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  1. I just got back from my annual canada trip. I shoulda taken pics of the musky on my DI on my unit. Crazy detail on what a musky looks like on the helix 7. It basically might as well shout the word " musky " over a loudspeaker ! lol
  2. I pulled the top cap off in one piece. I did have to hack it off at either end and have it welded back on. Unlike what crestliner did, I bolted the cap on through the transom crossways. Crestliner screwed the cap straight down splitting the grains of the wood, leaving a path for water to get in. Rusty, I have a manual rivet gun......lol
  3. bring yours on over to my place and we can knock it out on one weekend. Bring a jigsaw, my bosch took a crap on me on my job. I have plenty of resin left over and hardware. Heck I may have enough wood too, send me the measurments. With weather like this, the resin will set up alot quicker than when I did it.
  4. what year is your boat ? check your wood in your transom or the engine mounting bolts, they usually tell the story. I hope yours is in good shape.
  5. if anyone needs a welder, the one I used was very good and took her time, her name is Savanah 865-801-0637 , she welds for a living and aluminum is a specialty of hers. She welds the big barges on the rivers, she knows her stuff.
  6. I am a little late in posting pics on this, but ya, trust me, it took more than a few weekends !
  7. Can they do transom replacements ? Replacing the wood in an aluminum boat transom ?
  8. Tellico lake at the clear creek ramp right off 444
  9. I have to replace the wood filler in my transom and I will need to buy some 7 ply marine grade plywood. Anyone know of a place that sells it ? Or anyone have an engine puller that I can hang my engine off of ? I have a 150hp that I need to take off my boat to replace the transom. This is gonna be fun. God help me. I need the prayers
  10. I have an evinrude e-tec that needed a new water pump, annual maintenance ect. My heat indicator went off at cherokee two weeks ago, so I took it in. C & P is the only platinum certified evinrude e-tec dealer for quite a few miles. They did excellent work and did not take long either. When I dropped off my boat, the mechanic plugged my engine into the laptop and immediately knew what it needed and he showed the diagnostic to me. I highly recommend them.
  11. So the new top of the line Minn Kota's, does anyone know if the new foot pedals will fit in a recessed foot pedal tray ?
  12. With this cold weather, I would leave em plugged in. Depending upon what batteries you have, it might be worth it.
  13. MuskyMan, Would appreciate your prices for both TV & internet.   865-922-4524.   dada   (Dave Hall)  12-22-17   7:38 AM

  14. I had Excide orbitals for 10 yrs in my boat, they are finally taking a toll. I have the group 34 size. 935MCA 100 min reserve You guys have any recommendations or places to go to pick up new batteries ( 3 ) ? Without breaking the bank ? I have the MInn Kota 101 maxum 36v
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