forward to giving them a try.
  7. Graffy

    Prayer Request

    She is in my circle.
  8. Graffy

    Minnow Jig Head Question

    Thanks dada and Tubejig. I appreciate the info. Just ordered 100 pieces from Ebay.
  9. Graffy

    Minnow Jig Head Question

    Is anyone familiar with this minnow jig head? Are these a good choice to use with 2" Bobby Garland baby shad baits for crappie in East Tenn? 1/16 MINNOW JIG HEADS MATZUO RED SICKLE 100 PK BARB COLLAR CRAPPIE PERCH LURE What about hook size? They come in 2, 4, or 6.
  10. Graffy

    Pond fishing today

    A healthy pond!
  11. Graffy

    DIY Casting Deck

    Hmmmm.....how many secret golden crappie holes on Douglas would you be willing to trade?
  12. Graffy

    DIY Casting Deck

    Thanks. Being so close to Leadvale, it would be a dream to upgrade to a 40 HP jet.
  13. Graffy

    DIY Casting Deck

    For sure. Needing a place for tackle and other gear was a big motivation.
  14. About a year ago I bought a 1988 14' Carolina Skiff from my neighbor. I added my own casting deck. Below you can see some of the "before" and "work in progress" images. Just wanted to share for those who may be thinking of doing something similar. The 9.9 HP motor doesn't move it very fast, so I rarely go more than a mile from wherever I put it. Since these pics, I added a 38 lb Minn Kota tiller trolling motor to the bow. In addition to upgrading the motor, there are other things I plan to add in the near future. For now, I'm enjoying the heck out it.
  15. Good deal. Drawings would do a world of good. I'm curious to see how he did the linkage/springs.