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  1. Caney Fork below center hill dam has trout now as does the Obey river below Dale Hollow.just saw you like camping,there is a super nice state run campground right on the Obey....right next to the federal trout hatchery.that ought to say" good fishing" .they stock the upper half from the dam down usually once a week,even in summer.
  2. Welcome,sorry i took so long saying hi.i live very close to you in Mayland.we have a big 18 ' ft boat.lots of room.we do troll for trout up at Dale Hollow.next time we go i,ll give you a shout.the closest place to you to trout fish would be cumberland mountain park.but not now to warm .they stock it once in mid to late dec and again in late jan.it is a nice lake.you can get exact stocking dates for 20/21 on the twra website under winter trout stocking.
  3. Unless you have a versa trak rail.go to brocraft .com...they have everything "no drill" complete rod holder kits,bimini top kits...list goes on.very easy website to navigate.Everything is stainless.bought 4 rod holders and a really nice bracket for bow sonar transducer .
  4. Any of yall have a recomendation on bimini brands.? Longevity,constuction,ease of install,factory service etc.we will be using brocraft track system fittings,no drill no holes. Opinions welcome.
  5. Nice.you,ll get better gas mileage towing,lighter boat.probably better gas mileage on the water as well.let us know what you get for riggers.
  6. Nice report.the site needs less trolls and more reports.well done.
  7. The more the merrier.Dale is hot now...big girls are rolling in on the shale.
  8. The blue pallette on sunny/ partly sunny days works best for me.thats DI& Si all those massive returns are giant cats,the smaller white returns are small cats feeding.,the big ones didnt like us. i do not use blue on standard sonar....thats a whole different thread.
  9. Total truth,dont know if you know about Pantera,thrash guys.not really my gig but you know what they say about a friend of yours is a friend of mine .my musical prefences are all over the map.one day Outlaws next day Disturbed...Toby Keith ,Big n Rich ,Hank sr. Hank jr, Mellencamp...i,m a train wreck.we have a big boat always looking for a new face new ,outlook ....pm anytime .Again welcome to TA.
  10. DaDa,do you have a beater banjo in your boat? Fish whisperer?
  11. Howdy,tell us a bit...where when and why
  12. Howdy,i,m a born raised Tx boy,loving life on the Tn plateau.pm anytime if you need info about up my way.
  13. Welcome,..you,ll probably think i m wacky but...my oldest best friend and best man at my wedding was(deceased from cancer) he was a musician.a semi professional,he knew a lot of pros(as do i) worked security for a bunch of bands,Me...outlaws,foghat,zz top.etc.well anyway my friend Gray was really close to Pantera,Vinny,s gone.well they had a side project called the Danged Digits,they all had ghost names...my buddies name was Big Foot Wallace...no lie.so there you go, a true story.again welcome to the circus we call a fishing comunity. .
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