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    Bass,crappie,duck hunting,turkey hunting,deer hunting.crappy scifi and horror from the 50,s 60,s.the Outlaws...greatest band ever.

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  1. I,m rusty but not done.our deer seem to to be late day and nocturnal.working on that.
  2. If i half to gas up the boat in the am i have a bar of ivory soap ill use on the water....seems pointless as i smoke cigars all day on the water. ( and the wife says im the most vile smelling human ever,chicken,venison,mexican...life in general).
  3. Good Lords will he,ll be hanging upside down in a bit.
  4. I have not had had time to deer hunt in years.guiding for fishing,duck & goose turkey...just havent done it.Now that my ole duck / bird dog ozzy is gone i can get back to deer here in Tn.scratching my head,game cam shots of does in the back...why no bucks? Started a mock scrape last week with a dripper caught this stud last nite...wow. ...wish me luck.
  5. kwk

    Douglas today

    So there are real walleyes...in Tn good deal....good fryin pan fodder.well done.
  6. There is evidence from stren that the line basically stops glowing at "x " foot of water , varying with clarity.thanks for the reminder about eye site...feeling like a real douche now.
  7. That would be a very expensive experiment if the line broke.
  8. ...and there you go, that didnt take long.
  9. I heard they make tough shotguns as well.
  10. Dont need a bb gun here,the 10/22 gets the job done and no one cares.
  11. We almost hit a doe running across the street into my woods yesterday morning....16 more days counting.
  12. Excellent question.1st off i would wait on replies from guys(and gals) who have been here longer.there are a substantial amount of transplants here as well as " born ,n bred" ...i to am a recent transplant. My advice is GOOGLE EARTH..start local then work your way out.you need to tell the members more info : your town do you own a boat, your favorite species, do you have kids( thats huge,want to get them out as well !) What tackle do you have ( we can help there)...more details and youll get set in the right direction.my personal recomendation...pick a pond river or res. and go look! Been doing it non stop since i got here in august. Obed river,calfkiller river, meadow creek, cumberland mountain state park( nice lake,tons of shore acess bathrooms very kid friendly) center hill dam ( again kid friendly bathrooms easy parking lots of fish) ...on & on....good luck.have fun,your in the right place...explore.
  13. Obviously matching line size&type to conditions and even species is critical.especially under tough conditions, cold fronts,fishing pressure etc.even lakes with high numbers of catch and release.studies have shown bass caught and released on hard body baits will show signs of aversion to those baits later.not so much plastics,interesting.tubejig you forgot predator avoidance ive seen fish vanish when a osprey or cormorant shadow flies over.