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  1. NukeFisher

    Fish ID Needed Please (Darter?)

    Thank for providing me with an ID. I looked for TN darters but couldn't find one similar and of course 90% of results are about snail darters. It wasn't easy to catch this one either....they are called darters for a reason! Also they are not easy to spot as they look so much like banded sculpin from a lot of angles. There are not a whole lot of them in the creek. On a side note, among the banded sculpin that are plentiful, I saw one that had the be the granddaddy of them all. If I manage to catch it and get a photo y'all will think it was something from the ocean!
  2. NukeFisher

    Fish ID Needed Please (Darter?)

    Oh yeah. I have been through it a bunch but couldn't find this one or at least missed it. There was another excellent site with tons of photos of all of the fish, I can't recall the name of it, and after trying to find it again via google nothing came up. I was real disappointed.
  3. These are the fish in the spring which I frequent to observe the wildlife. The fish in the photos are some type od darter I reckon. It was not easy to catch one. Does anyone know what kind of fish this is? It looks to be a darter of some sort and when I posted earlier about seeing a fish that looked like a cross between a sculpin and minnow this is what I was talking about...
  4. NukeFisher

    Night Fishing Lures/Tactics?

    I just hit places along the bank as per usual. One of the things I love is the absolute piece most of the time. Of course sometimes on the weekends at Bull Run ramp there are some guys and gals having some fun but I can't blame them. One of the few nearby places open 24/hours where you can have a good time outside on public property.
  5. It could be possible that the cigar smell on your hands gets on some of the lures and turns off the fish. It sounds like a stretch but it might be worth consideration.
  6. Hey there, fellas. My fishing as of late has been a bit sporadic and I've found myself out by the lake long after the sun has gone down. I know with the weather changing and fish doing different things tactics this time of year are different in general but does anyone have any advice about night fishing in general in the area? I fish Ft. Loudoun and Melton Hill and wonder if there are any nice lure options or tactics to catch bass, striper, or most anything. In general I don't typically throw cut bait or any bait at all and was curious if any of y'all might know a lure or two I can stick in the travel tackle bag to fish with at night at either of these lakes. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  7. I aim to always use high visibility line. I am a line watcher for sure. A lot of the bass I catch take weightless plastics on the way down and being able to see the line well enough to notice the quick twitch is important. Yellow, green, pink, red, polka dot, striped...it doesn't matter as long as I can see it. Why one person catches fish and another doesn't can always be a mystery. I am amazed how well the fish can smell. When I kept getting bass to investigate and not take a lure it drove me a bit crazy. Swapped out to some garlic scented lures and the fish loved them. Sunscreen and bug spray can also taint the scent of a lure. Just another thing to put out there.
  8. I had my phone in a waterproof case and tied it to some braided line on one of my rods. I recorded some video underwater and the sound of the braided line moving through the guides was very loud. I imagine it would carry a little way in the water.
  9. I wonder what goes through a fish's mind when it sees fishing line. "Oh no, there is a person out there trying to catch me!" I know visibility is a factor because I have seen bluegill and bass swimming up to leader knots to investigate. TNKen hit the nail on the head though, that presentation is the ultimate factor.
  10. NukeFisher

    1st Tn boat / bass trip

    If you have any small split shots you could try attaching one to the middle of an offset hook on a weightless plastic. Allows for a nice slow fall on most baits and allows for a nice action too. Lets the bait fall mostly horizontal and stand a bit if it manages to hit the bottom. Been my go-to as of late. Sounds like a nice lake to fish on. There is a Meadow Creek here in Knoxville though I don't think the waters are related.
  11. NukeFisher

    Fishing anyone??

    Nah. My brother brought the cast net and was loading up on threadfin. They were thick back in the creek. I don't know what else could swim back there with so many shad but I did catch one bass on a small spoon.
  12. NukeFisher

    Bluegill on beds?

    Ah OK. I guess since I have been fixated on sight fishing lately I had never taken the time to actually watch them on beds. It has been fun. I always thought they spawned under certain water/light conditions. I've only seen straight up bluegill though and no shell crackers or other sunfish. Gonna have to keep an eye out for sure.
  13. NukeFisher

    Bluegill on beds?

    Fishing the Hill as usual and couldn't help but notice some gills on beds defending them pretty hard. Seems a bit odd or is this normal behavior because of the way the water is in Melton Hill?