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  1. I have a company tourney next saturday 7am till 2pm. I am having a hard time finding bass. Were launching at loyston point but we can access most of the lake pretty quick. Can yall help a brother out? Thanks
  2. Oh snap, the walleye must be running. Im there this weekend then.
  3. If bass or striper or maybe a muskie is what your after, I recommend throwing something with sound. Now is the time of year for jerk baits as well, so a smithwick rattling rogue or rapala shad rap is what i would throw. Natural colors.
  4. Anyone seen anyone up around leadville on douglas fishing for walleye and sauger yet?
  5. Walleye are lazy, sauger are a little more athletic. They are both ambush fish to a T, they like to stay close to bottom and let food come to them. My point is I have caught most of my eyes with 1 generator or less running as they are lazy and do not like to burn up all their cals swimming. Just the patterns I have observed around here anyway. If the dam your fishing does keep some kind of current moving even if not generating it should also produce. I have found that slowly working baits or just letting current work baits when generating produces more fish than erratic movements as well. Now when you hear stories of guys busting big walleyes on shore while bass fishing, it's generally at night and walleye are much more aggressive then especially if it looks injured and it's an easy meal. The dam type fishing is a little different than still water fishing as they do not have to expend as much energy to chase down prey in still water imo. Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks Tube, good to be back. Believe I will go up around carbide again tomorrow and try to slay some slabs, try being key word. Won't get the kayak till tomorrow evening so will be banking it again, but fishin is fishin.
  7. Walleye, sauger, crappie and perch, in that order lol.
  8. I think the berkely cherrywoods are decent rods for the money. I used to only buy allstars but I don't bass fish much anymore and sold all my decent setups.
  9. I'm with ecox, the musky will not disappear, they will just spread out. Be funny moments for bass fisherman when they hook a 20lb giant musky fishing 8lb finesse outfits lol.
  10. I think the only fishing it will affect is the Muskie fishing in that area. They seem to crowd around that area as the small fish and shad like that area as well because of the slightly warmer temps. I have caught everything else above and below it so I do not see it affecting the general fishery in a bad way.
  11. I eat the targeted species I catch from all surrounding lakes, Douglas, Norris, Cherokee, Melton Hill and Ft. Loudon. I fish for walleye, sauger, saugeye, crappie, and yellow perch. I do not eat catfish in general because it has no scales. Oh and trout from clinch are delicious.
  12. Good deal, I plan to try and slay a few slabs there soon.
  13. I will hit u up Rusty once I grab a yak.
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