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  1. You'll like it out here. I use to live in So Calif years ago ; I worked at Irvine lake in the early 1990's. Your gonna be glad you left.
  2. wow, for 3 yrs old thats a joke. I have a galvanized trailer, ez loader, its the only way to go. Being galvanized, it takes the conditions alot better. Mine is a 1997 model. I did some minor modifications over the years but that's it.
  3. Yup, I think your right, I had a nissan 40hp on an older boat years ago, same thing, just plain ran forever it seemed like. If I repower in the years to come, it will be a tohatsu. But my Evinrude E-Tec has been so good to me too. It's just too bad they are stopping production of E-Tecs.
  4. I had a Tohatsu TLDI 90 hp on a previous boat. That engine was awesome. The most reliable and quiet engine at that time. I would not hesitate to buy another one if I had to. Great engines.
  5. Ya, start drilling holes in your boat !!!!! lol
  6. just like mine dude. You will love it. Get some some side guide bunks for the trailer too, it will make loading alot easier. Smart move on the galvanized trailer too.
  7. I just got back from my annual canada trip. I shoulda taken pics of the musky on my DI on my unit. Crazy detail on what a musky looks like on the helix 7. It basically might as well shout the word " musky " over a loudspeaker ! lol
  8. I pulled the top cap off in one piece. I did have to hack it off at either end and have it welded back on. Unlike what crestliner did, I bolted the cap on through the transom crossways. Crestliner screwed the cap straight down splitting the grains of the wood, leaving a path for water to get in. Rusty, I have a manual rivet gun......lol
  9. bring yours on over to my place and we can knock it out on one weekend. Bring a jigsaw, my bosch took a crap on me on my job. I have plenty of resin left over and hardware. Heck I may have enough wood too, send me the measurments. With weather like this, the resin will set up alot quicker than when I did it.
  10. what year is your boat ? check your wood in your transom or the engine mounting bolts, they usually tell the story. I hope yours is in good shape.
  11. if anyone needs a welder, the one I used was very good and took her time, her name is Savanah 865-801-0637 , she welds for a living and aluminum is a specialty of hers. She welds the big barges on the rivers, she knows her stuff.
  12. I am a little late in posting pics on this, but ya, trust me, it took more than a few weekends !
  13. Can they do transom replacements ? Replacing the wood in an aluminum boat transom ?
  14. Tellico lake at the clear creek ramp right off 444
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