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  1. Any where one could point a novice Walleye fisherman?

    You referring to the french broad or clinch ecox?
  2. Any where one could point a novice Walleye fisherman?

    Im about to be on the hunt boys. Let you know what I find out.
  3. Leadville/Rankin

    Well heard they are hitting around this area. Going to try an do some recon on it.
  4. Striper Fishing Questions

    I have caught some monster striper out from cherokee dam when it's legal. I go back in a cove and catch as many small bluegill as I can then send them down on a 4/0 circle hook about 3' away from a 1 oz. egg sinker on a swivel anywhere from 20-60' deep depending on where we mark fish. You will feel the bluegill go absolutely nuts and then you know it's about to be on lol. I have never fished swells and was just looking to try it.
  5. Striper Fishing Questions

    Dang rusty way to kill a man's self esteem lol. May just throw some big monster plastic swim baits lol.
  6. Striper Fishing Questions

    I will prob hit melton and fort dams. I know you can throw a cast net below tellico dam for shad and the fort has a much bigger area to fish at the dam so I will prob start there.
  7. Striper Fishing Questions

    I know a lot of you striper guys like to fish the swells with shad or small panfish. Are you guys free lining with just a hook? Or are you putting a weight on there? Just looking for rigging info on pitching live bait into the swells. Thx
  8. Winter Fishing

    Winter is a great time to fish. No idiots on sea doos either lol. I fish for crappie, walleye-sauger and the colder the water the better the fillets.
  9. Anyone Catching Perch

    Right on thx I will check it out.
  10. Anyone Catching Perch

    Lol right on. I may hit it this week but idk.
  11. Anyone Catching Perch

    Thx for the info HFFF, I will prob try the boat ramp area then as it is closer to the main channel.
  12. What happens when you hold a bass

    I try to handle fish right but catfish get handled how ever I can grab them lol. I usually grip them around the gill if I can. I sure hate getting stung by those needle fins they have.
  13. Anyone Catching Perch

    Well shucks lol.
  14. Anyone Catching Perch

    Well per my research the milfoil should be just a root now as they die and break off in the fall. Anyone know anything on this?
  15. Anyone Catching Perch

    The milfoil kinda worries me as I wanted to fish the bottom with minnows. That would make it tough.