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  1. Well...there you go.aparently i,m not wasting my time on obscure product reviews. I found the device to be well made and solved a big problem with minkota refusing to install si capabilities on their terova trolling motors.Yea yea when you turn the motor it blurs out the si...i guess they just dont want to hear it....guess what,no mattet how you turn the boat ...its going to blur,momentarily...whatevever.the down post on this device is sturdy enough to handle low gas engine speed if you want to watch the front sonar as well while trolling and dont have networking i love my hb 9 mega...lots of info on you tube...dont blow up your brain though....turn the sharpness off,useless,my 2 cents.good luck.
  2. I think the moon phase is most important during spawn but it definitely affects bait,especially on cloudless nites.plankton/ zoo plankton.saltwater the effect of the moon is blatant,...freshwater ,more subtle,weather and water temps are probably more of a factor...my 2 cents.
  3. Great news...know the feeling my BP was 130/80 at the doc today...and i lost 5 lbs. down to 225.
  4. "I blame the full moon"...??? I love fishing 3 days either side including full moon periods.see my post...cant argue results.water temps up here on the plateau are around 70/ 73...cordell hull dam friday.
  5. 0Oh yea, BTW one heck of a way to test a new ultralite reel.35.00$ bass pro.micro lite elite,4lb. stren....one hell of a brawl.2 thumbs up to bass pro on this reel.most definitely not built or designed for this abuse.i was having line twist issues with the ul pflueger..it was only 15 years old? Whatever .if your in the market for a new ul reel and on a budget...here you go.cant do a much better test than this.
  6. Me & the wench went back to our newest small lake place today.. finally cooled down.its a shellcracker pond just south of Livingston.Has bass and cats...and wwwaaaayyy to many snapping turtles.caught 3 snappers 15/20 lbs. And a softshell pushing 6/7lbs.fishing for shellcrackers 1st thing this morning on 4 lb. test i landed this monster.30 " long guess weight around 13 / 14 lbs...15 minutes...thought it was a big channel or flat...WRONG ...grass carp...on a worm.we caught enough redears & gills for dinner...what a hot mess...turtles and carp.pod.
  7. We have fished calfkiller from monterey down to sparta.1 time,did well.next time your down that way take 5 stop in France cemetary and say thankyou to captain Champ Ferguson for his unbelievable sacrifice.very quiet,serene small civil war cemetary.what happened to his family is inexcusable.
  8. Took a drive today to look at a launch and check out a bait shop.A&B taxidermy ( and bait) no longer sells bait.poor guy was.always at the end of the route and getting week old minnows....losing his ass.taxidermy only now.20 minutes north of cookeville.saw fineshed ,ducks,deer, fish ,semi and just started.pretty impressed.small shop.anyway new lake Livingston city lake .60 acres.no gas motors,water quality good...city supply.quiet out in the sticks.cows and quail all i heard...loaded up on gills and shellcrackers.ran out of worms.couldve caught 50.beat up launch gravel but itll fly.basically went to look at the launch...had to fish as well.sat in our fishing chairs under shade trees and inadvertantly pulled off a decent day.
  9. OEM all the way Especially on new 4 strokes.
  10. Meguiars Plastx....works very well.need some fairly agressive pads.magic erasers will fly.
  11. I would send pics to justfshn.you might need wet sanding.hopefully just polish....the colgate tooth paste trick might fly.
  12. I was happy with results.no paint touch up needed.didnt even need a cutting compound.just a polish.done.
  13. 3000 grit wet,megs ultimate polish with a griots orange pad then a black pad on a maxshine 8mm throw da.then some turtle wax ice spray wax( great stuff,takes a beating and still sheets and beads actually needed a citrus degreaser to get it off prior to clay barring the area).results opinion?
  14. kwk


    Thats pretty funny.how did you get bait in a bar?
  15. Weeds ...not the best place for floatz.inside /outside.edges yes.....better off with something heavy.
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