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    Bass,crappie,duck hunting,turkey hunting,deer hunting.crappy scifi and horror from the 50,s 60,s.the Outlaws...greatest band ever.

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  1. ....and i ,m pretty sure that pcb,s only come from old oil encased transformers and their production and not from milfoil or eurasian carp.they are a incredibly long lived heavy pollutant that imbeds in sediment.there was,maybe still ongoing, a bacteria that digests this....research? Been awhile.
  2. kwk

    Hey Everyone Im Back

    I would prefer a kayak,....my knees wouldnt.ive seen some spots,local,making beer runs... where a kayak ,for ease of launching would be perfect.i,ll take pics next trip into town.if you want the location you can pm.one of the spots,plenty safe parking but no launch...roadside boonies spot.screams bass.not a tresspass sign anywhere,no houses...ggogle earthed it...there is nothing there but a long abandonded park.arm of a small res....looks so fishy blow downs,pads a culvert...its just criminal how good it looks. (My other boat is a corvette)baha..the puddle hopper needs some tlc. .
  3. The older the fish,the higher up it is on the food chain the more contaminants it will contain,no matter what body of water.catfish,no brainer,longlived and sediment dwellers.there is always naturally ocurring mercury ,more so in certain waters,rarely will the TWRA specify the source,...if you ask they will speculate.been there.airbourne particulates,soil and rock erosion,industrial...hard to pin down sometimes.exceptions are there: they know what,when and where the pollution in the Pigeon came from.paper mill.
  4. kwk

    Hey Everyone Im Back

    Selling a boat without a plan "B" ...never a good idea.we sold the tracker 16' and realized we didnt even have a canoe for the ponds.bought a used puddle jumper...needs work but it floats and is a blank canvas ...lifes lessons.
  5. We bought a used puddle jumper for all the no gas motor lakes 2 weeks ago,had every intention of getting it ready for spring,needs some work....not happening.all you guys & gals with garages ,good for you.all i have is a big shed ,needs wiring.fly tiers are all set....i,m going stir crazy.installed a briggs standby generator,2 day job ...took 2 weeks,shoot me now.the twra just stocked the lake 10 minutes from home,chocalate milkshake...unfishable.anyone from the site needs a briggs & stratton standby gen let me know , i kept my dealership in place from our move,i,ll sell at my cost.
  6. kwk

    obey trout

    1/7/19; got 2 browns as well today.once we got off the Obey and fished the feeders....day salvaged....butterworms...manna from heaven.
  7. kwk

    Tennessee Newbie Here...

    You should go to the twra site and check the winter trout stocking schedule,barring bad weather they stick to the schedule perfect.they stock shelby bottoms in nashville.also try the obey below dale hollow,perfect for a kayak now,zero paddlers or tubers.
  8. kwk

    at&t users

    This may be the wrong place(jamey?) The USO is taking donations for our wariors in remote places to set up centers for a bit above what their divisions supply ,at&t is matching...im sorry im not a techie...no link ,dollar for dollar from at& t.merry christmas.remember our guys,forget the politics...young guys and gals far away from home its sad.
  9. kwk

    a bit of a upgrade

    I orderd a humminbird helix si di 7" for the console from bass pro,got the deal TJ referenced...believe me,i have nothing against Lowarance,call it brand loyalty...i think i,ll spend less time learning and more time fishing.the 4x hook lowarance that came with would be perfect for a kayak canoe or jon boat...ill sell it 100.00 $..wiring and transducer. .it has no gps or navionics capability...send a note if youre interested,will be available some time next week....cant wait to get the beast wet.note: cookeville rv& marine(tracker nitro dealer)...the best, no shipping and no dealer prep charge.the boat not in stock,2018 closeout,awsome facility and the tech owns one,said"never has to work on the new mercs," sounded a bit sad...
  10. kwk

    a bit of a upgrade

    ...now i need a garage...
  11. ...some work to do.install a onboard charger and decide what to do about the lack of a bow sonar....other than that,pretty damn pleased...monster compared to the old boat.bought this 18'6"beast before checking all the towing specs on the 2002 dodge...good to go.aparently i thought ahead and got the heavy duty tow package.frame mount,tranny cooler,heavy duty 3:55 rear end and large electrical towing system...proverbial cart before the horse.tongue weight ,good ,trailer/ boat weight good....not ready for a new truck yet.
  12. kwk

    wbcmmc has joined us!

    Howdy,looking forward to reports.
  13. kwk

    obey trout

    Did the scouting trip to Dale Hollow today...checked launches ,tva facillities etc...no boat.fished the Obey...beautiful.the tva was running 1 gen.water level not bad.fished at the campground launch...did well on stockers.fished the hatchery prop brook did well.super nice place...they only stock hungry fish.half a crawler or a berkley gulp nugget chartreuse...so much fun.ADA acessible...really.great fun for a Tn newbie..Celina, 1 stop great bbq.
  14. Id have to buy a bigger freezer.well done.