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    Bass,crappie,duck hunting,turkey hunting,deer hunting.crappy scifi and horror from the 50,s 60,s.the Outlaws...greatest band ever.

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  1. kwk

    Humminbird DI shots

    "Watery tarts handing out cutlery..."
  2. kwk


    Thats great news.very happy for you both.
  3. kwk

    Humminbird DI shots

    Agreed,Dale Hollow is screamin at me ,submerged town there.tstorms tomorrow.fishing partner with launching,parking and loading skills is unavailable for now.the wife can hold a rope or help loading the little boat but not the big boat.screwed pretty much.
  4. kwk


    that place looks very nice,i,m going to make the trip.right up my alley....and yes our prayers have already gone up.
  5. kwk


    The water is warming very fast now.if you really have a mindset for trout,tailwaters as troutgirl defined are your best option.unfortunately that is a whole different ballgame from siiting on a ponds edge in lawn chairs. Current breaks,dam release flows etc. take it to another level.snags snags and more snags...you will be retying and spending money on spoons terminal tackle,could get pricey real quick.by no way am i trying to discourage you ,maybe head up to the Smokies,try for brookies in some of the headwaters,those little dudes are always hungry.they are delicous and dont live in ugly places.
  6. kwk


    Yea,it was fun.mid winter jan. 3 days straight of 60+ degrees. We sold our boat at the time.kind of stuck to the bank.thats the point,the guy can get out ,no boat and still get a nice fresh fish dinner.no trophys,just fun sun and a nice meal.agreed?...nice bow...that is a straight to the grill no foil fish..spiced butter and flames...
  7. kwk


    Same on the Caney,slot on Browns.Ex missed out on the TWRA winter trout stock program.a few breeders,most are 10/12" ...lots of fun though especially on warm sunny days in jan /feb.this was a park the truck,walk a 100 feet or so and catch fish.mid winter...no brainer.put them in the frying pan or grill sure beats frozen fish sticks.simple method 4/ 6 lb. test line,small hook power bait corn nibbles or a wax worm,slip weight,inline swivel,18" leader.done.or a slip float and a minnow.sit in the sun and enjoy retired life.keep it simple.( my wife,cumberland mountain park,2/3 of the way to our limit).
  8. kwk


    Well,i think one of our members in your area needs to reach out to a vet who spent his life serving our nation should step up to the plate.i would gladly take you out on my boat on one of our lakes but i believe you are a 100 miles or so away.we are retired,have a spare bedroom if you want ,center hill ,cordell hull are close,Dale Hollow is the cats ass spectacular .send a pm.we mostly bass and crappie fish though.
  9. kwk


    I am NOT trying to put down anyone of our members methods by any means....just sometimes a beginner needs to dip his toes in the water.being a guide for 30 years i have some knowledge of how to "break in " a newbie.literally teaching some one how to cast.half my clients had disabilities.i think power bait a pond and lawn chairs would be apropriate....trolling,down riggers,thermoclines not to mention lure choice. We called that overloading the donkey cart back in the day.maybe the guy wants to invest in a boat and all the bells and whistles...no clue.guessin a trip on trout girls boat is in order.hint hint.he may decide trolling aint his gig and spend his money on waders and a fly rod...if i have stepped on toes...i apologize.And thankyou for your service to this country and all of us.we are extremlely indebted to you .you are welcome in my boat and my house always.
  10. kwk


    Outflows from hydro electric dams.flows vary,sometimes hour to hour.TVA posts daily flows, water release schedules,how many generators they are running and historical averages for all their resevoirs.pick a res and go to their website.I recomend you try the Caney fork someday as well, it is loaded with monster trout.these trout came out of the Obey river and a feeder creek below Dale Hollow dam,all acessible from shore or wading.no monsters but lots of them.
  11. Center hill 2 days ago.sorry,these are off the console hb g2,no mega but high chirp.crazy stuff.back creek guessin these were power lines to a non existant camp.caught some cats a few crappie,gills. A few break offs ,big suprise .motor breakin finally done.J...a forum for screen shots would be cool as hell...just a thought.???i gotta say,those dudes sunk some pilings for a tie down,can you imagine the work,???
  12. Sorry,pic of a pic...old,like me....and yes i quit cigarettes long ago.yes that is a landlock atlantic salmon.
  13. kwk

    Brown Trout on the fly.

    Streamer...pattern unknown.killer brown.
  14. Troll streamers in the prop wash for land locks in fall,champlain janes etc.i may have a few floating around still from the move,i could mail them to you,i,ll look around..no need for them here,no smelt.ya know.?back in the day prior to the lamprey program i caught a laker,10 lbs no scars had it mounted.i,m told now 20lbs is common.same with the landlocks.although the lampreys had a tougher time getting a hold on the salmon.the stocking numbers were through the roof just to make up for lamprey caused mortality.hope for your sake that incredibly expensive program has been scaled back.
  15. The ice out laker bite,bank fishing guys,local rules,like at Willsboro point,private land with public acess,no soaking dead smelt on the bottom, same with some launch areas south.no soaking( like catfishing only its for lakers)..is this still in place.? some spawn sites there are ancient,lakers are native.i had a friend Brad ,he was a state trooper.he would gain acess to these ancient spawning grounds acessible by shore doing winter house checks for seasonal owners.blue and silver cleos the windier and snowier the better ....25/ 50 fish days.weird,flat water days...red/ white daredevil knock offs,thinner metal.crashed my old 16' starcraft late october,bad storm out of nowhere.had a client on the bow 350lb dude,pulled the bow down boat started to fill.beached it on a rock point walked 8 miles back to nearest marina on train tracks.told them where, they got it next day.left it half submerged at their dock to keep the engine block from freezing up.it was crushed on starboard side....excellent lake but requires great respect.