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  1. ok if someone has a tank for sale, let me know
  2. my net is laying on the bottom next to your net, lol
  3. I am thinking of a 50 gallon or so, and I gotta learn how to throw a castnet and not " donate " it into the lake permanently ..........
  4. I was thinking about launching the boat at the Harrison Branch ramp or Tallassee, is it worth it, is the water deep enough ? I have an 18 ft crestliner walleye style boat, deep v with a 150, am I gonna bottom out ? I can run her shallow, 2 feet and I don't mind scraping rocks, its a fishing boat. Or should I launch at Citico ? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  5. I have an evinrude e-tec that needed a new water pump, annual maintenance ect. My heat indicator went off at cherokee two weeks ago, so I took it in. C & P is the only platinum certified evinrude e-tec dealer for quite a few miles. They did excellent work and did not take long either. When I dropped off my boat, the mechanic plugged my engine into the laptop and immediately knew what it needed and he showed the diagnostic to me. I highly recommend them.
  6. MuskyMan

    A grim reminder of pfd importance

    The kankakee is my hometown river, I have caught many a walleye and smallmouth on her. You are so right, every year someone dies at the spillway in wilmington. I cannot believe how close people get when they wade the river there.
  7. MuskyMan

    Minnow Jig Head Question

    I have quite a few bucktails from deer I have taken over the years. I am gonna try and tie some up, got any pointers ?
  8. MuskyMan

    Fort Loudoun Stripers

    Is that pretty much a livebait bite when fishing the whitewater or can I cast jigs, topwaters, jerkbaits ect ?
  9. MuskyMan

    Center Hill Muskie

    that looks like a heavy fish dude, I bet it was approaching 40lbs, looks real thick and nice.
  10. MuskyMan

    Have you fished outside of Tennessee?

    We have a timeshare on Lake of the Woods and I have been going for about 30 yrs now. The fishing is simply amazing.
  11. So the new top of the line Minn Kota's, does anyone know if the new foot pedals will fit in a recessed foot pedal tray ?
  12. When I lived in Illinois and I use to fish Lake Michigan, it was bad, I mean, real bad. But why is it that those areas have some of the best fishing ! We would launch the boat and take everything, I mean, everything out of my truck, clean out the glove box, take the change out of the ash tray - take it all and put it in the boat with us. We would also unlock all of our doors and roll down all of the windows. This way you don't come back to a truck that has smashed windows and broken into. Keep in mind the parking lot ground was littered with tempered glass everywhere. Towards the end, it has gotten bad at burnham harbor at soldier field, entire lots of vehicles smashed windows and vandalized. I am so glad I left there. But I do miss the giant brown trout on the crankbait bite in the spring. And Leons Chicken too
  13. MuskyMan

    East Tennessee Lakers & Trout Part 2, 2017

    I guess I should give in one of these days and get on facebook
  14. With this cold weather, I would leave em plugged in. Depending upon what batteries you have, it might be worth it.
  15. MuskyMan, Would appreciate your prices for both TV & internet.   865-922-4524.   dada   (Dave Hall)  12-22-17   7:38 AM