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    Bass,crappie,duck hunting,turkey hunting,deer hunting.crappy scifi and horror from the 50,s 60,s.the Outlaws...greatest band ever.

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  1. Well i have a serious learning curve...used to throw a net on the gulf for shrimp for specks....never lost one.guessin i should just prepare...buy 2 and do the soak overnite... yall will here me whining soon enough..
  2. ...and this one will be for sale.runs like a million bucks,very well maintained,trailer and boat.
  3. After we get all settled in...the wench got her new house...i feel a new boat ...hell i aint asking for a 1st born son...really? 18' comes with a 90 4 stroke merc.the trolling motor is weak,42 lb 12 volt.sonars a toy. Ill fix that.18,000.00$ ...make a run up to kodack and plunk down a stack of bennies....happy happy.
  4. kwk

    Any Garmin Echomap owners here?

    Planned obselesence...gotta love it.1 month after i bought a 9" humminbird for the bow,im half blind, they came out with the "chirp" Helix....pod me rtthFoff...or was it the Onyx...i dont know...point made.
  5. No issue, but aparently i will require fencing for a vegtable garden...or armed pest control. I dont think we will be able to start a garden or a food plot in early /mid august. Any thoughts? Maybe some started tomatoe plants...i dont know.maybe a Moultrie type feeder to keep the deer around after 1st frost,any particular time of year this normally happens? Dada ...born raised Tx,went to school in Ky...first words out of my mouth was Y,all and beer....
  6. We are planning on a garden, but for the deer we were thinking something perenial clover and some kind of winter mix.
  7. I have no idea what manner of weeds we have.planning on turning over a 1/2 acre into a food plot.will have to do soil tests to find out what will grow.
  8. kwk

    Any Garmin Echomap owners here?

    .....sonar envy....you do know that will be a dated and primative unit in 2 years...no sour grapes here.maybe in the new boat after the move.
  9. kwk

    Creek fishing

    Hey jeff,we will be moving down in august,ill contact you then, you me the wench can go on a run.ill call some of my old frat brothers and see what i can pry out of them..we love exploring...especially cricks.
  10. Well,i just got a phone call from our tenants in monterey that the bill for the lawn cutting guy is now half, gotta love a honest buisnessman.why,i quote" the deer are doing a fine job on the back half,no mowing required"....and then i get this photo from the folks...the back porch...and the lawn guy had to run off some turkeys...life sucks and then you move to redneck heaven...praise the lord pass the biscuits and gravy.
  11. kwk

     ..and a happy birtday to you as well.catch a big fish and thank the Lord for another year above ground.

  12. kwk

    Happy birthday!!!

  13. I have a nice 12 volt circulator/ aerator you are welcome to it.i will not be down till august but i would ship it,free,just hook me up later this year...fillets or just a tip on a spot.it is a bilge,factory retrofitted as a aerator.probably 40.00 or so $ new...dont use it....now you need a tank...horse before the cart.
  14. Update; bbgun crapped out,went on some sites,airgun ,...a fair number of people not thrilled with this model.im taking mine back to cabelas tuesday.exchange/replace/or credit towards another model or maker.i will update.
  15. Most of my neihgbors dont much care for us, turkey and goose feathers blowing around,deer hanging in the garage etc...no sense agravating the bears as well.