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    Bass,crappie,duck hunting,turkey hunting,deer hunting.crappy scifi and horror from the 50,s 60,s.the Outlaws...greatest band ever.

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  1. Where exactly do you look for this type of request for boats and help? a link i can bookmark would be great.ill basically be retired, ...
  2. Prayer Request

    I will.God bless.
  3. Minnow Jig Head Question

    My wife swears by red hooks...who am i to argue.
  4. Fort Loudoun Stripers

    Wow ,jealous,we still have snow on the ground,snow on the boat and mush ice on the lakes.sick of winter here....can not wait to move to monterey,ill bet tek is sick of it as well....
  5. Center Hill Muskie

    I dont suppose you can tell us the bait/lure type....no spots ...no secrets...???? That is one heck of a impressive fish.weight length...youre killing us.
  6. Center Hill Muskie

  7. Oh and by the way PETA people club,...it,s a support group for people with idealogical eating disorders.
  8. ...of course we pray for the families ,they just salivate and drool over the potential to chip away at our freedoms.
  9. Instead of eliminating the bullseye painted on gun free zones,they are coming after you and me.God forbid they should allow teachers to be armed.the liberal gun haters bring this on themselves and will go to their graves blaming the NRA and all the rest of us who actually understand what the 2nd amendment is really about. But of course we are all in a" bucket of deplorables...what do we know"?.May God.help us.
  10. Not at all.just checking,we love fresh fish.up here we do not eat the older fish,the top of the foodchain predators.issue up here is slower growth rates.a 15 " perch could be 5 yrd old.a 12" crappie ,the same.obviously not eating a 10 lb. Pike or a 16" plus smallmouth, slow growth,extended exposure to toxin build up.but we have no issues with carcinogenic plutonium,cadmium etc.biggest issue here is pcbs from GE mnfctng transformers back in the 40,s / 50,s.the entire Housatonic river system is "DO NOT EAT"...shame,the bronze backs need some thinning out 10" average,could be much bigger.
  11. I would rather tell my wife i,m going fishing without her....end result would be the same...one would be more painful and slower.
  12. Agreed with Dada, you may have to release the pressure off and on during storage...dont forget the marine stabil or a like product...but .that is a whole different thread.
  13. People Eating Tasty Animals...enough foolishness,a very large bass over 5 lbs say, that is a lot of stress and weight on the jaw cartiledege.wet hands well, hold the tail and jaw quick pic...back she goes.summer even more important,speed.
  14. I have heard about the k-25, y-12 and the x-10.still some superfund sites etc. My father was a nuclear chemist ,worked on the Manhattan project,as did thousands of others.he didnt work at oak ridge but did go there and soldier field on ocasion...anyway....how starving would you have to be to eat a fish out of there....and in your opinion did the ASTDR task #4 play with the numbers?
  15. I have a factory stock python,8" barrel...probably 45 or so years old....a work of art....sure as heck wont shoot these.