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  1. New setup I am almost done with.

    Sorry for the late reply. I changed some things around so the rod is very simple. I massacred the re-wrap of the guides. It still performs great.
  2. New setup I am almost done with.

    I just need to put the last 3 runners on. St. Croix SCV Light/fast 7 foot, 2 piece blank with a 12" graphite TN handle. Microwave guides (like I said in my review they were going on the next build. Best guides for spinning rods, easily. I just re-used my old ones. ) But with the guides I tweaked the spacing a bit because it is for the 1000 series reel Stradic ci4+ (would have never bought but for some reason they were over 50 dollars off on Amazon. Waited 3 months and they tried to suspend the order!) and isn't in a seat. Changed the position of the runners too using the information about static load from anglersresource. That was after I changed the placement a couple of times already and why I need a break from messing with guide placement. I used the thin metallic pearl thread as the guide wrap, which is more for accents and decoration but it is wrapped very tight and when the epoxy is fully cured I'll clean up any remaining tags. The color of the thread actually looks amazing in certain light. Oh, and haha, I went to the hardware store and craft store looking for something to fashion as a sort of winding check. Got a couple of things and Hobby Lobby has a sale on certain beads and a bunch of Swarovski crystal beads were on clearance as well. Ended up with quite the fancy "winding check". Anyway, sorry for the long post. I had been wanting to create something like this for quite a while and made the decision after much debate. I thought I would share to see if anyone had any thoughts, ideas, or suggestion. If you haven't tried, love a good rod, have a bit of free time, wish to save money with company kits, or just want to work toward building a one of a kind, individualized representation of passion, I would say you ought to check it out. If you made it to the end of this best...Thank you.
  3. Christmas tree fish attractor

    They did this last year around around the place I can't stop mentioning on the Hill. Wonderful thing to do.
  4. Fishing License

    Fixing to renew mine. What are y'all's opinions about TN fishing license policies? Does anyone do auto-renew? Is it sensible to have an 03/01 cutoff regardless of the date purchased? Would TWRA look down on a "Type 198" if applicable because almost all of their funds are from annual purchases of fishing/hunting licenses? I'm going to stop by everyone's favorite store, which ironically does not sell walls, to get my new license, but was wondering what long-time TN residents thought about the fishing license policies in this state.
  5. Fishing License

    It is an absolute fair price for folks who love to fish on a regular basis given the opportunities available in TN. Having lived a great while in Missouri, with its great conservation department, programs, education, and even inexpensive fishing license opportunities it was unfortunate that so few actual fishing opportunities existed. So the large differentiation in price points makes sense to me, all funding aside. I would like to say though that it left me with a bad feeling, when *trying* to catch fish at a city park that is practically next door, the folks there were happy, when I presented myself as a new resident, that "you don't need a fishing license to fish here, TWRA never comes around". Is it because of the price? Not sure. At any rate, next time I am at the park (different park) and see someone with line wrapped around a stick/bottle looking over his/her shoulder I will have to wonder...
  6. Fishing License

    As much as I love to fish and as often as I do it isn't a huge problem. 59 dollars for the angler package. Paying 5 dollars for the hard card is OK with me. Was also thinking of getting the wildlife license plate when the time comes to show my support. I appreciate what TWRA does. I did not know that TWRA was forced to give millions of dollars to the state though.
  7. Damn extra letter...been leading me to a different kind of honey hole...
  8. Fishing last weekend

    I was having a terrible time with ice. I re-spooled with copolymer lines (was using braid) and applied KVD Line & Lure Conditioner. These were suggestions made in a previous thread. It has worked well.
  9. First Catch of the New Year

    The reel was a fun project during these rainy days. Took it completely apart and cleaned all of the pieces. Flushed the bearings. Polished the ends of the spool shaft, the spool shaft that rides in the pinion gear, part of the pinion gear, and the drag washer. Re-applied grease and oil where necessary and put the reel back together. Not sure what to do with it though. I can't hardly use a right handed casting reel. Maybe sell it or donate it?
  10. First Catch of the New Year

    Went to Melton Hill 1/19/18 to try my luck. The surface was still and the water crystal clear. There were several fish holding close to the bottom and some moving about slowly among other things visible beneath the still and clear water. Decided to have a go at some sight fishing and brought this up. The reel works fine, just needs some cleaning and the rod (a spinning rod) cleaned up nice and isn't damaged. The rod was partially buried. Not sure when it ended up at the bottom of the lake.
  11. Flutter/Jigging Spoons

    Picked up some casting spoon blanks from Jann's Netcraft. 3/4oz nickel. Used a 4/0 O'Shaughnessy hook on a size 5 split ring. Attached with a snap swivel. I checked out the action of these spoons set up like this. It pretty much had a wonderful flutter action; slow and horizontal. I suppose this is cool considering the cost of name brand spoons. It would come out to a little over 1 dollar for each setup. Do any of y'all have experience with this type of thing? I mean, slapping a hook and split ring on a blank spoon instead of paying several dollars for a name brand spoon.
  12. Flutter/Jigging Spoons

    I've heard of something similar but have never tried it. Modifying it with a streamer or minnow sounds like a good idea.
  13. Invitation to East TN Fishing Show

    No offense, man, but if I am going to pay 10 bucks to stop and say hi to someone good looking at a show it's going to be at the Emerald.
  14. Flutter/Jigging Spoons

    I looked them up and read a little about them. That is an interesting company. A lot of great things said about their spoons. I don't know if they would work for me though. I was trying to set something up that would cast well and be set on the bottom without so much fear of losing an expensive lure if it somehow got snagged. I actually lost one of the ones I put together recently do to a snag. Just out of curiosity, did you visit the store in Naples? I'm also curious if the modified drop shot you mentioned is the setup with a spoon instead of a weight?
  15. kwk has joined us!

    Just to add something about uploading photos, and I think this applies to non-premium members only: The photos can only be around 500KB or less in file size. I've had to open photos in Paint and resize them to get them under 500KB before being able to upload them.
  16. First Catch of the New Year

    I didn't catch any perch. There were crappie though. Fairly shallow and close to the bottom, less than 6 feet deep, around the Solway Park area. Long casts slowly dragging a black jig head with a nose hooked 1" plastic minnow on about a 1 foot drop shot. There are some Christmas trees around that spot and with the milfoil gone it is actually possible to fish there.
  17. I decided to give the last day of 2017 a go. Went to Melton Hill in the AM and on the second cast my line was mostly frozen. Bits of ice along the stiffened braid and chunks of ice in the guides. After looking about some spots made the decision to travel to Fort Loudoun. There were the gulls. Not sure which kind but small groups scanning the surface and diving down to collect something. Made a couple of casts and once again the line was frozen with chunks of ice on the guides. The braided line was terrible. When the line guide on my casting reel was mostly frozen shut it became clear the last day of 2017 would bear no kindness and there was no choice but to quit. Looking across the river 2018 still appears idyllic though. I hope you all have a great New Year 2018. - HereFishyFishyFishy
  18. Winter Trout Stocking Progam, Golden Rainbows

    Reading your post was the first I have heard about it and began reading a little bit more about the stocking programs. I never knew the Dale Hollow Fish Hatchery had such a huge impact. What I am wondering is what happens with all of the other Golden Rainbows produced. Really cool to learn about.
  19. Winter Trout Stocking Progam, Golden Rainbows

    There are some videos on the TWRA facebook page including one with a fisherman showing a golden rainbow trout he caught below Columbia Dam on the Duck River posted on the 9th. Another video has an interview with a gentleman from TWRA who said they weren't stocking golden rainbows at Percy Priest but the Flintville Hatchery stocking locations will include them and the Duck River at Fisherman's Park and the Duck River at Riverside Dam were stocked with some on the 8th. Not sure if this helps.
  20. Of Ice and Men 12-31-17

    I'm guessing this is going to be a "blankets the ground" year...
  21. Of Ice and Men 12-31-17

    Typically I love braid. It has been great to me on both casting reels and spinning. Haven't really fished in the cold like that with it though... I'm going to go ahead and spool up a couple reels with some mono/copolymer to avoid the ice so I can actually fish...which leads me to: The shad die-off. I thought perhaps something like that was going on but I don't know much about it. Is this an event that takes place over an extended length of time? I was thinking I might rig up some casting spoons with trailers, like a fluke or Gulp Minnow, and fish some spots with an improvised flutter technique. I'm not sure about the bourbon idea. Maybe tie off a bottle of Jagermeister, toss it in the water to chill, and go from there...
  22. Hello, Lost Forum

    Hmm. Walleye. Word on the street is its fixing to be catching time. I'm taking time to ready myself to hit the new year Sun Tzu style.
  23. Internet problems

    I run Xfinity and find the only issue is keeping up with the promotions. Sounds like you had a promotional rate that ran out. Knoxville is at a nice crossroad of ISPs. Check out some of the opportunities in the Knoxville area. When my contract is up I will be looking around. Stay connected though, if possible. - HereFishyFishyFishy (NukeFisher) aka Matt
  24. Winter Fishing

    Tried fishing 12/9 with only a few casts. Not so much cold as it was windy. Still cold though, haha. What do y'all do in East TN until Spring in terms of fishing? Where I am from it was all about the trout. Any suggestions for hitting the water before Spring?
  25. Striper Fishing Questions

    If it means anything there are seagulls along Bull Run Creek. Moving from east of the New Henderson bridge towards the lake proper along the northern bank. They weren't flocked up like on Loudoun around Turkey Creek though. I watched those gulls for a long time. Being restricted to the shore allows for patient observation and those birds are there for a reason.