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  1. We have the same problem here in Kentucky on Laurel River Lake. There are great ramps available, one within 4 miles of my house, that no one, and I mean NO one uses due to thefts. My boss had his brand new truck keyed for no reason other than people being buttheads! I have pulled into one of our ramps and ran off some would be thieves who were looking into vehicles. Nothing like a 9 mm to discourage further snooping! Sad that with all we pay for parking passes and taxes, we cannot get working lights at the ramps. But the thieves would probably just break them out as soon as they are fixed. I agree with having nothing of value in sight though. Sad that thieves work harder at stealing then they would at a normal job.
  2. brodaniel

    Just a useless knife review

    My wife picked up a Cutco extendable filet knife that is awesome! It extends from a 6" up to a 9" blade that locks in the handle portion. Great for filleting stripers where the extended blade covers the entire side when skinning. A little pricey at $99 but it does have a sheath with skin grabbing pliers, line cutter, and sharpening stone.
  3. brodaniel

    Norris ice sheets

    Put in at Brogan's Saturday 1/20/18 and went up river for a while... very short while as we ran into sheet ice that looked like the bubble trails of boats. Scared me half to death! No damage but quickly moved out of the area. We found 37 degree water above Brogan's and 42 around 33 bridge. I had one little largemouth on a jerkbait but no other bites. It took 12 lbs to win the local tourney and I heard most people went to the Lost creek area and found 45 degree water. Just did not go down far enough to find the warmer water. Just great to be out on the water!
  4. Does line size make that much difference in the winter? I have heard that 4 lb is a must when fishing float 'n fly, tight lining, or hair jigs in cold water. But would 6 lb flourocarbon not do the same thing but give you a stronger option? Has anyone seen a difference in their catch rates with 4 lb instead of 6 or 8 lb line? Thanks for the shared wisdom!
  5. brodaniel

    Of Ice and Men 12-31-17

    I have found that KVD's Line Conditioner helps with sealing the line from picking up water and freezing to some extent. I usually spare my guides with Reel Magic to help them shed water too.
  6. brodaniel

    Winter/Cold Water Safety

    Something I have found that is remarkable but very small is a space blanket. It comes all folded up but is amazing at reflecting nearly all your body's heat back on itself. I would suggest putting it in your emergency kit. Also, I always brief my partner as to where all my safety equipment is in my boat. I have spare clothes, towels, first aid, and survival equipment but it sometimes gets spread out in my storage boxes. I will gather that all together thanks to this topic! If I go in, I want my partner to be able to react quickly to get me in the boat but also make those decisions I will be too cold to make rationally. A PFD is always a must plus if you have it on under your clothes, it keeps you warmer! I usually put a rain jacket on over it to smooth out the profile for fishing. Great topic!
  7. I tried the float n fly... I gave it 6 eight hour trips on Dale Hollow and had ONE pull down! Promptly sold my 9.5 ft special rod and all my flies and bobbers! I can still tie them up for people but I am thinking the hair jig fishing like they do up north for smallmouth. Is there a time that you would transition from hair to silicone? On Dale Hollow I have caught smallmouth at night on marabou jigs but wonder if there is, say a water temperature or color, that it is best to switch from hair? Also, do you use any trailers on your smaller hair jigs, 1/4 oz and smaller? Thanks for the help and comments!
  8. Tying up some hair jigs for bass fishing. What are your favorite colors, weights, and materials to use? God Bless!
  9. brodaniel

    New MotorGuide Xi3 Wireless Trolling Motor

    Did you buy one? I have a Minn Kota Maxxum on my boat. A buddy of mine has the Terrova wireless one with spot lock. I like it for fishing with my nephews so I can put them in the front fo the boat and I still navagate from the back.
  10. I fished with a pro at the FLW Cumberland event and he said the best all around craw color would be green pumpkin orange flake since the crawfish are green with orange spots. For worms I usually choose green pumpkin green flake, red, or orange flake in stained water and watermelon seed, red or orange flake in clear water. At night, plum, plum apple, cherry seed, and redbug have been my best colors.
  11. brodaniel

    Berkley Braid Knot?

    I use a modified Reverse Clinch knot for all applications and line types. I have never had a failure.
  12. brodaniel

    First time for this!

    I caught this bluegill one night on a brush hog. Only thing is that it is upside down and between the hook and the bait! talk about biting off more than you can chew!
  13. brodaniel

    Norris Lake Water Temperature

    51.2 12/16 at 4 pm near 33 bridge.
  14. brodaniel

    Winter Fishing

    Fished Norris Saturday 12/16 from 8:30 to 4. We had 8 bass and found them pretty shallow. Water temp was 49.6 to start and warmed to 51.2 by afternoon. 33 Bridge area. Just good to get out and wet a line.
  15. brodaniel

    brodaniel has joined us!

    Thank you for the login. I fish Norris, Cumberland, Laurel, Douglas, Cherokee, Dale Hollow, and Kentucky Lake when I can get away from work. Married with an older kid, I am able to go a little more than most. I used to make jigs and spinnerbaits under the Mac's Attack Lures name brand for local shops. I like to fish tournaments and spend about 60 days a year on the water but I just bought my first bass boat so that will go up. My boat is a 2007 Skeeter ZX200 with a Yahama 200 VMax HPDI. I bought it from Angler's Outpost in Lancaster, KY and got a steal of a deal! The boat's name is "visitation" so if someone calls me I can say "I'm on visitation and will have to call you back!" I love the brown fish but will happily take the green ones if they are biting. I striper fish in the winter and spring at Cumberland. May God bless you!