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  1. Skipjack

    where are they running now that makes them easier to find ?
  2. I had Excide orbitals for 10 yrs in my boat, they are finally taking a toll. I have the group 34 size. 935MCA 100 min reserve You guys have any recommendations or places to go to pick up new batteries ( 3 ) ? Without breaking the bank ? I have the MInn Kota 101 maxum 36v
  3. I wanna rig a whole string of interior lights for night fishing. I have seen the rope style. Any suggestions ? And colors ? Anything like a red light to deter bugs ? I have a seperate battery I am running them off, so no worries on killing the starting battery . any input is appreciated.
  4. So I live on Tellico near the Clearwater ramp. So does the lake have a fishable population of walleye ?
  5. Muskyman

  6. 023.JPG

    From the album Muskyman

    75.5 lb blue catfish Irvine Lake Calif, fish was released
  7. Muskyman

  8. 990.jpg

    From the album Muskyman

    Brown trout downtown Chicago, Lake Michigan
  9. Muskyman

    21 lb brown trout on a crankbait while fishing smallmouth on the breakwall in front of navy pier in downtown Chicago, Lake Michigan
  10. 340.jpeg

    From the album Muskyman

  11. Muskyman

  12. Happy Birthday MuskyMan!

  13. Happy Birthday MuskyMan!

  14. Happy Birthday MuskyMan!

  15. muskyman

    catfishthis is my 44lb channel catfish, it holds the 16lb IGFA line class world record. Talk about luck !