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  1. So the new top of the line Minn Kota's, does anyone know if the new foot pedals will fit in a recessed foot pedal tray ?
  2. When I lived in Illinois and I use to fish Lake Michigan, it was bad, I mean, real bad. But why is it that those areas have some of the best fishing ! We would launch the boat and take everything, I mean, everything out of my truck, clean out the glove box, take the change out of the ash tray - take it all and put it in the boat with us. We would also unlock all of our doors and roll down all of the windows. This way you don't come back to a truck that has smashed windows and broken into. Keep in mind the parking lot ground was littered with tempered glass everywhere. Towards the end, it has gotten bad at burnham harbor at soldier field, entire lots of vehicles smashed windows and vandalized. I am so glad I left there. But I do miss the giant brown trout on the crankbait bite in the spring. And Leons Chicken too
  3. East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    I guess I should give in one of these days and get on facebook
  4. With this cold weather, I would leave em plugged in. Depending upon what batteries you have, it might be worth it.
  5. MuskyMan, Would appreciate your prices for both TV & internet.   865-922-4524.   dada   (Dave Hall)  12-22-17   7:38 AM

  6. Internet problems

    I work for AT&T in a corporate store in Alcoa if this helps. I sell internet and I will tell you if it's available and how much it is.
  7. Skipjack

    where are they running now that makes them easier to find ?
  8. I had Excide orbitals for 10 yrs in my boat, they are finally taking a toll. I have the group 34 size. 935MCA 100 min reserve You guys have any recommendations or places to go to pick up new batteries ( 3 ) ? Without breaking the bank ? I have the MInn Kota 101 maxum 36v
  9. I wanna rig a whole string of interior lights for night fishing. I have seen the rope style. Any suggestions ? And colors ? Anything like a red light to deter bugs ? I have a seperate battery I am running them off, so no worries on killing the starting battery . any input is appreciated.
  10. So I live on Tellico near the Clearwater ramp. So does the lake have a fishable population of walleye ?
  11. Muskyman

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  13. Muskyman

    21 lb brown trout on a crankbait while fishing smallmouth on the breakwall in front of navy pier in downtown Chicago, Lake Michigan
  14. Muskyman

  15. Happy Birthday MuskyMan!