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  1. NukeFisher

    1st Tn boat / bass trip

    If you have any small split shots you could try attaching one to the middle of an offset hook on a weightless plastic. Allows for a nice slow fall on most baits and allows for a nice action too. Lets the bait fall mostly horizontal and stand a bit if it manages to hit the bottom. Been my go-to as of late. Sounds like a nice lake to fish on. There is a Meadow Creek here in Knoxville though I don't think the waters are related.
  2. NukeFisher

    Fishing anyone??

    Nah. My brother brought the cast net and was loading up on threadfin. They were thick back in the creek. I don't know what else could swim back there with so many shad but I did catch one bass on a small spoon.
  3. NukeFisher

    Bluegill on beds?

    Ah OK. I guess since I have been fixated on sight fishing lately I had never taken the time to actually watch them on beds. It has been fun. I always thought they spawned under certain water/light conditions. I've only seen straight up bluegill though and no shell crackers or other sunfish. Gonna have to keep an eye out for sure.
  4. NukeFisher

    Bluegill on beds?

    Fishing the Hill as usual and couldn't help but notice some gills on beds defending them pretty hard. Seems a bit odd or is this normal behavior because of the way the water is in Melton Hill?
  5. NukeFisher

    Fishing anyone??

    I hit the Hill a couple times recently. Finally got some of those bass to take the bait. They were loving these Buddha Swagger worms rigged with an EWG and a split shot attached to the middle of the hook. Forget the name of that rig. I saw what would have easily been my PB swim up to one, open its giant mouth and suck it in...man I yanked to set the hook and pulled that worm out sent the bait flying behind me. Close as I have come to fainting. But along the bank those LMB are loving these worms rigged this way. Fixing to see about catching some skippies and hitting the Hill tonight for cats or maybe striper. Don't know if they feed at night though.
  6. NukeFisher

    Fishing anyone??

    Fished at Melton Hill recently. Not a whole lot of luck but there are plenty of bass. I can't get them to bite though. I've watched some big ones come up to my lure and then turn away.
  7. NukeFisher

    Perch in Fort Loudoun?

    They are being caught in the Solway Park area on minnows but I don't know if they are there in numbers. Though I don't use live bait I have decided to make one of your minnow traps and catch some minnows (the creek in my apartment complex is *loaded* with minnows) to use out there or maybe even Concord. (Lots of big crappie out at Turkey Creek still). At any rate every time I go to the Solway area across from Haw Ridge perch are being caught. It maybe do to the treatment plant. All I know is that there are lots and lots of bait fish there year round and loads of crawdads as well. Where there is forage there is fish, right? The little one I caught was in maybe 6 or 7 feet or water if that means anything.
  8. Jigging for crappie at Concord Park and was very surprised to bring in this little perch. I didn't think the lake had a population, or at least anymore. Are there a lot of them in the lake?
  9. NukeFisher

    Lightweight umbrella rigs?

    I picked up some of the YUMbrella Ultralight Tripods at Walmart ($2 dollars each on clearance) and they have duo lock snaps which could take a variety of lures or be replaced with stronger duo locks. They could even be replaced with split rings if needed (they are attached to barrel swivels). It seems it would work for bass. The rig without any lures weighs 11.64 grams which is roughly 2/5s of an ounce.
  10. NukeFisher

    New setup I am almost done with.

    I'm not sure what the Tornado Guides look like to be honest. The rod I built has a set of Microwave Guides. The striper does look a bit cyclonic or like a tornado though. It is an odd looking guide but it does actually function well. The handle is odd looking as well but also functional. Here is a picture of the handle. Phenomenal rod though.
  11. NukeFisher

    New setup I am almost done with.

    I haven't checked out the Tornado guides but read the brief piece about winning an award at a fishing show in China for their appearance and that American Tackle has special order colors/finishes. I don't know much about a lot of the components out there though.
  12. NukeFisher

    New setup I am almost done with.

    Sorry for the late reply. I changed some things around so the rod is very simple. I massacred the re-wrap of the guides. It still performs great.
  13. NukeFisher

    Christmas tree fish attractor

    They did this last year around around the place I can't stop mentioning on the Hill. Wonderful thing to do.
  14. NukeFisher

    Fishing License

    It is an absolute fair price for folks who love to fish on a regular basis given the opportunities available in TN. Having lived a great while in Missouri, with its great conservation department, programs, education, and even inexpensive fishing license opportunities it was unfortunate that so few actual fishing opportunities existed. So the large differentiation in price points makes sense to me, all funding aside. I would like to say though that it left me with a bad feeling, when *trying* to catch fish at a city park that is practically next door, the folks there were happy, when I presented myself as a new resident, that "you don't need a fishing license to fish here, TWRA never comes around". Is it because of the price? Not sure. At any rate, next time I am at the park (different park) and see someone with line wrapped around a stick/bottle looking over his/her shoulder I will have to wonder...
  15. NukeFisher

    Fishing License

    As much as I love to fish and as often as I do it isn't a huge problem. 59 dollars for the angler package. Paying 5 dollars for the hard card is OK with me. Was also thinking of getting the wildlife license plate when the time comes to show my support. I appreciate what TWRA does. I did not know that TWRA was forced to give millions of dollars to the state though.