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  1. I was wondering if its a decent area to check out. I think there is another unit south of there as well. Both with lake access. Maybe I could use my boat to get there ?
  2. MuskyMan

    Creating Cover

    I have planted cover before, though not in this state. You have the right idea, do it at night or during this time of year, less people on the water. And plant it in deeper water for draw downs. GPS your spots too. And I found out the hard way, it takes more weight to weigh down your cover than you think.
  3. and they fit so nicely in my freezer, mmmmmmm..........
  4. I have had 4 different bucks in my front yard in the past week. Never seen them all year, they all showed up tending to the local doe's
  5. I have never fished it before, I have no idea where is a good launch or where to start, any pointers ? Is there a decent frog bite or topwater ? Any flippin ? Or anyone wanna go, my buddy can't make it
  6. I am here on tellico and there is not much of a matted over vegetation frog bite. Where can I go now to get into some nice topwater frog action ?
  7. MuskyMan

    Fishing anyone??

    Man I hope you get those skipjack
  8. MuskyMan

    Norris Walleye

    Nice, during the day or night ? What did you catch them on ?
  9. MuskyMan

    East TN Lakers and Trout 2018 (part 3)

    I have fished all the harbors north of downtown chicago and into wisconsin. The browns will invade racine and milwaukee in the fall and into the winter months. It is all about timing. There is a guide up there, his name is eric haataja, dude, he his is incredible. He has it all dialed in. Check with him before you go. I did more harbor fishing in illinois as I lived there, alot of it in downtown chicago and the spring brown bite is epic there too, but nothing compared to milwaukee.
  10. just called him, thank you very much
  11. Can I catch skipjack below the loudon dam ? or any place else local kinda ?
  12. Tellico lake at the clear creek ramp right off 444
  13. I have to replace the wood filler in my transom and I will need to buy some 7 ply marine grade plywood. Anyone know of a place that sells it ? Or anyone have an engine puller that I can hang my engine off of ? I have a 150hp that I need to take off my boat to replace the transom. This is gonna be fun. God help me. I need the prayers
  14. MuskyMan

    East TN Lakers and Trout 2018 (part 3)

    I use to troll alot on lake michigan and I use to troll a certain crankbait that would double up really well on multiple species. Its called a Team Daiwa Hypercrank. Its not your normal crankbait by any means. The lip is made of titanium. Metal. And boy does it dive and deep. Some of the models have two points in which you can tie from, this dictates how deep it will dive. The bigger versions dive 25 feet on a retrieve and when you troll and use braid, even deeper. Whats really cool about this bait, is the titanium lip. It reflects sunlight and gives the bait an insane side to side tight wiggle. It really has an action that no other crankbait has. I buy mine off ebay. Look for deals. I have quite a few of them and they work incredibly well. My biggest brown trout, just over 21lbs was on one and I have caught numbers of big steelhead and lakers on them too. If you buy one, replace the stock split rings and the hooks and put some heavier owners or gamakastu's on them, trust me.
  15. Or Tellico for that matter. I have a boat.