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  1. MuskyMan

    Fishing the Trout lakes 2019

    Hollow out the core of the leadcore - pull the leadcore out of it for a small section just enough to tie your knot. Slide your line inside the leadcore and tie your knot. Or use those tiny black barrell swivels to join to lines together. Just make sure it will clear your guides on your rod, and your levelwind on your reel.
  2. MuskyMan

    Fishing the Trout lakes 2019

    If you fish leadcore / and or use your downrigger then you gotta try this. When I lived in Illinois and I use to fish Lake Michigan for salmon, browns, lakers ect - this rig incorporates the leadcore and downrigger. Instead of filling your whole reel with leadcore, fill most of it with braid - whatever your liking is, I tend to use Power Pro 40lb. Fill it lets say half full of braid. Then tie on your leadcore, lets say 12-18lb for our lakes we have here. Tie on 3 colors only. Then tie on your same braid again, then your leader of flourocarbon. And fish this on your downrigger. When you troll this, because you have braid, you wanna make turns. Leadcore acts different when its tied to braid and you wanna make these turns. The action of your lure combined with the rising and falling of the leadcore makes this set up great when fish tend to follow. You tend to get more hook ups too as the only mono you have is the flourocarbon leader. Your stretch factor is minimal. We use to call this rig the SWR rig. It was deadly at times.
  3. MuskyMan

    Humminbird DI shots

    I just got back from my annual canada trip. I shoulda taken pics of the musky on my DI on my unit. Crazy detail on what a musky looks like on the helix 7. It basically might as well shout the word " musky " over a loudspeaker ! lol
  4. MuskyMan

    Fishing the Trout lakes 2019

    Nice fish guys, I may have to give it a try
  5. MuskyMan

    Transom rebuild

    I pulled the top cap off in one piece. I did have to hack it off at either end and have it welded back on. Unlike what crestliner did, I bolted the cap on through the transom crossways. Crestliner screwed the cap straight down splitting the grains of the wood, leaving a path for water to get in. Rusty, I have a manual rivet gun......lol
  6. MuskyMan

    Transom rebuild

    bring yours on over to my place and we can knock it out on one weekend. Bring a jigsaw, my bosch took a crap on me on my job. I have plenty of resin left over and hardware. Heck I may have enough wood too, send me the measurments. With weather like this, the resin will set up alot quicker than when I did it.
  7. MuskyMan

    Transom rebuild

    what year is your boat ? check your wood in your transom or the engine mounting bolts, they usually tell the story. I hope yours is in good shape.
  8. MuskyMan

    Drop shot

    its what you wanna make of it. Alot of times I just plain reel in steady or stop, and shake. I will tell you this ; the people I take fishing, that have never fished before or have little fishing skills - they are usually the best drop shotters. Yesterday I was drop shotting for crappie in 20 feet of water and a steady reel is all they wanted.
  9. MuskyMan

    Transom rebuild

    if anyone needs a welder, the one I used was very good and took her time, her name is Savanah 865-801-0637 , she welds for a living and aluminum is a specialty of hers. She welds the big barges on the rivers, she knows her stuff.
  10. MuskyMan

    Transom rebuild

  11. MuskyMan

    Transom rebuild

    I am a little late in posting pics on this, but ya, trust me, it took more than a few weekends !
  12. MuskyMan

    Ott Wins Classic

    I was watching them in the cove below my house and from both ramps. It was a nice break from rebuilding my transom on my boat.
  13. MuskyMan

    Leadville?? Scout

    I am about 2 weeks out from being done with my transom job on my boat. Someone needs to tell the walleye to wait for me
  14. MuskyMan

    South East Trout Troller's Association

    I will be game too, I gotta get my engine pulled off my boat for a transom rebuild. I hope to have it done by March. HOPE.
  15. MuskyMan

    Boat storage

    I used man cave storage in knoxville. It's stored in a secured warehouse, and left plugged in the whole time. Never had a thing missing the entire time my set up was there. I left alllllll my tackle in the boat too. I would not store my boat any place else.