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  1. Cloudrider - Any bait really as long as the conditions/presentation call for it. Tubjig - It would probably work that way but might snag more. Could be worth some experimentation.
  2. NukeFisher

    Night Fishing Lures/Tactics?

    dada - The ramp, parking lot, and partial surrounding area are open 24/7. The Park, such as the swimming area and pavilion are the only places closed at night. Roostertail - I have basically given up on night fishing for the time being. Too difficult to tell where a cast lands and where the lure is among other issues. A few nights ago I was tossing a chatterbait out and wasn't sure where it was landing or when it was fully retrieved. I will leave the peace and quite to those folks with bait on the line.
  3. Oh yeah. Also it sinks very quickly making it easier to hit those tricky spots and not have the lure/bait 15 feet down the creek/river before it hits bottom.
  4. I thought spider rigging was sort of like trolling with several rods out. Something crappie guys do in the winter. Curious why you would call it that?
  5. Worked way better than a standard drop shot keeping a lure/ bait at a specific depth while letting it bounce down stream. Basically a bullet weight and a small split shot at the very end of the tag. For whatever reason this worked amazing bouncing along the rocks without getting snagged even when dragging it back or letting it settle. What are y'alls thoughts?
  6. NukeFisher

    Hey Everyone Im Back

    Hey, welcome back. I was wondering where you went. If you are looking for crappie from the bank I know that last year around this time there were some decent ones out at Solway around the Christmas trees surrounding the peer and right off the peer. Might give that a chance as it isn't too far from Carbide. The larger Gulp minnows (I think 2 or 2.5") along with the smaller ones work great if you don't have any live minnows.
  7. Thanks for the response, y'all. I was concerned thinking that the closure would have a much more significant impact on the lake. It is unfortunate about the Musky since Melton Hill is the premier Musky fishery in Tennessee and the 2nd best in the south next to the lake in KY. I am looking forward to better weather so I can get out there and put some lures in the water.
  8. I have always heard/read that the steam plant was sort of a glue that held the lake together in terms of fishing. The warm water discharge being a focal point on the ecological line. Does anyone have any idea or thoughts about how the fishing and overall ecology of Melton Hill will be affected?
  9. NukeFisher

    Fish ID Needed Please (Darter?)

    Thank for providing me with an ID. I looked for TN darters but couldn't find one similar and of course 90% of results are about snail darters. It wasn't easy to catch this one either....they are called darters for a reason! Also they are not easy to spot as they look so much like banded sculpin from a lot of angles. There are not a whole lot of them in the creek. On a side note, among the banded sculpin that are plentiful, I saw one that had the be the granddaddy of them all. If I manage to catch it and get a photo y'all will think it was something from the ocean!
  10. NukeFisher

    Fish ID Needed Please (Darter?)

    Oh yeah. I have been through it a bunch but couldn't find this one or at least missed it. There was another excellent site with tons of photos of all of the fish, I can't recall the name of it, and after trying to find it again via google nothing came up. I was real disappointed.
  11. These are the fish in the spring which I frequent to observe the wildlife. The fish in the photos are some type od darter I reckon. It was not easy to catch one. Does anyone know what kind of fish this is? It looks to be a darter of some sort and when I posted earlier about seeing a fish that looked like a cross between a sculpin and minnow this is what I was talking about...
  12. NukeFisher

    Night Fishing Lures/Tactics?

    I just hit places along the bank as per usual. One of the things I love is the absolute piece most of the time. Of course sometimes on the weekends at Bull Run ramp there are some guys and gals having some fun but I can't blame them. One of the few nearby places open 24/hours where you can have a good time outside on public property.
  13. It could be possible that the cigar smell on your hands gets on some of the lures and turns off the fish. It sounds like a stretch but it might be worth consideration.