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    Bass,crappie,duck hunting,turkey hunting,deer hunting.crappy scifi and horror from the 50,s 60,s.the Outlaws...greatest band ever.

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  1. kwk

    tick bite

    Thats awful.seeing how its warm finally.i had diverticulitis last year.they put me on the antibiotics .one was no sunlite the other was no beer,the reaction between alcohol and the medication extreme cramps vomiting headaches etc.not one beer in three weeks.worse than the diverticulitis.Ernel,that must be a premethirin base repellent.shorts season now.i was told you can spray that on hunting camo days prior to the season,stays good for weeks and scent eventually goes away.true?
  2. kwk

    tick bite

    Got a can of deepwoods off on the porch,spray from the knees down now whenever i,m out in the yard.turkey hunting,head to toe even the back of neck and hair.women love it,no AXE spray for me.
  3. kwk

    tick bite

    Point being,im totally unfamiliar with the varied diseases the ticks here have.had.a friend.back in ct who contracted lyme diseae 3 times in 7 yrs. Myself,been bit by deer ticks twice in 25 years.got them off before transmission.guessin i,m overly paranoid.
  4. kwk

    tick bite

    2 weeks now. No rocky mntn spotted fever symptoms.thank you Lord.
  5. kwk

    Is a patch even possible?

    That is a horrifying thing to happen to a perfectly good boat.it may be ugly but its under water fish dont care.resin resin and more resin(a prayer wont hurt either) .
  6. kwk

    tick bite

    Doc said no antibiotics till early symptoms....none praise the Lord...maybe its all the alcohol in my blood.???
  7. kwk

    tick bite

    Tickchek,they have a website.fill out the short form.credit card # .they issue you a test case # .put the little nasty in a envelope wrapped up il a small plastic bag ,mail it off.theyre in PA.(was not a seed tick.)
  8. kwk

    tick bite

    Found a partially engorged tick(lets leave the specific area unknown) guessin it was on for 8 or so hours.i have plenty experience with lyme carrying deer ticks,turkey hunting season i just stink like deet,bit once in 20 years,no lyme praise the Lord.long story short,sent it off to a lab ,it id,d genus: abylymma ( most likely a lone star tick) rocky mntn spotted fever amongst many other nasty infectious potentials...including a newly identified allergy to red meat potential.picked up the nasty little thing working on the boat,walking in the yard.any body with similar experiences and issues afterwords? Waiting on the bacterial count,should know tomorrow.basically going nuts waiting for results and/ or symptoms.just shoot me now
  9. kwk

    Douglas crappie spawn

    Going back to center hill tuesday,got another hour of engine breakin but will go back to the small cove with lumber,curious to see if the crappie have moved on shore.obviously will be doing some looking while running the engine,vary RPM,s up to 4500 once every 10 minutes for 1 minute open it up...bla bla makes for a busted up fishing day...just me and a bud...open seat.pm if anyone wants to go. No gas money required,6 pack of coors original and slim jims will fly.
  10. kwk

    Douglas crappie spawn

    You are the go to guy,no doubt.i will post results from our efforts on Huricane on center hill tomorrow.the wife already says pink( ish) will be the winner.me...ive got 5 doz. tuffie pinheads minnows we,ll see who wins ?
  11. kwk

    Douglas crappie spawn

    DaDa has wisdom,KISS ( keep it simple stupid) its only rocket science when conditions are less than perfect.agree with FF.i love chartreuse...ive seen it outcatch live bait many times,even in clear water....but really when do you guys put a pink plastic on...? Thats just wrong and that is a fish that just flat out wants to die. Just my 2 cents.rather go home tail between my legs ...pink uggh.
  12. kwk

    Douglas crappie spawn

    Well i learned a bit.there is actually some pretty good advice on u tube as well if you weed through the dumass,s.one guy made a great point" look for eroded cliff faces" point being there were most likley trees there at one time,probably underwater and out of sight now....SI will spot them....darned good advice there.at what point do you get destitute enough to use pink jigs,thats my biggest question.my apologies to dada for hijacking his thread and great report.
  13. kwk

    Douglas crappie spawn

    I get it, water color temp. etc is everything.center hill tuesday,i,m sure its a totally different bite.but all the lakes are clearing up .full intention of targeting crappie but a school of whites or spots busting bait in the middle of a cove could change that plan...quick.if i took a pic of my crappie jig box would yall input?
  14. kwk

    Douglas crappie spawn

    What was the hot bait/ color?well done..