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  1. sorry haven't been on in a bit. I am not sure but I am going home this coming week so I am thinking of grabbing the boat and going out to where it is and see if I can get some good images of it on sonar.... and then text them to him.
  2. As the topic title says fellas... My cousin went duck hunting early this morning before sunrise. Launched his little duck hunting boat, but it wouldn't start. He pulled it up to the dock with the trolling motor and went to his jeep still sitting on the ramp, opened the door to grab some work gloves and tools and at that moment she started sliding backwards on the ramp. There was nothing he could do to stop it. He had just gotten the jeep last spring, and installed the lift kit and wheels around the 4th of July so ... sitting on the icy deep waters of Dale Hollow right now is $40k in Jeep and trailer. They won't be able to retrieve it for a while, until the water warms up a bit so the diver can hook it up. I have to admit though, I'd consider selling my soul to have security footage of the look on his face from that marina... or better yet... explaining this to his wife & insurance company.
  3. Karma

    minnow trap

    I caught one on a snag fishing Dale Hollow earlier this summer on a crankbait. He wasn't happy, and I wasn't happy. Put my net to good use keeping him at bay while I managed to get my hook out of him. That was an interesting few minutes.
  4. Karma

    minnow trap

    You don't necessarily have to make them out of a 3 liter bottle do you? I was just using it for an idea... You could probably do it with a couple of milk jugs and a hot glue gun as well.
  5. Karma

    minnow trap

    well I know what I am making this afternoon.
  6. Karma

    Still poor fishing

    well.. I couldn't catch a crappie to save my life. Watched them do it on youtube, looks simple enough.... I try it. I may as well just throw dynamite at them.
  7. Karma

    Karma has joined us!

    I don't know why it did that..
  8. Karma

    Karma has joined us!

    thanks everyone.
  9. sounds like you benefited from their stupidity. You can pretty much always sell a boat.
  10. I was fishing Dale Hollow about a week ago and came across this in the back of a cove. I called TWRA and reported it and eventually had to take a warden to it. He secured it to the tree to keep it from floating out into the channel and into someones path at night. It looked like it had been stripped of almost anything of value or that could be used again and the batteries tossed over the side, which you can seen in the mud. It had clearly been under the water but the water has been dropped a lot. One of the ramps at Horse Creek Marina is almost useless right now. I don't if the owner was trying to get rid of an old boat or what the deal was with it. Seems like if that was the case you would be smart enough to remove all of the numbers that the warden wrote down. Perhaps they sank it as a fish attractant?
  11. Karma

    SMH@pleasure boaters

    I have a friend on the FLW tour that has a great nickname for them that we have all started using. It would probably not be very appropriate for me to use it here. When I see another guy fishing I always try to be a respectful as I can and drop my speed to avoid waking him. I always thought that was somewhat of a common courtesy. I was in a back pocket fishing on Dale Hollow a couple of weeks ago and some jet skis pulling a guy on a tube came close enough for me to beam them with a lure.
  12. Karma


    we catch them pretty good below Cordell Hull dam using those blue fox inline spinner baits you can buy at walmart. Never really try keeping them alive though, we always cut them up to be used a cut bait for catfish.
  13. Karma

    Karma has joined us!

    hello everyone! I live between Gainesboro and Cookeville. I am a former Navy vet, former LEO and now I drive tanker trucks. Lucky enough to be 30 minutes away from Dale Hollow, Cordell Hull or Center Hill. I spend most of my time on the first two. Do well on Cordell Hull but Dale Hollow is a continuing source of frustration in my life. My boat is a 2015 Bass Tracker 175 TXW for now, but I am thinking I may be trading it in on a Triton 189 TRX soon, maybe this coming summer (2018) I make custom tackle, various sorts of jigs to hard bodied plastics. Looking forward to spending more time on this site, I was lucky enough to stumble across it on a websearch earlier in the night.