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  1. Winter Fishing

    Winter is a great time to fish. No idiots on sea doos either lol. I fish for crappie, walleye-sauger and the colder the water the better the fillets.
  2. Anyone Catching Perch

    Right on thx I will check it out.
  3. Anyone Catching Perch

    Lol right on. I may hit it this week but idk.
  4. Anyone Catching Perch

    Thx for the info HFFF, I will prob try the boat ramp area then as it is closer to the main channel.
  5. What happens when you hold a bass

    I try to handle fish right but catfish get handled how ever I can grab them lol. I usually grip them around the gill if I can. I sure hate getting stung by those needle fins they have.
  6. Anyone Catching Perch

    Well shucks lol.
  7. Anyone Catching Perch

    Well per my research the milfoil should be just a root now as they die and break off in the fall. Anyone know anything on this?
  8. Anyone Catching Perch

    The milfoil kinda worries me as I wanted to fish the bottom with minnows. That would make it tough.
  9. Anyone Catching Perch

    I see the area your talking about off of Toby hollow rd. Looks like there is a gravel area where I could park. Would it be legal to fish from the bank there? Looks like it would be if its TWRA owned and I have a TWRA fishing license.
  10. Anyone Catching Perch

    Ok thx hfff. I will check that other area out as well.
  11. Walleye

    The walleye and sauger are here, you just have to locate them. Best practices to use are fishing tailwaters below dams. Use jigs that would catch crappie but maybe a tad bigger. Instead of trying to keep the jig suspended like you would for crappie, bounce it on the bottom like you would for bass. Anything that looks like a minnow in white or chartreuse is effective. I recommend douglas lake, frenxh broad river, and Tennessee river areas. They stay deep unless feeding at night where they will aproach the bank to feed. At night they act just like bass feeding close to shore lines. Find an area with a flat to shore but a good steep drop off to atleast 20 feet on out.
  12. Anyone Catching Perch

    Hey guys if I was bank fishing up around the steam plant on melton for perch would the old edgemoore bridge be a good spot or would the solway area be better? Still havent got the boat ready. Head cracked on my truck so all my boat money is going to it lol. I honestly like bank fishing though. I saw 2 areas close to the bull run plant. The old edgemoore bridge is right across from it and just sout of that is the solway fishing peer.
  13. Kastking Braid

    This day and age if its not upper level its made in China not Japan or Sweden. I have a no name real I bought off amazon a couple years ago called a shiglopow or sonething for surf fishing and it has been flawless. It really reminds me of a Penn reel but was only 30 bucks. And I do not buy reels fir ball bearing count but I would like to compare it to my flueger presidential. If its half the reel its worth 30 bucks. On the other hand I have an old flueger that may have 1 bearing and it also feels great. Now on the line the low vis gray bleeding doesnt bother me as I almost always run a fluoro leader except for top water. I want to try the multi color because it is supposed to change color every 10 feet or so.
  14. Kastking Braid

    I am using the low vis gray. I just ordered the multi color in 12lb test. I am also thinking about trying one of their spinning reels. Its hard to pass up a 9 bb reel for 29 bucks.
  15. Good Bank Spots

    I may try that out. BnB is a favorite store if mine as well.